This is kinda gross. I had killed many of the insect monsters and was covered in their blood and guts. It felt really disgusting.

Anyway as I made my way through the school's hallways killing all the monsters in it with my sword I got used to wielding it as well as getting used to being covered in their blood. The function [Dungeon Dive] came with an auto-loot feature so it I didn't have to loot them with my own hands or I would be having a hard time unless I got a skill for dismantling the monsters.

Eventually I reached a dead end that had plants encroaching into the hall from outside. Though calling it a complete dead end would be wrong their is a class room next to it. I'll check what's inside.

Walking into it I was surprised inside I saw a girl hiding in the corner. They looked quite strange, they had black hair long hair with streaks of yellow in it. Hair dye? No that's not important there is someone else in here.

Before they saw me I went out of the classroom and asked Genesis a question.

'Hey why is there a human in here?'

{The function [Dungeon Dive relies on the dreams of others so there was a chance that the owners of the dreams used to make the dream world can also appear.}

'The chances are?'

{2% chance for one person.}

'How many people can appear?'

{At most 3.}

'What happens if I interact with them?'

{If they meet you in reality they will be influenced slightly by how you interact with them. Though they can be greatly influenced if you do something of great impact like kill them}.

'I see and quick question why does [Dungeon Dive] rely on the dreams of others?'

{Krysa's divinity of dreams.}

'No but can't he do the dungeon creation himself.'

{He would find the process boring. Also it would take up his time.}

'Alright. As long as I don't make a huge impact nothing bad should happen.'

Walking back into the room the girl still sat in the corner hugging her knees. An important reason why I didn't ignore her and the room was that I saw an item in here. Dungeons seemed to also come with items in the form of orbs that when crushed would form an item. These orbs came with different rarities and when I used the system to scan it from a distance I saw it was a Rarity 2 item which is the 3rd rarest item Rarity 0 items being the rarest.

I would first see if I could sneak by grab the orb and leave.

However this didn't work out when I picked the orb off the table that was covered in plants surrounding the orb like a cradle she heard the rustling of the leaves and looked up to see me, who, I should mention was covered in blood. My sword in the [Inventory].

With a scream the girl moved away from me, still sitting she looked continued to look up at me.

"Uh hi." I said and smiled stiffly. I got caught.

As for the girl she just jumped again and skittered away again. Ah? She looks familiar where did I see her before...


Right now I remember she's a girl that sits near the back in my foreign language class. If I remember correctly she is one of the best in the class, shy though only speaks when others talk to her and even then only a small amount. Never left me with a big impact.

However her hair in reality is orangey red. However there than that she looks the same. Glasses, dark brown eyes, and a slim frame with small breasts. Her thighs are quite nice though. I never noticed it before but she is also quite pretty, probably never noticed till now because she is always so shy. Though the terrified look she has from me examining her is ruining how pretty she looks.

I should try to calm her down.

"Uh hi Willow..." I say.

"Eep!" She exclaimed in surprise.

"Are you ok?" I ask.

"Y-you won't try to kill me?" She asked timidly.

"No I won't I only kill the insects and other monsters." I shook my head.

She made an extremely fearful expression after I said that. Why?

"Please don't kill me please!" She begged me.

Why is she begging me? I just said I only killed monsters. I'll ask her. "Hey I won't kill you."

"B- but you just said you kill insects." She was really scared of me. Why is she scared if she heard me? Unless she thinks of herself as an insect.

"Hey you're human why would I kill you?" Let's see what her reaction is.

"H- human I'm an insect no?" Was her response.

Damn she really thinks herself an insect. This is interesting? No. Weird? Yes but not the word I want. Sad? Yeah that's it.

I mean she thinks she is an insect.

"You look human though."

"Just because I look like something else doesn't mean i am not what I am." She says her voice becoming quieter.

Just sad really really sad.