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 As his skin came into contact with the bird, the corpse began to deflate.

[Absorbing genetic code...]

[Passive abilites activating]

[??? has been identified as 'Filter]

(Filter junk DNA and useful DNA. Making sure as to not integrate with anything that will lessen host's efficiency)

[??? has been identified as 'Conversion]

(Convert excess mass and junk DNA into 'experience or mass' for the body. Acting as a medium to strengthen, mature and evolve both bloodlines and abilites)

[??? has been identified as 'Assort]

(Helps body absorb new bloodlines and DNA by deconstructing the already filtered strains. This will better help the body integrate with them)

The notifications then stopped. Leaving Michael starring at the last question marked passive skill.

"Whatever, really. I will find it out what it does sooner or later."

Slowly, the sequence stopped. The bird disappeared, only leaving behind a small leaf sized blue orb in its place.


Waiting for the system to stop, he picked up the small orb which faintly reflected his hazy appearance.

[Unfinished cracked beast core:This was salvaged out of a weak mutated beast. May fetch a small amount of money]

Despite being told it was only a small amount, Michael's interest was further piqued.

"System, tell me all you know about these cores." He demanded

[Cores/Nuclei: Contain a dense amount of energy. This will usually start to form inside beasts that have begun to reach the Master Layer, or RANK 2 if you prefer. They will continue to grow alongside its host, granting it numerous abilites and multiplied strenght]

[Beasts are know to overpower multiple humans of the same rank thanks to this. A beasts Core/Nuclei can be considered another vital organ in its body]

[It is most commonly used as a power source for numerous devices]

Very satisfied with the response, he then asked, still waiting for the calculation to end.

"System, how does one advance in rank?"


[increasing ones rank/layer requires the host's body to be able to control and generate a certain amount, or type of energy]

[As of now, host possess an internal energy value of 100. This is the bare minimum for reaching rank 1 or the soldier layer]

[Energy can be increased trough skill practice or trough the study of a form of magic]

[Beasts advance in rank as their physique grows. This may be a time-consuming process, leaving humans with a head start]

Michael was intently listening to the voice of the system. Engraving all knowledge into his very soul.

[Calculations finished]


[Display engaged]



Name:Michael frell Wiik

Race:Human/Variant Age:15

Mental status:Normal

Body status:Normal


Bloodline(avilable):Night Dove


[ABILITIES] (active)

(Sprint LvL 3) (Punch LvL 1) (Trick LvL1) (Mucle control LvL 2) (brick breakLvL1) (perceptionLvL2) (Hate boost LvL2) (revenge LvL1) (Baleful Aura LvL2)

(Deconstruction) (Storage) (Integration) (???)

[ABILITIES] (passive)

(minor regeneration LvL4) (fatigue immunity LvL4) (Pain immunity(LvL 3) (quick learner LvL4) (Impulsive reflex LvL 2) (physical resistance LvL1) (Charisma LvL1) (Martial Aura LvL1) (Mindful LvL1) (Precise striker LvL2) (Engraved path)

(Filter) (Convertion) (Assort) (???)



Only giving the updated translucent screen a quick, unrestrained glance. Michael firmly stated his new request to the system.

"System, can you integrate the new bloodline with my body now? And if so, will there be any side effects? Also, please tell me in advance if any noticable mutations are going to occur."

Not even waiting for Michael to take a new breath of air, it responded with the bland voice.

[Initiating Integration...]

[Major possible mutation found]

[Does host wish to grow wings? This process will consume all available mass and take 4 hours to complete]

[note:host is left vulnerable while transforming]

Not very affected by the response, as it was what he asked for. Michael gave his last command.

"No. You may proceed with the integration. Only, make sure to not alter my appearance completely. Since I will need it after getting out of this green hell."


[This processes does not contain any major mutations. It will finish in 4 seconds]

Before Michael could finish reading the reply, a strong pain invaded every cell of his body.

The pain didn't subside even once, slowly twisting and turning his body. A burning sensation covered his redish white skin, as if he was bathed in a pool of acid.

His newly formed mucles contracted and streched. Allowing an unknown substance to seep inside of the growing number of tears.

After what felt an hour, it finally disappeared.

Michael found himself laying on the soft yet thick grass. He began to send small signals from his brain to the freshly tortured body.

As the signals kept traveling through the system, a refreshing feeling arouse from deep withing.

Throwing himself off the ground, Michael was once more greeted by the transparent screen. Now accompanied by some small notifications.

[Integration completed]

[Calculating new data..]

[Errors found]

[Errors corrected]

[Display engaged]



Name:Michael frell Wiik

Race:Human Variant Age:15

Mental status:Normal

Body status:Normal


Bloodline(integrated):Night Dove



[ABILITIES] (active) (+)

[ABILITIES] (passive) (-)

(minor regeneration LvL4(+1) (fatigue immunityLvL4) (Pain immunity LvL5(+2) (quick learner LvL4) (Impulsive reflex LvL2) (physical resistance LvL1) (Charisma LvL1) (Martial Aura LvL1) (Mindful LvL1)(Precise strikerLvL2)(Engraved path)(Night vision(new) (air resistance LvL3(new) (Cellular armor LvL:1(new)

(Filter) (Convertion) (Assort) (???)

[Titles] (+)

After reviewing all his new passive abilites, Michael began to drag his empty hands over his skin and through his hair. Searching for anything different.

Looking at his thin, yet more robust arms, he could not hold back the urge to tap his finger on the enlarged and defined limb. While approaching it with his finger, he notices that his previously average lenghted nails now were replaced with something close to talons. Growing out of the nailroot. Altough they were not long, the were much thicker and sharper than his father's dagger.

Shifting his exasperated gaze from the talon shaped nails, he then noticed the even paler skin which covered his body. The whiteness most likely originating from the callous layer which built its home over it.

Further examining his tranformed body. Michael found that the hair on his head had not grown much longer, but instead thickened. Alongside a color change closely resembling dark blue.

His old yellow teeth had turned towards a darker white. Taking a similar color to that of old modern walls existing back on his own planet.

Along with the color, they also seemed to grow more dense and slightly sharper. Only sometimes showing themself when moving the dark red lips which sealed their existence.

Other than that, not much else was different. although his dirty leather clothes tightened around the small tower which was his body, the rest remained the same. Sadly including his average looks.

His consciousness once more scanned the environment. This time, identifying more trees as it continued to expand outwards.

While this happened, Michael picked up the chipped dagger which laid beside him. planning on exploring the area around him.

"Altough I am more than sure I could move unhindered trough this thick grass, that fat pigeon was considered as a low level beasts." Michael frowned slightly as he whispered to himself.

His darkblue eyes seemed to regained a slight golden hue now. Heightening his senses more. suddenly, he steadied his stance. The blended eyes began to take in the slighlty more discernible environment.

"I am sure I could handle some more of those birds, even in my unedited form. Now, I am confident that even bigger game is feasible." Michael was growing more determined as he spoke.

"I will not travel any deeper than my gut feeling tells me to."

Tightening the grip on the old knife, he began to walk with longer strides towards the darker and denser woods. Each step not even taking notice of the grasspatches which previously held a property similar to mud. Almost as if he moved on the airparticles that laid on top of the ever expanding greenery.

"More... I need more..."