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 Oh My God! little sister, "you are married"? you never told us about him, Rajeev pouted.

Hey, it's not my mistake, it's just that "you guys never asked". I would have told if you asked.

oh really, then tell us about him now.

when did you get married????

what does your husband do????

what is his name????

is he handsome????

Wait.... don't tell me you have children too????

Rajeev posed endless questions while Shaahir and Rehaan are still in the state of shock.

Children?? you sure think very highly of me Rajeev, but I'm sorry to disappoint you, "My husband is not ready for children yet". Sheena smiled naughtily.

What?? your husband is not ready, does that mean you are ready??

Partner, forget about this girl, she is too fast for level and is already taken, Rajeev looked pitifully at Rehaan.

Shaahir came of the daze. Don't know why, but he found Sheena's way of saying the word "husband" seems very familiar. Did I hear it somewhere? but where?

By the way Sis, you still didn't tell the name of your husband, Rajeev asked entering into detective mode again.

Oh!!! His name is "Song Joong Ki". He is an actor/producer and he is very handsome and cute.

Shaahir's lips curled upwards after hearing the name. Now he understood why he felt the word "HUSBAND" very familiar. He recalled his cousin Tia calling a Korean idol as 'husband' when he got jealous and called her on the night Sheena got drunk and said she hugs a man daily while sleeping.

He looked at Rehaan, who is looking as pale as ghost, he recalled feeling anxious and getting angry in the same way as Rehaan, on the night when she got drunk and called other men as husband.

At first, he thought of informing Rehaan that she is just fangirling over an idol, but some mischevious thoughts crossed his mind.

Didn't you make me look bad by saying I'm intentionally making things hard for her? it's time to pay back for it now. Suffer on your own. He smirked.

Rajeev was not able to control anymore, he started acting like a spoiled child.

Little Sis, I don't believe he is more handsome than my partner, show me your husband's picture.

oh hello, my husband is the most handsome man on the earth, you will regret asking after I show you his picture. Sheena sounded like a naughty kid in the playground mocking Rajeev.

She quickly googled "Most handsome men in the world" and showed it to Rajeev, where Song Joong Ki is on the top of the list.

Rajeev was dumbstruck after seeing it, Sister your husband is the number one actor, that too in Korea? when did you even go to Korea and when did you?? Rajeev wanted to continue asking but stopped in the middle as he recalled something.

He remembered the spread of Hallyu fever all over the world a few months ago, and many Asian girls became die-hard fans of KPOP idols and actors, they even call them boyfriend and Husband.

Sister you mean your husband is "this husband"?? Rajeev asked letting out a relaxed smile.

What do you think?? Sheena smirked.

I really thought you got yourself a husband, they both laughed heartily. Even Shaahir started laughing.

Rehaan came to this world after hearing their laugh, he glared at Rajeev who is laughing with Sheena, cheater how can you laugh when my girl is married??

Cheater, Cheater, Cheater.

He wanted to scream out loudly. He pulled Rajeev from his seat and dragged him out of the ODC.

You look very happy, do you like her husband that much?

Yes, boss. He is very handsome. He is kind of cute too, do you want to see? Rajeev asked mischievously, he can't stop laughing seeing Rehaan's face.