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 You can take them as musts in life. we can't run away from them. if I ever leave, just forget everything and move on. I don't want to carry that guilty with me. Roline said looking straight at An kai after which, she leaned her body closer to his and hugged him.

does love matures people more faster than time?


Roline was informed about Tinah and Josh. but Josh was already taken to Roriland and Roline decided to head back as well.

I will need to head home. my friend needs me at the moment. she was used unknowingly. Roline said to An kai.

days had passed from their days of intimacy. things were trying to get back as they were but there were those that didn't. An was trying to show his love to Roline.

buying her small things, taking her out for walks and letting her to do as pleased. they had started getting to many places together.

Roline had started going for exercises too. she thought it will reduce An's worries. she tried to act normal not push An Kai far away from herself because he had grown too mature mentally.

it's okay, I also have few months here. after my final exams, I will find you there.

you don't have to come back here. your dad will hate me for keeping you to myself, yet I don't want to get on his bad side at all.

thank him for me. I appreciate every single thing that he has done for me. An said as he drove Roline to the airport.

I will but take care of yourself. you should know that I don't like skinny men.

my eyes hurt whenever I look at one. Roline said jokingly. it was rare to see An smiling but when he did, everything lightens up. his eyes had a glow in them. back then, Roline thought it was his innocence that caused him to look like a child but thinking of it now, Roline concluded that it was something given to him by the gods. he never took much time to care for himself but he looked too perfect.

silence fell in the car. Roline kept her eyes locked on An as he looked ahead while driving.

it took them two hours to reach the airport. An hugged her lightly and said goodbye. Roline went through the security checks and confirmed everything needed. An didn't leave the airport immediately, he waited until the plane left the airport.

from that moment on, An lost the need to talk to others. he resumed his studies, went for exercises every weekend, ate and slept as needed.

it's true that An kai didn't have friends at the institute in the first course, but he tried to make some. An kai in the second round of his studies was too distant. he had a cold look on him, even teachers had started to be careful around him.


once in Roriland, Roline went to see Tinah at the police station. Tinah had lost her smiley face but she forced a smile when she saw Roline.

you don't have to explain anything. I know you can't do such things. we may not be close at the moment, but I know you perfectly well. Roline didn't wait for Tinah to explain herself. she felt sorry for Tinah. she had got a mark that can't be erased by mere words.

Josh may be heartless but I know, he won't drag you down with himself.

paper work will take some time to be completed. I will fetch you tomorrow morning.

you will stay with me for the moment, your parents love their reputation than their own flesh and blood. Roline said.

I know that I don't hold much in their hearts and, you don't have to trouble yourself to fetch me here. it won't be necessary, I want to end this pain in me forever. Tinah said with a smile on her face. she stood up and headed back in her cell.

Roline was left confused and she decided to talk with the head of the police station.

I know I can't take Tinah now, but please keep a close look on her. I don't know what stupid ideas are running through her head.

okay, miss Han. the officer answered before ordering his men to do as told.

Roline didn't go home straight, she went to see Josh. he was taken to his home town police station.

I thought you wouldn't come. Josh spoke first.

just tell me what got into your head. why did have to add Tinah in this messy mix of yours? Roline asked.

it's just that she's too easy to fool. and it's not my fault, my dad dragged her into this. I had no plans to do so.

if you love her that much, teach her to toughen up or else she will be used again and again.

am sorry for what she has gone through and am sorry for what I did to you. it was just a moment of selfishness. once done with his words, Josh stood up to leave.

am only thankful to God that your dad is not blind to you evil deeds....