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 *In the mini library of Joshua's Mage Tower"

"Ohhh wow, the glow" Joshua whispered. The sudden glow blinded him for a few seconds before he could properly see his surroundings.

"Waittt a second why didn't the page glow before when I opened it" Joshua wondered and suddenly thought of the answer. It was simple; he skipped the first page and directly went to page 395.

"Ok let's begin" saying to himself. There were a total of 6 chapters of different types of nature spells for five mage levels contained in the book.

The first chapter was just about growing plants and speeding the growth of a plant ranging from mage level 1 to 2. The higher your level the faster the effect.

The second chapter which was simple spells about summoning small creatures ranging from mage level 1 to 2. The bigger, stronger or intelligent a creature the higher mage level is needed.

The third chapter about simple offensive nature spells; vine grip (mage level 1), leaf cut (mage level 2), flower beam (mage level 3) and a few more. Ranging from mage level 1 to 3.

The fourth chapter about simple defensive nature spells; leaf enlargement (mage level 1), petal enhancement (mage level 2), vine shield (mage level 3) and a few more. Ranging from mage level 1 to 3.

The fifth about containing spells for transportation just like the hover leaf (mage level 1), hover petal (mage level 2), hover flower (mage level 3) and a few more. Ranging from mage level 1 to 3.

The sixth chapter containing nature spells that needed the mage level of 4 to 5. It contained spells a bit more complicated the the spells below level 4 like the vine thorns (mage level 4), bloom force (mage level 5), tree torrent (mage level 5) and more.

It took Joshua 4 hours to finish 2 chapters, although he did not memorize all the spells, just those interesting ones.

Joshua stopped reading and looked at the time, it was 12 o'clock in the afternoon. He took the book and went in the garden to practice a few spells he learned.

A few minutes and he reached the garden. He placed the book on a round table and looked at the first spell he wanted to do.

He took a pot that contained a sapling, placed it near the book. It said to chant the word "Plagre" and drew the runic circle if using bare hands or think of the runic circle when using a wand. He did as it was stated and a few tiny green dots flew into the plant.

It grew fast, it slowly turned into a couple of flower buds, Joshua stopped the mana flowing to the plant and it stopped growing. He applied a few more mana and the flower bloomed.

"Enlasam" chanted Joshua in another plant. It grew large but didn't show a sign of maturity, like a flower bud growing and growing but not blooming.

"Micsam" chanted Joshua in another plant. The effect was a complete opposite of the last spell he used. The flower matured but stayed the same size.

Joshua went to the next spell in the second chapter. It was the same procedure. Chant "Cóum" and the name of your pet or the name of the species. Although Joshua wasn't familiar with the animals, a few pages before the summoning spells contained a list of a few small creatures with pictures.

"Cóum bieeis" the tip of his wand glowed faintly and a few moments later, a small bee approached him, it was different though as it was twice as big and has a blue and red horizontal stripes.

"Amazing" exclaimed Joshua.

To be able to command the bieeis to do something, just chant "Docom" and a command.

"Well that's it, just the simple spells." thought Joshua and continued "time for the next chapter, jeez, this can't get any better."

Joshua was about to dive to the third chapter when suddenly, his stomach growled. "Ohhh f*ck, haven't eaten lunch yet. Joshua thought to himself "What if I can cast the magic seal in the tower so I could use it anywhere" as he thought of this, he was amazed by it. Suddenly, he could feel something in his brain and a photographic memory of the magic seal appeared in his thoughts and it slowly assembled into a runic circle in his index finger. "Shittt! this is f*cking amazing" Joshua was amazed as f*ck.

He then thought of Emelda and their minds connected and he then ordered her to bring him some food.

The maid replied yes and a few minutes later, he could see Emelda coming towards him with a food tray in her hands. Emelda reached Joshua and placed down the food on his table and asked "Guardian, is there anything else?"

"No, nothing else, and thank you" replied Joshua. Emelda went to the castle and Joshua started eating.

As he was eating he would casually read the book.

Suddenly, out of the blue, Princess Rechelle appeared 1 meter from his left side and got startled by this.