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 "Caw caw! Master, you're back!"

The magical enchantment of the Hydra Wrath Sorcerer Tower had broken the invisibility of Grimm's Robe of Representations. Of course, for Little Myna, under the talent of communicating with spacetime coordinates, Grimm did not possess any so-called invisibility.

"Who is this little guy?"

Little Myna looked at Nigra in astonishment. At this time, Nigra was curiously looking at the busy scene of Sorcerers going to and fro the Battle Command Center on the 90th floor of the Sorcerer Tower. Such a high-rise Sorcerer Tower had always been purely in Nigra's imagination. Now, it was surprisingly possible for him to enter in person under Master Grimm's guidance. Everything was like a dream.

It had been twenty years since he entered the academy, the number of Sorcerers that Nigra had seen were not even more than one-tenth of what they had now.

And even upon seeing some official Sorcerers who taught them, the aura they exuded were mostly indifferent and mysterious. For those who were willing to even have any sort of contact with Sorcerer-Apprentices, it appeared as if talking to Sorcerer-Apprentices was a waste of their precious time.

'When can I be one of them myself?'

The feeling of being above all Sorcerer-Apprentices in the academy...

Nigra, who was having a bee in his bonnet, was interrupted by Little Myna, as he gazed upon the beautiful "parrot" with bright feathers standing on Master Grimm's shoulder. Upon knowing that this was Master Grimm's soul partner, Nigra hurriedly ran forward and respectfully saluted Little Myna. "I am Nigra, I just got rescued by Master Grimm, and I have seen..."

"Just call me Lord Myna. You, little fellow, surely got lucky, caw caw caw caw, You were surprisingly saved by my young master."

Little Myna smiled, making Nigra smile in return as he nodded fervently.

Nigra followed Master Grimm, and there were Level-1 Sorcerers and Level-2 Sorcerers passing by without stopping, as they nodded to Master Grimm. It seemed that Master Grimm had high prestige among the Sorcerers of the academy.

This made Nigra behind Grimm feel an unspeakable sense of pride.

Dong, dong, dong, dong, dong.

Holding the Sabbatic Goat Staff, Grimm walked step by step toward a Level-3 Great Sorcerer who was constantly dispatching combat Sorcerers. This person was Peranos. The crystal ball was flying in mid-air, and there were a few other unfamiliar Level-3 Great Sorcerer Deans beside him.

"You're back. How's the mission?"

Peranos briefly glanced at Grimm, and then returned to his nerve-wrecking Sorcerer dispatching work. From time to time, a large amount of intelligence emerged from the crystal ball. A drop of sweat dripped from his sewn-up-ball-like ferocious face amidst all the chaos.

"I've successfully completed the mission. Target has been eliminated."

Grimm's words were low and calm, he was clearly at ease. Peranos nodded in accordance with his expectations, no longer distracted by Grimm's presence.

"You don't have to worry about the rest, save your strength, I will give you the city mission in a few day's time, and then you can absorb as many fresh Sorcerer-Apprentices as possible to enter the academy."

Peranos pointed to a city around the Hydra Wrath Sorcerer Academy on the map.

"Dawn Protector City?"

Dawn Protector City was the city that was the strongest competitor for Moth Frog City when he was its governor. The city near the current Hydra Wrath Sorcerer Academy was regarded as the relatively high-end medium-small city among the three types of cities.

Of course, it was nowhere near Moth Frog City that had developed into a first-class metropolis.

"Mm, this is the city. There are several nobles who have been loyal to the academy. Once you have the City Ownership, the Sorcerer-Apprentices who enter the battle will receive support from their corresponding Knight legions."

Grimm nodded.

After that, Grimm turned around and waved, signalling for Nigra to come to him and said to Peranos, "Master, this kid has some special skills in creating potion formulas, he might have a good future. I want to introduce him to an academy mentor, so which Academy Dean do you think would be more suitable?"

Nigra stood beside Grimm, looking at the Level-3 Great Sorcerer whose face was ferocious like a sewn-up ball. He was so nervous that he felt a little scared, and he swallowed visibly.

'Is this the dean of the academy? This is the first time I've seen the dean of the Hydra Wrath Sorcerer Academy. He's so ferocious and terrifying.'

Peranos glanced at Nigra, feeling surprised. "Oh? A special skill in creating potion formulas?"

After thinking about it, Peranos said lightly to Grimm, "Let him follow you to complete the current mission first. No matter how good his potions are, if he doesn't have combat capabilities, he wouldn't survive the battles, nor have the chance to stand out during the Holy Tower Qualification Battle. Except in some rare cases, no dean would be willing to have such a disciple."

Peranos did not even ask what the so-called potion skill was, but arranged for Nigra to be under Grimm to complete the test of the Sorcerer-Apprentice recruitment mission ten days later.

"Very well."

Grimm nodded and was about to turn around to take his leave. Suddenly, the whole Sorcerer Tower shook with a rumble, and the expressions of many of the Sorcerers in the hall changed visibly. Dozens of Arcane Sorcerers on standby ran toward the door and flew out of the Sorcerer Tower.

"Master, the flesh-and-blood monster in the magical array has been formed!"

Outside the Sorcerer Tower, more than a hundred Shadow Argus Academy Sorcerers were constantly pouring blood and bones into the giant magical array. After the constant run-in and activation of the magical array's suppressed unidentified magic power, a seventy-or-eighty-meter-tall distorted hideous monster slowly rose to its feet. Its uncountable heads formed a ball as it howled ferociously.

The monster's surprisingly sturdy tail inadvertently smashed the Sorcerer Tower's magic shield while battling against the Shadow of the Giant Hydra Element, causing the tower to be shaken.


Grimm looked anxiously at Peranos, but he saw Peranos waving his hand at him, indicating that Grimm could leave.

"Relax. We've already battled against the other side twice, and our respective backgrounds are clear. Although the heritage of the Hydra Wrath Sorcerer Academy is far less than that of the other side's, they can't easily defeat it too. With the Mana Pool supporting the Shadow of the Giant Hydra Element, the opponents will give up attacking up to three days' time."

Along with Peranos's words, the top of the hall suddenly clicked. A mechanical door opened, and a Mechanical Marionette made of crystal-clear-quartz-like unknown material appeared, it was beautiful like an ice crystal, forming the image of a Sorceress.

"The Queen Ant level Mechanical Marionette!"

Grimm murmured to himself, feeling stunned, and some other Sorcerers also projected their eyes toward it. After seeing this Queen Ant level Mechanical Marionette, they could not help but express their peace of mind.

Beside Peranos, several Level-3 Great Sorcerers rose into the sky, following the Queen Ant level Mechanical Marionette and rushing out of the Sorcerer Tower.

This was not over yet. Under Peranos's instructions, the large magical array in the Sorcerer Tower began to brew a large-scale magic ripple. It seemed that it was trying to communicate with the Sorcerer Tower's Mana Pool to release several powerful spells.

Grimm breathed a sigh of relief.

Although the Hydra Wrath Sorcerer Academy was at an absolute disadvantage, its Sorcerer Tower was not going to be attacked by its opponents within a short amount of time. So Grimm was relieved, taking both Nigra, and Little Myna on his shoulder, before turning away.