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Claire POV

They are barely wearing any clothing. So, it's probably safe to say that they are fucking sluts. I hate those type of girls.

'So annoying... Should I kill them?' I said in my mind.

'I'm in for it.' Sophia said in her mind

So, me and Sophia are trained or more like professional assassin. We are basically good at these type of things to eliminate people we hate.



'What the fuck? Who is that bitch?' I said.

'Yeah, those bitches are even calling us weak... Man, I really want to kill them' Sophia said and I nodded in agreement.

"Who are they, Lucas?" I asked, a little bit angry.

"Uhhhh..... Our ex....." Lucas said nervously.

"Oh your ex...." I said.

'Let's make their lives miserable that they even wish for death instead Sophia.' I said.

'Agree.' Sophia said.

Me and Sophia sent a killing intent towards the two sluts, making them shut their little bitchy mouths.

"Names?" I asked angrily to Lucas.

"Brittany and Mia" Lucas nervously said.

"Oh... Is that so..." I said angrily.

"We will continue this conversation later, Lucas. Okay?" I said while still releasing a killing intent.

"Same goes for you too, Jacob." Sophia said angrily.

Both of them nodded their heads nervously.

Lucas POV

'Shit.... I might die today in the hands of my mate....' I nervously thought.

"We are so dead bro....." I said to Jacob.

"Totally.... Now, how the hell are we going to avoid that despite knowing how powerful they are...." Jacob said.

"Run away for awhile?" I suggested.

"Dude did your IQ drop?! You know Claire has teleportation powers and more. She can easily find you with a snap of her fingers." Jacob said.

"Well, do have any better idea than mine?!" I said, a bit angry.

"Setting up a romantic date" Jacob said.

"Yeah, that's a better a idea. Let's do it." I said while nodding with agreement.

Sophia POV

God damn it! I'm so angry with him!

His ex was a fucking slut!! So that means they had sex with before!

Now how am I going to trust that freaking jerk...

But the most terrifying one is my big sister, Claire. She is way too calm and thinking ways on how to make their life miserable...

Good luck to you Lucas. But you deserve it anyways...

Now, let's see what will the boys do.

Claire POV

Now, someone is claiming my boyfriend as their own....

What punishment should I give her...

I could kill her but that's too easy and boring.

Torture her? Humiliated her?

Hmm...just too much ways...

Ah! I know! Bring her slut life into hell! Hm! Good!

'Sophia, you heard my suggestion. What do you think?' I asked in my mind.

'Excellent suggestions. Should we do it now?' Sophia asked.

'For now, just a warning. It's boring if we just do it one shot.' I said

'Okay' Sophia said.

Let your punishment begin....


You mess with the wrong human slut.

• 1 hour later after a tour in the house and introducing us to the pack. •

Damn, they do have a lot house...

But the most annoying thing, is that the slut keeps glaring at me.

"Claire, it's dinner time." Lucas said.

"Coming." I said.

Just thought of a great plan to embarrass that slut.

"Here is your food" Lucas said while passing me my food.

"Thanks" I said.

The bitch finally sit down.

Let the plan begin...

I casted a spell to make her fart many time.

'Ai bi aulaba (Fart spell)' I casted the chant in my mind.

She started farting then I casted another spell that will make her have a diarrhea now which means that she will be popping while everyone is still eating food.

'gi bai la (Diarrhea spell)'

For Sophia part, she just cast a fire spell that burn her hair and the diarrhea spell too.

Hm.. looks good enough for warning part.

Sophia and I smirked at them.

Feels so good~

'Um Claire, did you guys do it?' Lucas asked in him mind.

I nodded.

'Her fault for making us angry. This is just a warning.' I said back to him.

Lucas POV

Never anger my mate. That's for sure

'Yup, our mate is scary as hell when she like that' my wolf, Alex said.



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