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 Drakos's day started off as any normal day would, he entered his prestigious academy known as Super Academy( S.A) for short and started his final exam. It was too easy for him, he didn't care for such useless things. After he finished the test in seconds, he watched the daily news on his Iphone. Another terrorist attack happens nearby at the Giovanna Bank, there were many bloody dismembered bodies scattered across the exploded floors of the bank. He watched the video on a Dark Web site.

"Tch. Fucking bastards they need to be all slaughtered." He angrily gritted his teeth and turns off his phone.

"Hey! Drakos's how my best buddy doing!" Silver confidently walks over with his other friend called Issei Hyoudou. Next to the two boy students was a girl with bright scarlet hair and emerald eyes, her name was Rias Gremory.

Silver, of course, had beaming silver eyes and dark silver hair, he was perhaps the most popular boy in school. He excelled at every everything; Sports, bodybuilding, academics, politics, social hierarchy, he even had a handsome godly face with a flawless white smile that was as bright as the sun. On top of that he superpowers that were unmatchable, he could literally blast mountains into bits and vaporize everything in his path if he wanted too. He was a God thanks to his God System called "Apex System" which grants him a number of level abilities and powers. His apex system was a legendary class system, which was the second highest tier system. No one in S.A has ever gotten the highest tier system.

"I'm doing alright. What do you want?" Drakos coldly asked as he strapped on his backpack over his shoulders.

"I just wanted to say hey that is all. You don't have to be so uptight." Silver starts rubbing Drakos's dark brown hair into a mess in a playful manner.

"Stop!" Drakos's slaps away his hands and walks towards the door to leave the math class.

"Oh come on! I was just playing around! By the way, there is this huge fair festival are you going with anyone?" Silver asked as he placed his hands inside of his flashy jean pockets.

"Not really." Drakos checks the time on his phone, he was annoyed of hearing Silver's bullshit, but it was more of a friendly way of thinking. Drakos was just pissed off that he was the only one who hand't gained a God System as every other human had. From low tier systems to high tier systems which Silver had, every human was given a God System when they were born. Each Tier had a rank number. Silver's rank tier was a 9. The highest tier is a 10. A pretty simple scale of 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, however it all comes down to how you use your God System. Drakos and Silver were both sophomores in college, both of them had a friendly rival on who was the strongest student in S.A.

As Drakos leaves the classroom door Rias is in front of him and she is twirling her scarlet hair in a shy fashion, "Um... I was wondering if you want to go to the festival together?" She cutely mutters, her massive breasts jiggle up and down wildly in her tight white school dress shirt.

No mortal would ever turn down such an amazing offer. Drakos thought about it, 'What else do I have I to lose.? This is the only chance I get to be with one of the most beautiful girls in school.'

"W-will you go?" Rais asked again as her cheeks turn a rosy red.

"Sure, whatever." Drakos gives her his phone number and then leaves the school grounds. Silver begins laughing with Issei and Rias in the background as they talk about the usual teenage 'stuff'. Drakos jumps on top of his Honda Motorcycle and drives away into the bustling highway towards his house.

3 Hours pass...

Drakos meets up with Rias and they go on there date. She was wearing a tight buttoned white dress shirt that showed off her toned stomach and busty boobs. She also wore compressed jean shorts that displayed her thick shiny thighs and plump butt.

"First let's go to the Farris wheel!" She gleefully shouts out as she jumps up and down, then snags Drakos hands so that he could follow her into the Ferris wheel.

Drakos and Rias had a lot of fun riding the Ferris wheel, sharing cotton candy, and eating every delicious fair food possible.

"I am having so much fun! How about you?" Rias asked with a big smile as she goes to take a selfie with Drakos.

"I guess I am too," He slightly smirks, she suddenly touches the top of his hands and they both blush. He thought about kissing her, but he had only know Rias for only a year. This whole moment felt so unreal for him. Why would a gorgeous girl like Rias go out with a someone who didn't have a God System? But right now it didn't matter to him, he was enjoying his time with her. He started to realize that Silver wasn't so bad and so weren't other humans who had God Systems. Silver was his childhood friend after all and Drakos felt that he was being a little too cold and distant to him because he didn't have a God System. He was lashing out against his own best friend.

"Hey, Drakos do you mind if I stay over your place for the night?" Rias said as she gently tugged on his crimson red biker jacket. She looked like a cute puppy dog as she begged him for her to stay over.

"I don't mind it. Come on let's go." He grinned and grabbed her by her slender toned waist to take her out of the Farris wheel wagon, her big shiny boobs bounced in a sexy lustful motion.Drakos was ready to make the next big move. It was about time he had sex. No more being a virgin.

Drakos House

Drakos opened his house door and walks in Rias who gingerly takes off her high heels so that she could walk more freely in oak wood floors.

Drakos quietly goes to his room while holding Rias soft and smooth pale hands. He didn't want to wake up his crazy sister who was infatuated with him. Each step he took made his heart beat faster. He was horny and alert at the same time like a sex ninja. Finally, he made it to his room with Rias.

"Awwwwhhhhh." Rias yawns as she jumps on top of Drakos medium sized bed. "I am so tired. What's the matter you are no getting in with me?" She sexily asked with her eyebrows furrowed. Her bright emerald eyes pierced his very soul.

Drakos was thinking about the repercussions of sleeping with her in the same bed. But this lucky chance was too good to pass up on.

Rias starts to seductively take off her white dress shirt, her boobs jiggle in the most perfection motion ever. She looked hot as fuck in her black corset bra and schoolgirl stockings.

'Fuck.This is going to be awesome,' Drakos grins as he takes off his jacket and goes in the bed with her.

The illuminating moon outside the window turns a darker shade of grey.