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 "I understand" Old head replied. The lines which formed his face grew brighter, while slowly becoming less visible.

Michael only stood there, waiting for the process to end.

As the world around him shifted once more, he heard the voice of the old head in his mind.

"The world I am sending you to is called Farleng. You may find it familiar with some games you played in your teenage years while still alive on earth. Civilization there is, from my knowledge, much less developed than the one on your planet. However, the strenght of the inhabiting races and species far exceed earth's by a very large margin. Evolution has taken a more unorthodox turn than we are familiar with. The rest is unkown, even to me".

"Although you choose a rather strange power, it has amazingly high growth potential. Furthermore, the inborn system of those worlds will intigrate with it quite nicely". Old head's voice then slowly left his mind. As if having faith in the new champion.

"good luck, Michael. I will leave you some more minor information we gathered not too long ago. Do not get caught, for I am unable to save you now. Remember the plan..". The voice then completely disappeared.

The last thing Michael remembered before all went black was the feeling of his brain beeing warmed over a campfire.

After an unknown amount of time....

Michael, now slowly coming back his senses, tried opening his eyes once more.

However, despite his effort, nothing seemed to happen. He kept commanding his body to proceed with the feeling he was most familiar with, only to be left question why it wouldn't work.

Slowly trying to move bit by bit, he finally felt his body tingle slightly, calming him.

Just then, however, as if being intensly starred upon by something equal to that of a hungry beast, he felt a shock travel trough his limbs. Throwing him awake.

The once glued eyelids now let some small rays of light reach his moist eyeballs, causing the pupils to shrink.

Temporarily blinded, he quickly closed his eyes again, as to ajust towards the new environment. The body gained more strength by the minute, which caused his skin to be able to feel a familiar grassy texture benath him him. He could now hear the tree's surrounding his body as the weakly bristled. Completely confirming their whereabouts.

Just then, he opened his eyes, looking around for the origin of the sudden gaze he felt some moment ago. Sadly, he was unable to find the source of it.

Trying to bring himself back, he began scanning this new body which he found himself inside.

Unbeknownst to Michael, as he began pondering over his new body, a voice entered his mind

[System Error!]

[Error dismissed...Calculation proceeded]

[Calculation completed]

[Adjusting body....]

[Host awakened]

Dumbfounded, Michael only starred into the air, trying familiarize himself with the new text appearing in front of him. Although it was easy to understand, it was continuously read out loud by the neither feminine nor masculine voice in his head.

Before he had time to adjust, the voice clicked once more, and a new image was displayed infront of him.

[Welcome to Farleng]



Name:Marss Wiik

Race:Human/???? Age:15

Mental status:Normal (dazed)

Body status:Normal (healing)



[ABILITIES] (active)

(Sprint LvL 3) (Punch LvL 1) (Trick LvL1) (Mucle control LvL 1(new) (brick breakLvL1 (new) (perceptionLvL1(new) (Hate boost LvL1(new) (revenge LvL1(new) (Baleful Aura LvL1(new) (???(new) (???(new) (???(new) (???(new)

[ABILITIES] (passive)

(minor regeneration LvL4) (fatigue immunity LvL2) (Pain immunity(LvL 3) (quick learner LvL4) (Impulsive reflex LvL1(new) (physical resistance LvL1(new) (Charisma LvL1(new) (Martial Aura LvL1(new) (Mindful LvL1(new) (Precise striker LvL1(new) (Engraved path(new) (???(new) (???(new) (???new) (???(new)



As Michael, or rather Marss, read trough all the new I formation shown on the translucent screen in front of him, the familier voice of the so called 'system' appeared.

[Greetings, Child] it said out loud.

[In this world there exists layers of power. They are used as a tool to measure the strength of both mortal and immortals in the 'common world'].

[All the current Layers reachable in the common world are listed as so].










[each of these levels are divided into 'low, middle and peak grade']

[Altough these are the names of each layer of power, the most common, and most frequently used way to assert ones rank is with the use of the numbers ranging from 1 to 9].

"Huh." Marss mutter. As he starred at the new texst which kept appearing. A slight feeling of familiarity arose from the depths of his mind, it said that he already knew some of this from before.

[Abilites in this world are divided into 'Emitting type' passive/active. And 'Physical type' passive/active. With the exception being that of some uniqe skills and/or blessing].

[Skills and abilities can either be learned trough repeated practise, trough the use of skill books, trough the teachings of an expert or mentor, or trough the blessing of a god] it continued.

[Your skills have the ability to grow and evolve, and you may find that the limit for your own growth only exists within the mind].

['Levels' as we call them, is a newly used growth measurer for ones physical evolution and potential. Each creature will start at a base level of 1, being the first diget. The other number, which is often shown as a value consisting of multiple digits, works as a growth limiter, making ones current potential viewable. Some beasts or humanoids may be born with a higher number, symbolizing a higher start potential. This 'potential number' can of course increase in value or stay the same depending on each individual, and is something which we now use as a way to help 'new ones' onto their first step].

