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 As Michael kept following the torches, he eventually found another creature wandering the halls.

His bestial senses were able to identify its humanoid shape. As he further closed in, the figure came fully into view.

In front of him stood a lightly clothed corpse. The ragged textile leaving small patches of rotting flesh exposed.

Also sensing the invader, it turned towards him. Two half-decomposed eyes glaring at his naked upper body.

"Is this supposed to be a ghoul? Weren't the games in my previously world normally filled with skeletons at the start?"

[Host identified hostile target as Ghoul]

[Ghoul:Humanoid undead at the initial stage of the Master class (Rank:2(low). While alive they were either cursed or later revived by a powerful Dark mage/Necromancer. They are powerful undead, recorded to be able to hold their own against human adventurers of the same rank]

Seeing the system's reply, Michael was left dwelling over why it explained the existence who was hungrily starring at him.

"So if I know what type of monster I engage, the system will naturally give me a detailed explanation."

With a thought, he willed it to run again.

[Night Dove:The most common type of nocturnal bird found in woody areas. They most oftenly travel alone. Rarely seen in groups, other than when migrating towards the beast continent for the ???? ????]

[Leaf Dragon:The natural predator of the Night Dove. Green scales cover its strong body. Allowing it to both camouflage and protect itself. The tail is considered as it's strongest body part. Recorded to generate the power superior to a fully powered martial adept. The scales on its body defend well against quick explosive strike. Slowly crumbling under repeated hits]

As he was attentively reading through the information provided. The ghoul slowly approached him.

Noticing that the human ignored it, the ghoul swung it's fist towards Michael's unguarded chest. Aming for his heart.

As the mangled hand and plate armor collided, the fist burst apart. Sending splinters of bone and meat flying in every direction.

Now done reading, Michael turned his casual expression towards it. Not even considering the undead as a threat.

His left hand balled itself into a fist. Following the hand movement, a familiar box appeard in the corner of his eyes.

[Punch LvL:6]


As he flung the robust hand towards the ghoul's head, he could feel it ignore the air particles whilst rocketing forwards.

The fist planted itself in the ghoul's forehead. Pulverizing both the residual tissue and skull. the remains laid themselves on the brick walls.

The impact sendt out a gust of wind. Making the surrounding torches flicker, yet refusing to let their pretty red flames go out.

The headless body then began falling down, but was gripped tightly by Michael's outstretched fist.

[Beginning absorption..]

The rest of the body was sucked inside the palm of his hand. Only leaving some raggs behind.

[Ghoul bloodline absorbed]

[Do you wish to integrate it?]

Michael's expression did not change as he began the now normal procedure.


[Integrating bloodline]

[No noticeable mutation found]

[Process will finish in 1 second..]

The usual pain was only felt as a fast jolt. Barely molding his body.

His appearance did not change. Only the sense of smell seemed enhanced, indicated by the stench of rotting flesh growing stronger.

Other than this, a tingling sensation momentarily filled his mouth.

"I hope there are some stronger monster's inside of this place." Michael tightened his leg mucles, making the system answer to his actions.

[Activating abilities]

[Sprint LvL:3]

(Uses internal energy deposits to enhance running speed)

He grinned. Showing the now more humane row of teeth. Only his canines retaining their sharp edges, the rest appearing more well rounded. Formed in a shape made to chew through bones.

His figure then disappeared. Leaving behind a deep blue afterimage. Increasing in lenght as his shadow further accelerated.


At the other end of the dungeon. In a black alloyed room, a hodded individual could be seen jumping up and down. Loudly cursing at the small purple orb with it's dark toned feminine voice.

"W..W..What the hell is this supposed to mean?! He dispatched a ghoul with one swing!? But the sensor only measured his energy at the lower level of a soldier!"

The black robed figure was now violently jumping swinging up and down. Revealing some sharp ears underneath its hood.

Remembering the murky voice of his client, and the promised reward, the genderless humanoid calmed itself down.

"No! No! I am still able to handle this. Remember, you are the best one out there, Jenkins. The best! YES!!"

The hodded individual named Jenkins stopped the jumping. Refocusing his gaze onto the glowing ball.

"Luck. It is all luck. Lets see you retain your arrogance after this..."


In another corner of the dungeon, not to far from where Michael was headed, several human bodies filled the once empty hallway.

Taking a closer look, the mangled bodies staining the brick floor all wore some dirty form of leather. Closely resembling the usual clothes worn by poor farmers.

*Tac *Tac *Tac

If you continued to follow the path which contained a decreasing amount of corpses, a small group of sickly pale children, with tear marks running down their cheeks would be seen. Closely followed by a group of panting adults. Both being led by an elderly scholar and a red bearded man.

"Dammit." The bearded man sulked. Hopelessness was written over his face.

"Calm down, Gen. I need you in front while my energy is recharging."

Looking back at the old man, there was no dust on his fine robe. Not the least bothered by his surroundings.

As the bearded man ran his gaze over the silver beard, he began to think of the stories spread around the village. Talking about how their elder was once a renown adventurer who retired. Raising his spirit slighty.

Removing his eyes from the old man, he set them on two individuals walking further behind. The father and mother of the kid who murdered his boy. The mother looked slightly more spirited than the father. Wondering if she would be able to find her child in this unfamiliar place.

Although his son, Fenrik, was spoiled rotten, he showed the most promise out of all the children. Yet, his genius son. That would one day give him all the riches of this world, was rumored to not even withstanding a single hit from the cursed weakling named Marss.

"I promise you, Johnson. You and your wife will not walk out of this place. Even if I have to be stripped of all the flesh on my body.

Now turning his head around, he continued to lead the group of people alongside the elder.

Maybe because of the bewitching flames that lit up the unstained walls, something slowly eroded within his mind. Further pushing the insane thoughts upward.