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 "Where is he?" Zhao Ya asked with a wintry aura around her.

"He's currently at the mountain stream north of here..." Hu Xiao pointed in the direction.

"Lead the way!"

Hu Xiao hesitated for a brief moment before saying, "That person is quite strong. I fear that we might be in danger if we head there by ourselves."

"Don't worry and lead the way. I won't let him touch a single strand of your hair as long as I'm around," Zhao Ya replied coolly.

Hearing those words of reassurance, Hu Xiao heaved a sigh of relief before excitedly leading the way.

Soon, they arrived in the vicinity of where the Condensed Earth Essence was located.

However, only the God Kings who had been injured by the phantasmagoric spirits earlier were left in the area. When they saw Hu Xiao returning yet again, their faces immediately warped in fear as they cowered backward.

Paying no heed to the looks on their faces, Zhao Ya asked, "Where did the Conferred God King of the Nine Skies go?"

"He has already left with Conferred God King Ao Feng. We aren't too sure where they are..."

This was the response that the most senior God King of the group gave.

It was not that they were intentionally concealing the truth to protect Zhang Xuan, but the conversation about the Monarch Spirit Grass earlier had been held privately to avoid the information from leaking. As a result, the God Kings had no idea where they were heading.

Hu Xiao frowned.

He did not think that they would leave so quickly, and he said in frustration, "It hasn't been long, so I reckon they shouldn't have gotten far yet..."

But before he could finish his words, Zhao Ya's body suddenly began trembling as she seemed to have noticed something. She immediately turned to the God Kings and anxiously asked, "Do you know what the name of the Conferred God King of the Nine Skies is?"

"I'm not too sure... However, I think he goes by the surname of Zhang. There's a lady in the group that he's close to that addresses him as 'Zhang shi'," a God King replied.

Facing two Conferred God Kings who could dictate their fate, there was no one who would dare lie to their face out of fear of offending them.


There was a look of cognizance on Zhao Ya's face as she heaved a sigh of relief. She quickly calmed her agitated emotions before turning to face Hu Xiao once more. "Tell me everything that happened between you and the Conferred God King of the Nine Skies earlier!"


Not expecting Zhao Ya to suddenly ask him about the details of the incident instead of pursuing the young man, Hu Xiao scrunched his face awkwardly

He knew that he was at fault for this matter for attempting to steal from the group, so he had no idea how he should explain the situation.

Seeing that Hu Xiao was reluctant to talk, Zhao Ya pointed to one of the God Kings and said, "You, recount what happened earlier to me."


Not daring to offend Zhao Ya, the God King immediately explained everything that had happened in detail.

"Is everything he has said the truth?" Zhao Ya turned to look at Hu Xiao without the slightest expression on her face.

"T-this... It's all the truth! There are no rules here in the Flooding Sea, and it's survival of the fittest. I'm also doing all of this for our Sky of Adamant Gold..." Hu Xiao quickly explained, but before he could finish his words, a palm had already landed on his cheek.


His body tumbled across the land before crashing heavily into a boulder, causing his head to spin.

"Conferred God King Zhao Ya, what do you mean by this? If you have any problems with me, we can always talk it out..."

Hu Xiao was on the verge of going crazy.

Was this young lady sick in the head? Why would she hit him before he could finish his words?

No matter how you look at it, we are from the same team, right? Even if I have done wrong by snatching from those weaker than me, you don't have to slap me like that, right?

Peng peng peng!

Paying no heed to Hu Xiao's protests, Zhao Ya sent fist after fist toward Hu Xiao's abdomen. Hu Xiao, of course, tried to retaliate, but he was completely powerless before Zhao Ya's overwhelming strength.

In the blink of an eye, he had already sustained severe injuries, and blood was pouring out from all over.

While coughing out blood, tears streamed down Hu Xiao's cheeks...

Didn't you mention earlier that you wouldn't allow anyone to touch a single strand of my hair?

Yet, the one who attacked me in the end is none other than you!

The God Kings around the area also looked at one another in confusion. They could not understand the sudden friendly fire from the young lady.

They had thought that Hu Xiao had brought his backup over for vengeance, and their treasures would be taken away from them yet again.

But before they knew it, his backup started pummeling him instead.

