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 The old man named Joshua Sypher looked at Ikuya's cold gaze and shivered.

' Those are not the eyes, a ten year old child should have. What kind of life did this child live?' The old man thought.

" 3." Ikuya started the countdown.

" Ah? Wait! I'm a Superhuman just like you. I have the power of prophecy and clairvoyance. I was able to predict your arrival at this place, so I came to meet you." The old man said.

" Oh? Now that you've seen me, what do you want?" Ikuya asked.

" If nothing, get lost." Ikuya said.

" Actually I wanted to bring you to the Superhuman Management Organization, since you're a Superhuman as well." The old man said.

" And what makes you think I'll come with you to some unknown place?" Ikuya couldn't help but ask sarcastically.

" Well, lets rephrase it shall we? Superhuman Management Organization is a group created by the combined efforts of all the groups in order to make sure to provide assistance to Superhumans and help them lead a normal life. It also make sure to prevent Superhumans from going out of control and bringing chaos to the secular world to ensure balance." The old man explained with a kind smile.

" So?... What's your point?" Ikuya asked.

" Since you're a Superhuman as well, you should also join the organization in order to avoid unnecessary trouble from the world management. It's for the balance of the world." The old man said.

" I still don't get what all this have to do with me. I couldn't care less about the so called world balance. The world could go rot for all I care." Ikuya said bluntly with disinterest as he continued, " If that is all, I'm leaving. It was fun talking to you since it's been years since I talked to a decent person."

" You get one hundred million dollars after you join the organization." The old said with a smile, unperturbed by Ikuya's disinterest.

Ikuya flinched then looked at the old man and asked, " Did you say dollars?"

" Yes. And those who enter the top hundred ranked Superhumans, they get five hundred million dollars. There will be annual payment as well. You just have to do some tasks that the organization assigns to you." The old man said.

" Your organization seems pretty rich if they are capable of giving away such a huge amount of money." Ikuya said.

" There are only a little more than Four hundred Superhumans in the entire world. Their capabilities are very useful, so the organization doesn't mind giving away some money." The old man said.

" Hmmm.... Well... Although appealing, not appealing enough for me." Ikuya said.

The old man slightly laughed at Ikuya's words. He said, " The rank one Superhuman gets three billion dollars and his payment is also more than the others, suiting the strongest Superhuman, don't you think?" The old man asked while looking intently at Ikuya.

Ikuya was stunned and didn't know why, but from the time he had spent in the Dark World, he developed a habit of collecting and keeping a huge amount of money, almost like a fetish.

" Okay, I'm in. Just remember. Try anything funny and I'll wipe out you and your organization of the face of this planet." Ikuya said with a cold tone.

" Then that's that. Now lets go to airport." The old man said to Ikuya.

" Are there plenty of those Superhumans at your organization at the moment?" Ikuya asked.

" Yes they are since five hours from now, a conference will be held." The old man said.

Ikuya didn't say anything and walked next to the old man and touched him and...


They both vanished from the place. Luckily, there was no one in the vicinity to witness this.

The next second, they were at Russia, in the hidden Superhuman Management Organization.

The place was like a massive palace, just that it was simple gray coloured.

" We are here." Ikuya said.

The old man named Joshua Sypher was shocked for a moment before smiling wryly.

" Are you capable of things other than teleportation as well?" The old man asked.

" .... " Ikuya didn't answer it as he found no merit in doing so.

The old man simply smiled as he closed his eyes for a few seconds. Ikuya felt mental energy fluctuations coming from the old man.

After ten seconds, the old man opened his eyes and lead Ikuya deeper into the massive mansion.

After they arrived at a room that seemed quite special and was very neat, the old man said to Ikuya, " It'll take a while for others to gather. Why don't you watch some movies in the meantime?"

" I'd rather not. To me, their acting is too obvious that it takes away whatever interest I have in watching the movie." Ikuya said. Having a god-like perception has spoiled a lot of things for him and a real life movie is not the worst of it.

" I see.... Then I have the perfect thing for you." The old man smiled as he took out a 7 inch screen tab from a shelf and did some things with it and gave it to Ikuya and said, " Watch it."

Ikuya saw something a bit familiar to cartoons playing in tab screen.

" This is...?"

" It's not cartoon. Don't mistake it. It's called anime. The thing I like the most about Japan. I'm surprised you don't know of it since you're Japanese yourself. Then again, can't blame you since you're only a ten year old child." The old man said as he looked over at Ikuya, only to find out that the kid is solely focused on the tab screen and from time to time, a faint smile appeared on the boy's face.

The old man also smiled at the sight.


After four hours.

In a very large ground, which seemed to be a training ground, stood Ikuya with a dissatisfied expression since the old man interrupted the source of entertainment he had found after so long in the name of some Qualification test.

Surrounding him in a distance were about four hundred people with a lot of mental energy fluctuations on them.

" Is that the Alpha Human from the chairman's prophecy? But he's just a child."

" One can't be judged based on their appearance alone. The boy might be a mighty wolf in a pitiful sheep's skin."

" Just how much mental energy and life energy can a child's body contain?"

" Such a disappointment. I was having a lot of expectations because of that name 'Alpha Human'. But it ended up being such a letdown."

" Indeed. And the chairman actually wants every Superhumans to attack this child? I really don't know what to do."

" Indeed. Defying the order of Chairman will not end up good for us."




Amidst the chattering of all the people, Ikuya looked at all of them once and his expression became that of disappointment.

" What a waste of time." Ikuya said in disappointment, not caring for the reactions of others.

He raised a hand and was about to call upon his power before being interrupted by the old man Joshua Sypher.

" Don't kill anyone, please." The old man said.

Ikuya didn't turn to look at the old man as he asked coldly, " What makes you think I'll listen to you? I always finish off what I started and I will not tolerate anyone interrupting me."

" How about I buy all of their lives?" The old man asked.

Ikuya tilted his head in interest as he said, " This is certainly a first for me."

" Lets see now, since there are four hundred and nine of them, give me five hundred million dollars and I'll spare them. I'm being reasonable here just so you know." Ikuya said.

Before the old man could reply, the Superhumans who were momentarily stunned to silence burst out in anger and humiliation of being looked down upon by a kid.

" Chairman, aren't your words equal to you not having any trust in us. In me, the strongest Superhuman, Foreus?!" A muscular man exclaimed after the chattering of the others died down.

" How stupid." Ikuya muttered as a massive pressure erupted from him, causing every single one of them except for the old man to powerlessly fall to the ground.

" I'm leaving old man. Don't forget the money you owe me... And, I'll be taking the tab with me. In return, I'll help you just one time when you're in trouble."

" See ya."


And with that, the ten years old Ikuya disappeared from the spot, leaving behind a wryly smiling old man as the old man said, " From today onwards, you're 'The Zenith', the strongest Superhuman."


Back to present.

Ikuya was sitting in his bed in the spare bedroom since he completely disintegrated everything in the room where the treacherous couple had their private time.

Ikuya had his eyes closed as he was meditating while he was preparing to remove the next genetic limiter, which was the Twenty third limiter of the 1,432 genetic limiters.

Till today, he has removed 22 genetic limiters and is already on a incomprehensible level. He even wondered whether he'll ever find someone who can give him some challenge.