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 Rehaan moved forward to punch Rajeev, but Rajeev has very fast reflexes. He ran away.

Partner why are acting impulsively? See, even Shaahir is very calm. You are acting like a kid these days. And by the way, it's true that Sister's husband is very handsome and cute, Rajeev laughed and ran, continuing his mischief.

But he was caught by Rehaan in less than two minutes, Rehaan who has athletic experience got hold of Rajeev, he wrapped his hand around Rajeev's neck.

Will you stop calling that "husband" guy handsome, or should I punch your "handsome" face until it becomes unrecognizable.

But he is really handsome!! Rajeev pouted.

Rehaan tightened his grip around Rajeev's neck.

"Say that again", I will punch your nose. Don't know what happened to this Shaahir, he is acting all calm and collected. So out of character and weird.

Partner, that's because Bigboss already knows about sister's husband.


He already knew??

Of course! Didn't you see how calm he is?

Yes, he is, but something seems to be off. Rajeev show me that guys picture immediately.

Which guy partner????

Don't irritate me, Rajeev. show me that husband guy's pic.

I don't need to show you, just type "Song Joong Ki" in your browser, you will get lakhs of images. 'He is super popular'. Rajeev exclaimed.

Rehaan pulled his mobile out of the pocket, giving a chilling look to Rajeev.

He typed "Song Joong Ki" in the browser and clicked "OK". He was dumbfounded seeing the results.

"Korea 's Nations Husband"

"Young Heartthrob"

" Most handsome guy in the world Song Joong Ki".

Realization struck him all of a sudden. So, he is an idol and that little kid is fangirling him. Am I right??

Rajeev nodded mockingly.

After going back to ODC, just tell them that I dragged you out, for some urgent work. okay??

Got it, partner. I understand.

Rehaan knew that Rajeev is mocking him internally. But what can he do now?

This is all thanks to that little one, who got a husband out of nowhere, he sighed helplessly.

He walked fast, to reach the ODC to check the situation.

Shaahir you creep, you must be mocking me inside right? Wait till I punch you, I hate u.

By the time he reached the ODC, Sheena and Shaahir already left the office.

He tried calling Sheena but her mobile is not reachable.

Boss, I am leaving. My Husband is waiting for me. See you tomorrow, he received a message from her, after a short while.

Ahh! This husband nonsense again. Screw you. Screw your husband too.

Rehaan left the office sulking. what a bad day, don't know whose face I saw, early in the morning.

Ting!Ting! "New York Holiday". A notification popped up in his mobile.

Tomorrow is "New York" holiday? this is the only good news I heard since morning. He posted immediately on the WhatsApp group of their Team.

Rehaan: Guys its holiday in new york tomorrow.

Shaahir: so what??

Rajeev: Hurray!!!

Sheena: why are you happy Rajeev bro? it's not a holiday for us.

Rajeev: Its better than our holiday, no client so no work.

Shaahir: Banco Bilbo task is still with you Rajeev and Sheena as for you...

Rajeev left the conversation.

Sheena left the conversation.

Rehaan: Pessimist, spoiled the mood already.

Rehaan left the conversation.

Shaahir frowned. What a team!!!