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 Traveling trough the great forrest, Michael steadily made his way inside the now growing patches of dark green grass.

While kicking over the greenish hayballs every other second, he began to noticed his body tiring out. "I am not yet strong enough, huh. Even some patches of grass can hinder me in my current state." heavy breathing followed after his muttering.

"I should rest here for a bit. Going over the information old head gave me won't count as wasting time." he concluded.

Sitting down cross legged, the now heavy body laid itself on a pillow formed out of grass patches.

As he was accompanied by the army of giant trees, Michael ran trough the information he received about this world.

"The world known as Farleng is divided into 3 continents. First is the one ruled by humans. They are at the of food chain here. Their armies made up of Warriors and Mages. Both these distinct classes branch out into several subdivisions."

"The most famed one is the warrior class. Split into the three most notable subclasses known as swordsmen, monks and clerics. They all specialize in their own field, yet everything ends up in close combat. Sworsmen are the most common, using sharp blades to battle. Monks, while less abundant, focus on body strenghtening and martial arts. Lastly, we have the clerics. Most easily found following the churches serving a deity. They power themselves up trough rapid blessings and buffs granted by their god."

"The Magi, although more rare to come by, is known to follow a very distinct and common path towards power. Almost always focusing on elemental mastery or other similar arts.

Sweat started to trickle down Michael's forehead. The embedded information was prying itself out, forcefully occupying the space entirety of his mind.

"The second continent is the one ruled by the beasts. While the last is occupied by demons and other minority races. Not much else has been gathered."

Releasing the last bit of knowledge he had, Michael let out a steamed breath which escape from his now gaping mouth.

"Considering what the old head told me, my previous game knowledge should be more than enough to cover the rest." The steamy breath disappeared alongside his haggard panting.

Sitting there, Michael now closed his eyes. Waiting. Letting the small wisps of air travel by his wavy brown hair.

As he sat there, embraced by the rustling winds, a growing yet quiet breeze began moving in his direction.

Slamming his eyes open. Michael twisted his body backwards, blindingly slicing his dagger trough the oxygen rich air.

As if answering his will, the system began running at full speed.

[Abilities activated]

[perception LvL:1]

(senses are heightened)

[Hateful boost LvL:1]

(Damage dealt is multiplied by 2x)

(Damage received is multiple by 2x)

[Baleful aura LvL:1]

(target's mind is clouded)

[Muscle control LvL:1]

(muscle efficiency increase by 10%)

All the active damage dealing abilities strenghtend his frail human body. Turning it into a tool doing whatever his mind commanded. The undeveloped mucles covering his body slightly bulged, causing a minor pain to travel up and down his nervesystem.

Together with his now more visible mucles and the refind black aura which oozed out of his red skin, the boy turned into the image of a small devil.

The shadowy beast that had just thought of Michael as an easy snack, quickly changed its mind, yet not its course. Still beliving it would come out victories.

As both the creatures closed in on each other, Michael hammered his dagger into the chest of the descending pack of feathers.

The beast, now more distinct, revealed itself entirely. What surprised Michael was not that it was still seemingly alive, but rather that it closely resembled a bird he was familiar with.

"Is this a pigeon?!"

The familiarity between this tiger sized behemoth and the small doves he would find scattered around the cities in his old home was too good to be true.

There was, however, some small differences. Either the hardened armor made of black feathers, or the hollow eyes formin a white void as you looked into them.

Before he did anything else, Michael quickly pulled out his knife from the dented feather plate on its chest. Then, as qickly as his first swing, once more flung it alongside his hand in the direction of one of the hollow eyeballs.

As the old metal made contact with the eye, he noticed the skull which was supposed to be the best protective layer it had completely shatter under the pressure.

Before the jet black pigeon could react, it silently fell down lifeless and now unmoving.

Looking down on his thropy, a weak stream of warmth entered his body. And the familiar ringing noise played itself once more in his mind.

[Host deafeted Night Dove LvL:19]

[Calculating experience...]

[Level up!]

[Level up!]

[Level up!]

The ringing kept going until abruptly stopping.

[Warning! max level reached]

[Body reached its limited potential]

[No Bloodline avaliable]

[No evolution available]

"What the hell? what is 'Evolution'? Wasn't the max level just the limit for how strong your physical body could get?"

Quickly answering him, the system began to play its reply with a cold, blended voice.

[Human's can grow their physical strenght through leveling. Mutated and Magical beasts however, have their evolution and bloodline tied to their physique. As their body and genes grow more powerful, the bloodline in their body matures. This process is what is called evolution]

[Host has been found to possess ????]


[System restarts..]

Understanding what he was told, Michael remembered the power he wished for from the old head.

A wondrous smile blossomed on his face, yet his eyes were as empty and shiny as always.

[System reboot done]



Name:Micheal frell Wiik

Race:Human/Va??at Age:15

Mental status:Normal

Body status:Normal (strained)



[ABILITIES] (active)

(Sprint LvL 3) (Punch LvL 1) (Trick LvL1) (Mucle control LvL 2(+1) (brick breakLvL1) (perceptionLvL 2(+1) (Hate boost LvL2(+1) (revenge LvL1) (Baleful Aura LvL2(+1)

(???) (???) (???) (???)

[ABILITIES] (passive)

(minor regeneration LvL4(+1) (fatigue immunity LvL4(+2) (Pain immunity(LvL 3) (quick learner LvL4) (Impulsive reflex LvL 2(+1) (physical resistance LvL1) (Charisma LvL1) (Martial Aura LvL1) (Mindful LvL1) (Precise striker LvL2(+1) (Engraved path) (???) (???) (???) (???)



Ignoring the displayed information. Michael reached his hand towards the broken skull of the large bird while slowing down his breathing.

As his empty left hand came in contact with the black and red liquid, the system ran again.

[Foreign object detected]

[Abilites activated]

[??? has been recognized as 'Deconstruction]

(deconstruct the DNA of living creatures, finding the DNA strips which enhances and empowers their body)

[??? has been identified as 'Storage]

(Safely Store the DNA strips and bloodlines in your own body without any side effects]

[??? has been identified as 'integration]

(Fuse foreign bloodlines and DNA strands with your own genetic code. Powering and strengthening your body) [WARING! This may lead to irreversible mutations and/or disfiguring]

While reading the new textboxs, Michael noticed the mucles and bones in his body beginning to grow denser and stronger. Most likely the results of maxing out his current potential.

Focusing his eyes on the screen, Michael frowned as he looked at the four question marked passive skills that remained hidden.

"Guess they won't show unless I force them to? Well, if that is what it takes." Liking his lips, Michael shifted his dead gaze towards the mangled feather ball laying before him.

Laying the palm of his hand over the crushed head of what he referred to as an overgrown pigeon. He let out a short laugh followed by an exciting tone.

"Lets see what you will give me!"