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 As Michael woke up from his light sleep, the shirtless boy began to flare up. Trying to shake of a new lingering feeling of dizziness.

Annoyed by the unexpected trip, he angrily twisted his body around. Allowing his eyes to adjust towards the lighting.

As his vision cleared up, he finally got a detailed look of the foreign room.

Both the walls and floor were made up of cracked stone bricks. Not differing too much from dungeons and catacombs remaining from the middle ages back on earth.

While absorbing every detail he could, his eyes slowly wandered towards the wooden torches hanging on the dusty grey walls. Following the row of hanging torches, he noticed that they continued to fall back into a circling hallway.

"Tsk. what the hell, System. Explain what's happening here! Why did you send me into this place?" Impatiently waiting for the voice to respond, he began to stretch his beastly senses out. Searching for any nearby creatures.


Noticing the received reply left him a little surprised. Michael could only continue to spread his senses out. Surprisingly failing to find anything other than the torches. Deciding try to use his time efficiently, he shifted his attention towards the numerous messages appearing behind the lone see through textbox.

[Host has defeated Leaf Dragon]

[Calculating experience..]

[Level up!]

[Level up!]

[Level up!]

Watching the old notifications coming into view, he decided to skip over them. Looking for the last and most exciting one.

[Host has absorbed bloodline of Leaf dragon]

[Do you wish to integrate with it?](Y/N)

Quickly checking his surroundings once more, Michael slammed the translucent 'Y' button with the talon shaped finger.

[Integration beginning..]

[WARNING! Major mutation found. Does host wish to grow a tail? If so please..]

"No thank you. Just don't mess my appearance up too much" He silently barked at it.

[process will take 6 seconds to complete]


[Already existing bloodline found]

[Abilities Activated]

[??? has been identified as 'Assimilation']

(A rare ability able to assimilate and combine different bloodlines together. Similar Skills/Abilities may also be fused togheter. Generating completely new ones.)

An amazed feeling gripped his entire body as he feasted his dark eyes unto the newly unclocked ability. Not bothered in the least by the incoming hell.

[Integration beginning...please wait]

A familiar sensation flowed trough his body.

Growing and conditioning his mucles.

Every bone inside him began to morph and shift. Until finally stopping.

As Michael once more felt the integration end, he quickly began to look at the more prevalent changes that now took place.

His shirtless torso was covered by A plated chain mail. Very similar to the one found on the lizard he battled not too long ago.

The difference, however, was that the much thicker plates of armour were perfectly covering each group of mucle. Causing the tissue underneath to appear more defined.

The plates making up his armour also shared the colour of his dark blue hair. As if gaining it's air manipulative qualities.

The armour visibly grew alongside his arms. Framing each of the mucles underneath. Close to some sort of bodybuilder wearing a set of tight clothes. The long shirt-like scales stopped growing when eventually reaching his wrists. And if ignoring his thicker, dark blue knucles, the rest of the hand was only left protected by some thin cellular armour.

His talons had grown shorter yet stronger. Taken on a much darker color than the plate armor.

Other than this new layer of protection covering the once white skin, his head did not visibly change much. Both his face and throat appearing less protected. Only the hair on top of his head growning a little longer. Now covering his ears.

Looking down at his shoes, they appeard more torn than previously. Both his feet now encased in scales. Also, the toenails grew into a claw shape. Fortifying the grip his body had towards the bulged stone floor.

As he flexed the mucles beneath what resembled custom made body armor, surprise came once more, as the plates laying on top of his mucles twitched alongside it. Showing that they shared a connection.

"This wasn't entirely what I had in mind. But old head sure knows his stuff."

Preparing to move deeper into the bending hallway. Michael shifted his transformed body towards the less visible sources of light.

[Calculation completed]

[Greeting host]

[Display engaged]



Name:Michael frell Wiik

Race:Human/Variant Age:15

Mental status:Normal

Body status:Normal


Bloodline(Integrated):Night Dove, Leaf dragon.


[ABILITIES] (active) (-)

(Sprint LvL 3) (Punch LvL 6(+5) (Trick LvL1) (Mucle control LvL 4(+2) (brick breakLvL1) (perceptionLvL5(+3) (Hate boost LvL2) (revenge LvL1) (Baleful Aura LvL3(+1)

(Deconstruction) (Storage)(Integration) (Assimilation)

[ABILITIES] (passive) (-)

(minor regeneration LvL4) (fatigue immunity LvL4) (Pain immunity LvL 6(+1) (quick learner LvL4) (Impulsive reflex LvL 3(+1) (physical resistance LvL7(+6) (Charisma LvL1) (Martial Aura LvL1) (Mindful LvL1) (Precise striker LvL4(+2) (Engraved path) (Night visionLvL 3(+2) (air resistance LvL7(+4) (Cellular armor LvL 4(+3)

(Filter) (Convertion) (Assort) (???)

[Titles] (+)

Looking into his updated status while moving. Michael question the system.

"Now, can you tell me why you sendt me here?" displeasure could be traced in his tone.


[All inhabiting humans within 10km have been summoned inside the dungeon]

[Host was originally standing 2.7km away from its spawn point]

Very shocked by the response, Michael tried to find the meaning behind this weird reply. His mind not fully registering it, as he had begun to view this world as a fantasy game. Supporting himself on the idea that all would somehow end well as long as he had the necessary strenght.

"What do you mean 'All nearby humans'? Does that include the village I was just cast out of?"

[Dungeon called for human sacrifices]


Ignoring the last answer, he starred confusingly at the first one.

frowning ever so slightly, he questioned it one last time.

"What do you mean by sacrifices?"




[Host does not have necessary authorization]

"Well sh***. Thanks for nothing then."

[Host is welcome]

Changing his full attention to the hallway again, Michael continued. Determined to find out what this place held within.


Deeper within the dungeon. In a room made up a black metal alloy, laid a small ball of purple light. Next to it, a hooded individual felt the eyes almost pop out from it's head. Starring at the passing image of Michael

"What the hell did that kid just do? Is he one of those crazy magus-biomancers? There was no such thing in the report! How the hell am I supposed to deal with one of those freaks!?"

This deep feminine tone echoed throughout the alloyed room. Forcefully dispersing.

"Well, whatever. My forces shouldn't have any problem, even against a Half-step King layer."

Calming itself down. The hooded individual waved its leathery hands. Causing the small purple ball to shake a little.

The image changed to that showing a bunch of shocked villagers. Afraid of this place spoken only of in legend.

"Lets see..." The voice muttered while looking through the crowd.

"I will start with this one."

As the hooded individual placed its gloved finger on top of the display, it zoomed in on a young lady with a head full of long purple hair.