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 A few days after Jacq had been injured during the fight between the two local gangs, there was a meeting that had been arranged. It is a shame to call it a meeting since the other party had simply waltzed in and kicked the gang leader off of his chair and sat down in an obviously annoyed mood. The person who stormed in was a small girl, the same one who was seen next to Dorathi often. She was sitting on the head chair of the South Palace Company.

To her right was a bald man with a dragon tattoo on his face, starting from the back of his skull all the way to his cheek bone. This man also had heavy jewelry, mostly in gold and diamonds. His nose was angled, as if broken multiple times, his body was sturdy. His height seemed to be 2 meters tall, however it was unclear as he was currently kneeling on the ground. His forehead pressed against the ground. There was a faint blood mark between his skin and the floor.

"So you mean to tell me that you had no idea they would have brought so many gang members?" She asked the man kneeling down.

"Y-yes! We originally planned to not involve anyone else. With the information provided, we expected for there to be only five more enemy gang members. But-" As he hurried to explain, he was cut off by the girl.

"Enough. I want you to send all the members who participated in the fight to the police station. If even one person fails to show up at the jail in twenty four hours, you will be losing more than just a few members." Saying this much, the girl got up and walked out.

"Boss! Who was that and why do we have to do what they said?" a nearby injured elite member of the gang asked with a hint of fear in his voice.

"That is someone we can not afford to anger. Even though we may have annoyed them with our stunt last week, seeing as it was unintentional, we ended off better than I expected. Johnny Boy, go gather all the members who were involved." The gang leader replied back.

Ring! Ring! Ring!

At this moment he received a phone call from an unknown number. Slightly annoyed by the sound of the ringtone, he picked up the phone quickly. "Who the fuck are you and wha-"Before he could finish his question he immediately shut up.

"Anthony, I barely left the office and you already forgot how to treat your superiors?" The voice of the little girl from earlier sounded into his ear.

"Ms. Snow! I am so sorry, I didn't know it was you! Please-" Once again his sentence was interrupted. However instead of being angry, Anthony the gang leader was shocked and thankful for not taking the actions he had planned on doing when the members arrived.

"Oh shut up, baldy. I want to tell you one thing. Do not hurt anyone that was involved. Just turn them in to the police station. I already wasted enough time with this, more injuries and death will waste more of my time." Saying this much, the phone call ended.

"I have no choice now do I... Johnny Boy, tell these dumb asses to hurry up." Anthony quickly threw out orders as he sat back down on his chair. Clearly, today he had just scraped death. His heart had reached his throat earlier and he had expected to die today.

On the other side of town, in the living room of the gang leader of West Haven Gang the same situation was being played out. However this time the person sitting at the chair was Dorathi. Anyone who saw her all had one thought. This was the Death Goddess. She looked furious, ready to kill without question. However angry she may be, she knew better than anyone that killing would not make anything better, on the contrary it would just become a hassle having to explain so many people disappearing at once. Especially with the deadline the Galaxy Warriors had set approaching.

For the police, this was somewhat of a baffling situation. More than thirty five members of two well known local gangs had surrendered for no reason. Later as the details were revealed, all of these members had participated in the fight which had transpired a few days ago. Along with the three dead members of one gang and two from the other, everyone who took part of the fight was either dead or in jail, of course not counting Jacq and the three seniors. No matter how strange this situation was, no one was too concerned about it. After all, there was more to worry about than a few jail cells becoming occupied.



April 2nd, 2020

After waking up and having breakfast, Jacq and Dorathi both sat down in front of the television. Today was a very important day, the selection of the one thousand participants would be done in the next hour or so. As they watched on, the multiple new agencies reported the same thing over and over along with encouraging speeches from the various presidents and prime ministers of the countries who were part of the Universal Defense Pact.

With the timer the Galaxy Warriors had set going off, one of the Elder in their group stood before the crowd. He wore a white robe with golden imprints on it. His actions and demeanor were graceful, as if he was someone who should be respected and feared. With his back hunched, the Elder held a staff in his left hand, his right hand behind his back. His white hair went down to his shoulders. It was funny to see someone actually attempt to snipe the Elder, who in turn waved his hand and the sniper hiding on top of the building turned into a mist of blood.

Although Jacq thought it was funny, he also saw once again how weak his race was compared to these warriors. It was a miracle that the entire planet was still fine and not tainted with the blood of humans and the destruction of their kind. It seemed like the kindness of the warriors, but everyone knows there is no such thing as free lunch in the world.

"Just what could they possibly be after..." Jacq said softly to himself.

The hunched back Elder spoke," Children of Earth, let's stop this foolish act of rebelling. You should be thankful for the chance we have bestowed upon you. If anyone want's to continue, do so now so that I may simply purge that general area and be done with this childish play." After a moment of complete silence, the hunch backed Elder continued, "Let the brave souls of this planet be chosen!"

He held his right hand out which started turning into a bright light. He looked around at everyone and started murmuring something in his language. After his voice faded, the light flew up in the air, blinding every human eye that could see it. The light turned into an orb which slowly started expanding until it was a few hundred kilometers wide in circumference. Just when the people became confused, the light exploded like firework. The small parts of the orb flew at amazing speed in all directions.

On the television, Jacq could see the Elder smiling. As he wondered what was happening, Dorathi screamed next to him. Quickly looking over, Jacq saw the light shooting straight towards him in the window. With his mind frozen, Jacq could only watch as the light come closer and closer until it entered through the window. It was as if the window and the light were not on the same plane. By the time Jacq's mind caught up with the situation, he saw a bracelet which was glowing in the same light as the orb wrapped around his left arm.

"You can't be serious right now," Jacq mumbled to himself in shock. The next thing he heard shocked him to the core.

"The one thousand participants have been selected. They all have a white bracelet with my Sect's insignia on it. How you train these chosen ones is your choice." After saying this much, the warriors all vanished with a blur.