Furthermore, her blows were decisive and vicious, showing that she had no plans of showing mercy at all.

Can anyone tell me what's going on here?

Who am I? What am I? Where am I?

Everyone was flabbergasted by the turn of events.

Feeling utterly indignant by the sudden pummeling, Hu Xiao bellowed, "I am no match for you, so I have no choice but to accept what you do to me. However, the God Monarch has instructed you to take care of everyone from the Sky of Adamant Gold, so at the very least, shouldn't you give me a reason for your actions?"

This is too much!

I called you here to exact vengeance for me, not to beat me up!

"I should have long thought of it when I heard about the Conferred God King of the Nine Skies," Zhao Ya muttered to herself before she directed a cold gaze toward Hu Xiao. "That person whom you want to take vengeance on... is my teacher!"

Other than her teacher, who else could possibly cause such a huge commotion in the world?

She had been thinking that she could finally surpass her teacher and be of some use to him after spending so many years cultivating in the Spacetime Mirror, but it seemed like she was still underestimating the capabilities of her teacher.

In the end, her teacher was still as monstrously fast as before!

In just one short month, he had already risen to become the Conferred God King of the Nine Skies.

Even Zhao Ya could not help but find this unbelievable.

"Your teacher?" Hu Xiao's body shuddered as he spurted a mouthful of blood. "Conferred God King Zhao Ya, what you mean is that... he has once guided you?"

"The reason I was able to grow so fast was due to the strong foundation that my teacher built for me. Without my teacher, I wouldn't be who I am today," Zhao Ya replied. And there wouldn't be Wang Ying, Zheng Yang, Liu Yang, Yuan Tao, Lu Chong, Wei Ruyan, Zhang Jiuxiao, Kong Shiyao, Dan Xiaotian, or Bai Ruanqing."

"Wait a moment. Aren't they the Conferred God Kings of the other God Monarchs? What relationship do they have with the Conferred God King of the Nine Skies?" Hu Xiao was a little dazed.

It was not that he could not understand what Zhao Ya was saying, but it was simply so unbelievable that he was having trouble wrapping his mind around such an idea.

"We are all his disciples!" Zhao Ya replied.

"You are... all his disciples? B-but... you are all the strongest Conferred God Kings in the Nine Skies! If you are all his disciples, then..." Hu Xiao exclaimed in a fluster.

It was at this instant that he finally understood why the other party had given him a beating.

It was fortunate that he had only told Zhao Ya that he had attempted to steal their teacher's possessions. If his other disciples learned of the matter as well, he would really be a goner...

What the heck was this?

Even though everyone had been saying that the Conferred God King of the Nine Skies could very well become the next Heaven Subjugation Monarch, Hu Xiao himself did not think that the possibility was too likely. After all, the Nine God Monarchs would not allow the rise of yet another Heaven Subjugation Monarch to threaten their position.

With the new batch of Conferred God Kings that the God Monarchs had groomed, he believed that they would be able to stop the Conferred God King of the Nine Skies with ease.

But this...

This effectively meant that the twelve strongest experts within the Flooding Sea at this very moment were the Conferred God King of the Nine Skies and his eleven disciples! They were practically an untouchable existence there!

"The rest of you should have heard what we said. Tell me where the Conferred God King of the Nine Skies has gone." Zhao Ya turned to the rest of the God Kings.

A God King hesitated for a moment before pointing in a direction. "They headed in that direction!"


Zhao Ya grabbed the tail of tiger-form Hu Xiao and swiftly flitted in the direction pointed out to her.

Finally, she was going to meet her teacher once more...

The more she thought about it, the more agitated she became.

On the other hand, Hu Xiao, who was hanging in midair by his tail, suddenly realized that a worse fate was awaiting him. The earlier beating was just a teaser, and the true show would begin once they arrived before the Conferred God King of the Nine Skies.

Otherwise, why would Zhao Ya drag him along with her?

If only I'd known this would happen... I would have obediently gone around searching for treasures. Not only did I fail to exact my vengeance, I'm even going to be beaten up real bad...

To think that I was even relieved for a moment when I heard God Monarch Fumeng instructing her to take care of us...

Is it too late to retract my words? I don't really want her to take care of me anymore...