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 In a deep forrest. Covered with building sized trees. A small gust of wind could be seen gliding through the chilly night air. Only sometimes touching the ground.

Michael, who continued gaining speed, abruptly slammed his both his legs into one of the trees which appeard in his wake.

"This should be far enough." He said. Exhaling a large amount of air.

As the surroundings quieted down. Michael jumped of the old tree he was attached to. The black shoes he had equipped left a small imprint on the aged bark.

His figure then fell towards the ground like a feather. Placing the worn shoes against the concrete like earth.

"Those grass patches disappeared after travelling for a while. Not only that, my newly grown danger sensors tell me that this is as deep I should travel. Not needing to worry about ending up as someone else's lunch."

His surroundings did not change much. Other than finding less grass covering the ground, the trees he was now getting used to kept multiplying the futher inn he went. The rays of moonlight struggled more and more to penetrate the ever-growing sea of leaves resting above.

Standing there in the open. Michael once more waited. Using his evolved body as bait for any passing animals. It showed how much he trused the upgraded senses.

Luckily, he did not need to wait long. A thin black line was elegantly moving in his direction. Although it was much harder to sense the approaching predator than the previously clumsy pigeon. Michael was able to grasp the direction from where it came from.

The shadow creeped closer. Slowing down as it moved. Allowing the now mutted surroundings to flourish a little longer.

The short moment of silence was then hastily ended by a light but loud stomp. Identical to that of an alloyed baseball bat crushing some hallowed metal object.

Michael instantly jumped bawkards. Causing the figure to crash head first into the spot where he just stood. Removing his footprint from the soft dirt that once laid atop the solid field.

As he slowly fell back down. A detailed picture was taken by his eyes. The beast laying in front of him now completely visible.

The monster, which was starring him down, spat out the ball of dirt which filled its mouth. Turning it's glassy eyes towards the descending Michael.

It was smaller than the pigeon he just slayed. Nevertheless, his senses were firing off non-stop. Begging him to run.

The plated, dark green skin covered the entirety the armored body. The beast shared its size close to that of an overgrown dog. Its thin and jagged tail grew slimmer and less visible as it turned the heavy body towards him. The dry black eyes reflected the weak moonlight. A horizontally slit pupil came into existence after starring further into them. Hiding themselves from the world.

Turning its head towards the place Michael now landet, it noticed how the boy starred it down.

Silence once more covered the forrest.

As the starring contest continued for the lizard, it stopped for Michael. Who had received the response he waited for.

[Hostile target engaged]

[Chances of winning:21%]

[Chances of dying:31%]

[Chances of escaping:58%]

Turning his full attention towards the large lizard once more, Michael jumped headfirst toward its scaly head. Leaving behind two footprints.

Responding to his darring challenge. The confidant lizard also flung itself towards his weightless body.

Time seemed to slow down as they approached each other. Michael felt his thick hair flowing backwards. Letting the aircurrent ride on top of it. His body began to control the direction of which he flowed to. The dagger was held onto firmly as his body noticeably sped up..

The lizard began opening it's mouth. Preparing to swallow the boy whole. Not treating that which resembled its usual prey with any caution.

Right before their confrontation started, Michael's system ran on full speed once more. Answering his will.

[Abilities activated]

[Baleful aura LvL:2]

(Target's mind is unfocused)

[Hate boost Lvl:2]

(Damage dealt multiplied by 2x)

(Damage received multiplied by 2x)

[Mucle control LvL:2)

(mucle efficiensy increased by 20%)

Michaels body expanded slightly. Wisps of black gass flowed out from the redned pores which were fused together with the callous membrane.

The lizard shook a little due to the sudden unfamiliar aura. Sending it off course. Granting Michael some of it's unprotected side.

Ending up with only a small pocket of air between them, he then slammed the chipped steel dagger into one of it's unmoving eyes. The slit pupil disappearing as the dagger jammed itself in place.

The lizard woke from its unfocused state and began to frantically shake. Slamming into the ground beneath.

Dirt was beginning to cover the small armour chinks running alongside each joint. Causing it to struggle more.

As the lizard continued to wriggle, the dagger dug deeper. A hammering echo was generated from the armored body parts continuously hitting the ground.

The loud noise alerted all the beasts close by. The lizard, now trying to stand up, forced itself still. Looking for the abomination which had done this to it.

Yet, as the other eye aimed itself upwards, It caught a glimpse of that cursed humanoid bird. His eyes slowly turning fully white. Seemingly getting drunk on something.

The pain began to burn. Mistaking this as a form of ridicule.

Determined to have it's revenge. The lizard contracted it's powerful tail. Planning to breaking this young twig in one swift movement.

But how could it know? Michael did not even give it enough time to flex another muscle, before starting to violently pound it further back into the packed earth.

[Abilities Activated]

[Punch LvL 1]

(A normal punch)


[a Title given to those who have a vast amount of fighting experience engraved in their soul]

(Physical damage dealt increased by 20%)

Michael's bulging body started to wildy swing its arms. However, no matter how frantically he moved them, they were both accompanied by a mysterious elegance. Causing each punch to flow beautifully. Akin to a ballerina ascending from her stage.

The fists aimed themselves at the fat belly of the lizard. Sending major shockwaves throughout this less plated body part.

This berzerk battering kept going for an unkown amount of time. Other animals who grew more curious of the loud drumming, later came to take a look. Wishing to find the origin of this weird noise.

However, they all left as soon as they came. Noticing the shirtless human boy who kept smearing his ripped knuckles over a pasty, red and green Lizard.

After an unknown amount of time....

Finally stopping. Michael, who was now both exhaling and inhaling heavily, noticing the pulp beneath his body.

"I felt my mind grow hazy for a second. What was that?" He questioned while exhaling.

"system, explain."

[Host seem's to be influenced by predatory instinct of 'Night Dove']

Now more enlightened, he took another look at himself. The old leather jacket he just wore was ripped and stretched. Apppearing more like a skirt surrounding the less damaged pants.

Akwardly looking around, he began to feel the cold night air touch his skin.

Once more looking at the pulp of skin and flesh in front of him. A proud blush smeared itself over his cheeks. Both satisfied with his progress and sorry for the ball of flesh.

"I hope no one saw me while I was gone." Quickly placing his hand on top of the soft mass. Absorbing its remains.

As the blob disappeared, what felt like a powerful tremor began to shake the earth. Noticeable for all who traversed the land. The trees around Michael began shaking horribly. Forcing his body into a guarded stance.

While preparing himself for the worst, the dagger, which now layed beside him, began to rattle back and forth.

As if a storm was forming itself around the endless forrest, the trees began to shudder more.

Cracks were developing on the once dense ground. Seeming to stem from deeper within the dark woody landscape.

Preparing to retreat back to where he originally came from, Michael instantly stopped in his tracks when the quakes ceased their existence.

"System, do you know what's going on?" He tried asking. Hoping for an explanation.


[A High Level Dungeon has appeared!]

[Host advised to move from current location]

However, before being able to act upon this advice, a new notification was then received.

[Host is beeing teleported inside Dungeon!]

[Please wait..]

Dumbfounded by the reply he godt. Michael began to scream towards the translucent screen. His instincts telling him that going to such a place was suicide.


His figure then disappeard...