A bright pillar of light began to descend from the sky and a silhoutte deity with drums behind it's back appears.

Many players became curious for the sudden event and immidiately came to investigate it.

underneath the pillar is a blue colored nucleus and inside is a beast that seems to be in the process developing.

"Brother do you have any idea what is this?" asked by a pixie with butterfly wings.

"not really but it seem to be some kind of welcoming event?" answered by a guy wearing a yellow and black colored cloak with honeycomb lens type of goggles on his head.

"if this is an event then there should be some kind of announcement right?" inquire by the pixie as it apply magical dust towards the gun held by the guy with goggles.

"I agree with you Coco in events like this there's usually an announcement so we should definitely need to see this one plays out. [Pin Point Needle]!"

A streak of yellow needle flashed out of the gun's Barrel and directly struck the nucleus, although the needle hit its target it didn't manage to penetrate the nucleus, thus it was removed by the lightning that's protecting it.

"tsk it seems like it has a protection" said by the gunner that is wearing a goggles.

"don't worry brother Nico I've already asked the others what this is all about." answered to him by the pixie with butterfly wings

"so what are their say about this?"

"they say that it was supposedly just an animation to the evolution process but it never became flashy like this." the pixie red the reply from the 13 Monster Chat group.

"really? then if that's the case, wonder what kind of monster is inside that?" Nico nervously replied as suddenly he heard Coco say something. "they also said to ask Echo if he know something about it." Coco said with an innocent look on his face.

"oh please don't! i don't have anything here to pay him!" Nico nervously replied as if a bad omen will happen.

"wait don't tell me you believe those rumors that when big brother echo suddenly pops out of your conversation something terrible will happen?" Coco questioned his twin brother's motivation.

"no no no! I just don't have enough budget to ask for information" Nico hurriedly replied as he tried to shift his and her sister's focus towards the nucleus. "let's just first see eaht will come out of this one okay!!

as soon as they return back thei focus in destroying the nucleus others came and decided to try and copy what the two did earlier as they began attacking using their most powerful ability hoping to destroy the nucleus but they all failed to do any form of damage towards the nucleus.

"damnit! how tough is this guy!"

"are we even damaging it?"

"f****** devs to built in something like this!!"

Sounds of complains began to permeate around the blue nucleus as more and more people come to see what's happening.

Their thinking is that this may be an event related to the deity above, although this statement is somewhat true all of them didn't realize that the scene in front of them is just an evolution process of a certain rabbit that caused a huge commotion in the town earlier.

The blue nucleus continues to be unfazed as movements are beginning to show.

"hey look! there are movements in that blue thing!" a certain pixie suddenly notice the ripples in the water as it slowly convulsed.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Sounds of a drum could be heard in the surroundings as the nucleus continues to convulsed wildly, the drums became louder and louder as an arm began to tear out of the nucleus and a silhoutte of a body slowly coming out can be seen.

The drums became louder as if they were thunders and immidiately covered the body in lightning, with a height of a 10 year old a black rabbit with striking yellow and blue pattern immediately began to form in front of them, his Eyes flickered with Electricity as well as his scarf.


A loud and sharp noise came out from the beast's mouth as it tear out the ears of those who heard it

After clearing their ears the guy with honeycomb type of goggles immediately shouted "Everyone Prepare for battle!!!"


[Quest Complete]



[Returning Back to the Land of Trials]

A pillar light shone to the rabbit as it teleported him back to the Land of Trials.

a grid made of blue lines began to appear, currently standing in the middle Echo contemplated as to what happened on that quest.

why did trip suddenly disappears? is it due to his mana being drained? and what's up with those Christmas themed enemy why are they looking for trip? questions like this is one of the things Echo enjoys about this game, uncovering the mystery and learning things only few people know about, He always felt rewarded each time he discover something even if it is good or bad.

[Trial of Drum II]

[Requirements: LVL 30

Obtain the First Drum artifact: Drum of Spiritual Lightning

Soul of the Drummer LVL 10]

[Unable to proceed due to incomplete Requirements]

Each trial has a specific requirements to proceed, this is done in order to show progress to the story of that certain item, as such many items in this game are connected and it will make you want to collect more story related item to proceed.

Unfortunately you're not the only one who can have this quest, because other can start the same trial as you do using other items and if this is the case the only way to progress is to hunt those with the same quest related item and kill them hoping it will be one of the three items that will drop from their death.

"I see this is the requirements, there may be some clues regarding that last area, I may have to look all the area with large tree in the middle."

After contemplating for things he may need to do Echo decided to return to the main land and finishes his evolution.

[Do You Wish to Return to the Main Land? [Y/N]

"Yes" Echo said and the pillar of light appear once again this time teleporting him back to the same secluded place he was chose for his evolution.

Waking up inside a weird slimy nucleus Echo immidiately felt all the power rushing to his body, filled with extasy and excitement he began to tear down the nucleus from the inside.

Finally out of the nucleus Echo felt that his power is overflowing and it felt intoxicated.

Echo look up the sky and saw a silhoutte of the adult version of the young boy's body he was using earlier.

filled with urge to release all the power echo gathered the sound energy in his body and roars loudly towards the sky.


the bright light began to fade as the roar clears the skies, the scent of the forest once again can be smell and the sounds of crickets and murmurs permeate in the air.

"wait why are there murmurs around?"

He began to look around his surroundings and quickly notice that a crowd has gathered around in frontb of him.

as he voiced out his question of what's happening a guy in yellow and black cloak whose wearing a honey comb kind of glasses shoutes

"Everyone Prepare for battle!!!"