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 After Listening to Moaning coming for the last 2 hours. The girls decided that it was time for them to check on what was going on . What they were met with as a two panting figures spread out on a bed completely naked. The girls were speechless. Even though they never had contact with a man before they still knew how it worked.

What shocked them wasn't the sexual activity's that they did, it was who's doing them. They knew Lexi for a long time and they know that she never had men in her eyes. Some of the girls even suspected that she was lesbian. For her to look so content and tired after doing it with a man made them speechless.

what gave them a even bigger shock because the one whom she was conducting these activates with is a mortal who has no cultivation. They knew this because when Leon was first sent into the space they did a trough scan with there spiritual sense.

Leon who looked like he was so tired that he looked like he would pass out. Was actually speaking with his new system. Leon found his system really interesting. All it wanted from him was to complete a task later in life and it would give Leon the power to cultivate how ever he liked. But Leon was a little regretful now that he picked sexual cultivation.

The system told him, he could only have a max of up to 10 partners while on his cultivation journey. If any of his partners die he would lose a cultivation realm. If all ten die he would die. In his current realm foundation establishment. He could have two partners. The system said. The way he brakes through and cultivates is different then the other cultivators in the cosmos.

'While there is nothing wrong with the way you cultivate, you also need to pick one of the great ways that aline with the heavens. Also because of the promise you made. The system will pick your second form of cultivation'

Leon didn't have a problem with the system at this point. It helped him become one of the fabled cultivators. He also gets to take down beautiful Women and become stronger. This was practically every mans dreams.

Leon who was in a happy mode all of a sudden looked like he stepped on dog shit because the system told him he has to cultivate the great way of fate. In the great way of fate one couldn't become strong by themselves you need to gather people and have them believe and fight for the same ideology. This was hard if one didn't start a religion or make a sect. One can even make a kingdom.

But In our world the reason there wasn't any super strong religious group was because this world didn't have any fate suppressing items said the system.

Leon who heard all of this was feeling foul. How was he supposed to cultivate without a fate suppressing treasure.

The system then went on to clear everything up. The system would let him choose for free 1 of 10 items. Apparently these items used to belong to some of the strongest men to ever live.

When Leon was told he could choose he though the items would show up in front of him and he could pick not a lottery system.

The system told to him to go ahead and spin. But before Leon did any of that he looked at the items. They were listed as so:

Heaven compressing cloth:

this sash is made from the whiskers of a five claw golden dragon.

When Leon heard dragon he instantly wanted this treasure. Eaten if it looked a little feminine that was no problem. He could wear it as a belt. But the second items is what really made him speechless.

World encompassing zither:

this zither is made from the core of the fabled world tree. It stands at the hight of a small world but was compressed down to the hight of normal zithers.

When Leon finished reading this he knew that if he read about anymore of the items he would drive himself crazy with greed so Leon stopped.

Leon reached for the wheel and spins. He felt like a eternity was passing as every second godly item was passing by. The weal spinning ever so slowly didn't help either.

The weal finally stopped but not on one item like you would think but in between two. "what now?" leon asked the system.

The system didn't answer and two bright glowing items fell into Leon's lap. One of the i teams was the World the world encompassing zither that Leon read about before but the other item was a small mountain figure that had a delicate red crystal buildings situated on top. When Leon read the description he almost dropped the treasure.

7 Star Demon Mountain:

The sect base for the seven star demon sect. Made up of void rock and blood jade. The formation that combines the two is the 7 Star blood gathering formation. It gathers blood from a radius of one hundred million lis.

Condition: damaged 80%


- formation distance: 100 miles


-library: operational

-7 floor icy prison: broken

-Medicine fields: partially

-demon suppressing hill: broken

-blood refining formation: partially operational

-dimension shrinking formation: operational

leon knew this was getting dangerous, even a mortal like him who stumbled onto the cultivation path knew that demons were hated and hunted down. For a sect to have a mountain call 7 star demon mountain as their main peak. This told the obvious story.

The fact that the system had this item meant that they were destroyed. But the system said that this item was from one of the peak experts to ever live. That means that for the person or people to destroy this sect they had to at least be at the peak and if they are still living. He would be hunted down for even having this treasure.

"This is really troublesome." thought leon.


Authors notes:

If anyone has any ideas witch direction I should turn the plot to comment down below.

1- the world is actually a tutorial that mc lives in and the last 100 years were the time they were given to study and get ready before the leveling system starts.


2- the mc is about to use the cured item he got to fight the other cursed item wielders in another plane. Witch is a video game world

1 or 2 comment below.

And if you got any other ideas again comment below