[Tiltes are somewhat similar to your passive abilities, in that they can grant a permanent bonus. Some, however, may only appear as an earned medal or token from doing unspecified actions].

[Grow strong, young one. Grow up to become a champion of the gods, and bring glory to them as you travel trough this world].

This was the last thing Michael heard, as the voice then shut down, leaving him with only a translucent screen. Neither lighting or darkening his windy surroundings.

"No kidding...that old man really knew what he was talking about.. And those question marks must be THAT." Marss pondered, further engraving his newfound knowledge into the mind of this unknown body.

As his consciousness wander back to reality, the locked, yet somewhat dull emotions ignited themselves, and he found himself with a last question.

"This body....its clearly that of a human male, yet is not my previous one."

As these thoughts finished, Marss started moving away from the spot where he woke up. He choose to follow the faint sound of what could only be described as a river.

After a while, Marss found himself infront of a small, yet moving body of water, glancing at his new appearance.

"Seriously?" he said displeased.

"I look rather average, don't I?" he caressed his face. slowly running his fingers trough the now brown wavey hair. "Atleast I kept dad's golden eyes though..And I also slightly resemble mother now." As he kept thinking of his old family, Marss's will hardened.

"Don't have time anymore. Whatever happened to this body before, I have to begin sooner or later. There are some memories in here which definitely originate from the first Marss. I could probably view them if I gave it some tries. Time to find my way back to home."

As the image of his thin and average looking body disappeared from the river water's reflection, he started sharpening himself, remembering once more the mission he was given.

As Marss kept walking, unknowingly to him, a gaze which followed his every move then ceased its activities. Disappearing from the world.

In another corner of farleng...

In the depths of a crowded forrest. Covered by rotting vegetation and hungry, unrecognizable mutated beasts, laid a small, luxurious cabin. Inside, although dark, an aged man could be seen sitting on a fancy jade chair. Whilst seemingly enjoying himself, he kept sipping from a glass containing what could only be described as the clearest and finest red wine. The glass rested on his elegant palm, having the center secured between his middle finger and ring finger.

"How was it?" he muttered with an aged yet overwhelming tone.

"Just a child walking out of the reaper's hand. It wouldn't be the first time something like this happened." Another murky voice mutteres, slightly nervous.

"Any traces of why it malfunctioned?" The old voice asked again, seemingly more calmed down.

"No, it could be the work of either a lone ghost or some sort of new ghoul." The murky voice grew more confident as he spoke, feeling more sure of himself.

"Is that so.." The old one replied, seeming amused.

"Now then, my lord. would you be so kind an.." as the murky voiced subordinate began changing the topic, a slight crack formed on the edge of the old man's vine glass.

"Purge the area". He muttered, as another crack appeard, causing some of the vine to spill.

caught of guard, the murky voiced subordinate started sweating slightly, fearing that the vine glass would not be the only thing that cracked.

"I..I will do as you ask of me, my lord". The murky voiced one then bowed towards his lord while quickly dissipating into thin air.

As he left, the vine in the glass started boiling, seeming to glow like some sort of heated liquid metal. The small source of light casued the face of last remaining man to appear more distinct.

A sharp jaw was now viewable, mellow toned skin which resembled that of a young tree reflected the light emitted from the boiling vine.

However, as the features of what could only be found on an extremely handsome man were coming more into view, a sudden change was made.

The vine, which reached it's limit, gave a last glow, confirming the appearance of the one sitting in the chair.

He had no whites in his eyes, no iris, no pupils. Only two red dots resonated in the center of his dark sockets. They gave of a dreadful feeling, capable of sinking the dead towards hell with but a glance.

The place where his nose was supposed to be was instead home to a jagged piece of bone, with a hole at it's center. It resembled that of a rotting piece of wood.

The mellow skin was not covering that which was supposed to be his mouth or cheeks, leaving one third of his face in the shape of what one would describe as grinning half moon. The twisted yet forced smile was home to bronze-red teeth. Each shaped in the form of sharp metal splinters.

"Oh, how long has it been since you last sent someone here.." he chuckled slightly, giving of a sound similar to that of a sharp object being dragged on a board.

The once calm hut began to shake. Until the materials forming it started to violently erode and burn.

The old man then inhaled a clear breath of air from his scarred mouth. Making the center of his pupils glow.

Finally, the freshly inhaled air came out again in the form of a sulfuric cloud, grinding against the atmospheric gasses as it passed by them.

The tissue of what appeared to once be his facial muscles then twitched slightly, and he let out a whisper which would shake the already dying cabin.

Placing his elegant and well-defined hand on the brutal, old wound, he silently thought to himself. Once more remembering the disgraced he had suffered.

A fanatic expression was forming when all the cells in his face started to wriggle seperatly. Almost as if trying to reverse what had been done.

His whisper overshadowed the noise of the now collapse cabin, reaching all corners of the deathly sick forrest.

"How long has it been since then.....Brother".