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 In the deep void of the universe, there was a slight but noticeable ringing sound. Tracing it, one would find a small spark, varming up the empty space around it.

As one approached closer, a small human figure would be visible from within the light source, twitching slightly in tact with the flickering glow.

Michael slowly woke up from his slumber, only to be greeted by the strong ringing noise which covered his body.

"Dammit, let me sleep.." he muttered, further awakening him from the slumber.

Finally, Michael opend his eyes entirely. Absorbing the emptiness of his new environment with all senses available.

Neither panic nor worry emerged on his face. only a simple question was born out of his slow thoughts.

"Is this hell? well, I was never religious, so it wouldn't really matter" he sighed, not letting his emotions start to run.

"But this damn ringing. Where does it originate from?" he whispered to himself, trying to focus his mind onto atleast something in this void place, as to not start worrying.

Just then, as he turned towards the direction where the sound was most present, a transparend yet viewable face started forming. It was made out of grey or silver like lines, and had the appearance and facial traits of an old man on his last steps.

Michael, as if satisfied yet more curious, was left starring at the mighty figure which would cover a building with ease.

The figure seemed to only then take notice of him, but its next action left Michael speechless.

*cough *cough. The head let out.

As the tiny Michael opened his eyes more, planning to speak, he was suddenly interrupted.

"Michael Wiik.." The old head let out with a dark and hoarse voice, yet so mighty the space around them trembled.

"Michael Wiik. First son of Aeren Wiik and Charlotte Frell. Brother of Cinder and Ingvel Frell". As the old head spoke further, the void began quaking more before setlling once again. Leaving Michael with now more questions.

"You lived your early life as a people pleaser, but was shaken awake by the crude reality that no one supported you except your parents. Due to continuously being looked down upon and bullied, you stepped on the path towards both strenght and knowledge. Rarely taking in any form of companions, detaching yourself from the public's eye. You were aiming for the vantage point which would overshadow all whomst you came across". The head, as if trying to laugh at his own joke, let out a dry chuckle.

"While you could not make amends for your past doings, you singlehandedly sowed the seed of success in your life, despited the ground lacking a proper foundation. You arouse from the dirt and savored the fruit of your labor while looking down on all". The head did not laugh this time. Instead, it looked towards Michael with an approving gaze, causing its eyes to glimmer.

"but.." the head continued as it shook its head. "you choose your criminal friend's wellbeing over your own, and burnt the fields which were so painstakingly cultivated". Disapproval was distinctive in its facial expression. Michael could only shake his head at his own foolishness, yet he choose not to dwell on it.

"You knew he was a good for nothing. You knew he held you back. You knew that boy would beat and rob people with his fellow outcasts. Yet YOU belived in him, only because he was good towards you as young, only because his mask would not slip when around your loved ones".

The familiar burning sensation of regret emerged from his heart. Causing his fist to spasm uncontrollably. His eyes became wary, however with tiredness surroundings them. His actions said he already knew what he had done.

The old head closed his eyes and frowned. Seemingly more disappointed at the ant of a boy infront of him.

*Sigh* "Michael Frell Wiik. Dying at the age of 20 from a fatal stab wound and further blood loss, fall of 2020. You left your parents crushed, and your siblins scarred". The head opened its transparent eyes which were formed out of grayish white lines.

Tears formed in the edge of Michael's eyes, and his body trembled with self loathing. As he blamed himself silently, the head let out a last sentence which shook him awake.

"Young man, I do not have much time left".

Left speechless, Michael was about to ask him his piled up questions, but the head already knew what was to come.

"Haha, let me answer those for you, Young man". A sincere laugh escaped the giant, barely visible mouth. Brightening up the space around the two.

"Yes, I am what you, or what some call God. No, I am not here to pass judgement, and no, I am also not here to devoure you" The old one smiled, yet instantly hardening his expression.

"The universe you live in, or more precisely, my universe, is at war with several other ones with ther own gods, overlords and sovereigns. As I and many of my fellow allies and underlings have fallen, the pressure keeps increasing. As we speak, the once vast and ever growing universe gets claimed and 'eaten' by them...*cough *cough". Finally, he finished his sentence with a long, held in cough, almost causing the head to choke.

Before Michael had a chance to open his mouth, the head followed up.

"I do not know how much longer until those bastards reach your world, but they have already wiped out or enslaved several other planets which inhabited intelligent life. You are the 703 401th one I will send over, Michael. To infiltrate them".

Before the head continued, he noticed Michael absorbing every word he said with a stern expression. His swollen eyes also shrank slightly, together with his widening pupils.

The head once again regained his sincere smile. "You sure have alot of questions piling up, even though you processes everything I say like some machine".

"Anyways, the most important one on your mind, why would I send 703 401 uninvolved organisms to their death? Well, I would not send anyone who is unwilling over to fight my battles, or act as my eyes". Old head, as Michael was now refering to it as, began to immerse his thoughts more thoroughly in what the head said.

"Let me get straight to the point, Michael. Do this for me, and if you go, I will grant you a power of your choosing without any drawbacks. Come back triumphant, and not only will I grant you your most desired wish, I will also reunite you with your family, as if nothing has ever happened". Just then, only for a second, a sense of victory was born in the gaze of the head, and the light in Michael's eyes grew stronger yet more wary.

"Can I not just go back?" he muttered.

"No, you should have originally been sendt trough the cycle, but I have made new plans for you. You may refuse if that is what you want. However, never will you see them again".

Michael, who realized he was both baited and tempted into walking a path of strings, choose not to waver in the least. The memories of his parents and siblings fuelled the impulsive fire which burnt inside his core.

"I accept you offer!" He said, with firmness binding his actions, further walking out of his own hands.

Emotionlessy, the head noded, as he confirmed what was said.

The void shook once more. And Michael found the darkness now replaced by a hazy white glow which infinitely streched out in every direction.

"Now Michael". The old head appeard more detaled and empowered.

"What is your wish?"