Yan was going to his apartment when he suddenly found himself being stabbed without knowing what happened.

When he tries to open his eyes he can not enter anything beyond the dark and empty in constant movement he tries to move but can not do without nothing to do he begins to reflect on his life.

He is considered a genius with 360 Qi with built-in memory as he remembers every detail of his life.

When he was 1.5 he starts talking and walks already showing how great was his intelligence with 5 he already knew everything from elementary school with 10 years he was in high school with 15 years he was doing university of medicine 20 he did post doctorate .

At 25 he began to practice his profession at 40 he was considered the best doctor in the world as when he entered he found cure for aids, ebola among other diseases etc.

At 45 he retires because his body no longer heats the workload that his brain processes.

When he went down to his job resume he hears young people talking about animes as he had nothing to do to satisfy his curiosity he was researching to his surprise he loved and addicted because he did not have it in his childhood that ended up being very indifferent to society even though he saved a lot of people he still err considers an antisocial

For he was not much to talk about. His personality was a little cold but not to be extreme he had some friends who gradually over the years were moving away from him because of his indifference that he treated them..

When he finished seeing animes he went to famous manga among others but he misses passionate to the extreme with Chinese novels of cultivators he thought that it fit his personality beyond him if doctor who knew the human anatomy like the palm of his hand.

Among these novels he was passionate about the Martial world and the library path of heaven, he thought they complement each other because he could point out the flaws in techniques etc.

When he was going to shop to buy the last volume of MW he ends up witnessing an assault the thief had not noticed him since it was coasting to him when the thief noticed him.

He thought that he immobilize there is just a stab in the heart of Yan who stays there without knowing what happened the thief saw what he did not to be arrested he flees as fast as possible, the clerk enters and panic and tries to call ambulance plus yan who knows his condition does not have much hope is lying there on the floor regretting not being able to read his last volume of MW.

Time later in the void is our hero there with an empty look on the face.

After remembering the events of his life

what he does not know is that he has one being observing all his different experience with a screen looking like a smatfone.

He sighed (^, ^) because of his little accident he ended up killing our hero.

A lot of time passes in the void until Yan finds himself in a white exasperation with an ancient man with an aura that makes you welcome because of his majestic pressure.

Yan was confused why he was here.

yan: who are you? Why am I here? Since it has been a long time he has been in the void that he has become accustomed to being indifferent to all who have not even realized that he is facing the closest existence to be a god entitled in all multi verse.

I he points the finger at him and speaks

I am the one who all existence calls me God in these infinite world and dimensions.

he speaks in a voice that made Yan's eyes widen as it was hard to believe that he was standing before God, the one who always thinks he does not exist.

yan: he shrank and asked what purpose he brought here since nothing in this world is for free

God: looks at him and says because of an accident he ended up accidentally killing in the process.

You could see a ruining vein in Yan's forehead, he asks in a half-annoyed tone.

yan: so what are you going to do?

God: he lets out a sigh and says that he will let him be reborn in what dimensions and multi verses with 3 more desires he will have to use his karmic actions since he has accumulated a lot and can not be reborn with them

Yan: Then ask God if there is the Martial World universe and God says that yes it will cost a lot of his kamic actions for the world to recognize him as a resident of that world.

Then he looks at God and says

yan: I want to reincarnate in the protagonist of the story before he gets the magic cube two I want the sky path library with operating system that help me in that world of loyal preference only to me three I want mystical eyes of the perception of the faults so that I can It clears up the flaws in my crop plus it can shut down when I'm not using it.

God: stood there looking at him with an expression that ate and did not like well he was lucky that he did not need to pay otherwise he would have destroyed the soul of our hero.

God: well with that you spend all your karmic actions and our bond defe seize your new life.

God said this is send to our hero

for your walked when Yan is gone God said with this our karma if it was old friend now I do not owe you anymore.

Yan remained inconsistent of the fact and only fate will tell if they meet again.