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 "This is too good to be true!"

To think that he would find one of those bastards this soon.. The gods really smiled at him, weren't they?

But something didn't look right... Did this kid's hair always give of that glowing white luster? Even his eyes were now a little similar to two lanters. Did he swallow some sort of bulb mabye?

'No! that is not important now! I needed to this! Haha, this damn rat will finally be killed.'

He could now finish what that whispering voice in his mind kept telling him to. The one who started speaking while looked into those weird torches when traveling alongside the other's.

As Gen approached the sleeping child, He shortly ended up right in front of it. The whispers telling him to stomp on it's throat were getting stronger, almost as if they transformed into a raging echo, completely shutting down every other part of his brain.

It did not take long for him to slowly raise his robust leg. Even though he was from a poor village, Gen had a higher standing hanks to his son, or that is, he once had.

Remembering the sight of his foolish son made the voice shake his mind more. Driving him further into insanity.

He kept his big leg hovering over Marss's throat. Savoring the sight which was about to come. Some off the monster blood he was covered in dripped off on the fragile throat. His eyes almost rolled back due to the ecstatic and triumphant feeling traveling through his body as he watched this.

But, Gen was never one to savor his victories. He then activated all the mucle fibers he could connect with. His leg quickly flew down towards Marss's Adam's apple.

Just as he was about to flatten this cursed beeing, he noticed that the desceding leg was.....thrown off course? It implanted itself into the brick floor making up the tunnel. Some lingering dust particle flew to the each side as his foot landed right beside the boy's shoulder blade.

What is this? Had he grown senile?

'Why did I miss?'

Not able to understand why his leg left betrayed him like this, he was planning on giving it a chance to redeem itself. I mean... his leg would never betray him for this dirt poor child? Right?

'Never! you would never go behind my back! Lets give it a new try. Or what do you say, old friend?' His thoughts, which were more jumbled than ever, were now harmoniously flying alongside that whisper.

As he prepared to once more lift his leg, something even more strange happened.

It...It didn't move? what the hell?! Had his leg really betrayed him!?

'Just you wait! I will cut you off sooner or later. Hmpf, I have no need for a untrustworthy pile of bones like yourself!'

As he kept on cursing at the leg which refused to answer his thoughts, he starter to lift the other one. The left leg still seemed to support him in this matter!

He once more positioned it alongside his body. Right on top of the little boy who still kept giving off a faint white glow from both the hair and eyelids.

'I will just trample on your head until this built up tension disappears then!

He imagined how all the bones in this tender face would break benath his soaking red shoes.

Yet, as he planned on dropping his leg like a guillotine on this brat, his plan's were once more foiled. For the leg did not even budge an inch as it stood above the child's head.

His two blue irises each took on a darker color as red bloody streaks swelled inside the whites of the eyes. Stimulated from his raging state of mind, unable to understand what was going on.

As the redness in his eyes grew stronger, however, some type of light was registered coming from underneath his head.

It did not originate from Marss, as his was not that strong. But instead from a small purple orb embedded inside his chest.

"Wait... Were did this thing come fro.." Before Gen could mutter another word, he felt all his senses shut down. The whispers in his head disappeared, replaced by deep feminine tone.

"Hey, baldy. You better listen when this great lord is speaking!" It's tender voice hammered itself into his brain. The eardrums popped even though it came from his mind.

"Did you know that gingers are pretty rare on this side of Farleng?"


As the boy slowly woke up, the screams of a suffering man could be heard. Followed by some weird cracking noises.

Opening his now light brown eyes, he was greeted by the sight of a somewhat familiar red bearded man having his skin and mucle stretch in every possible direction. Almost as if he was made up of several balls of fluffed yarn.

Seeing this guy being pushed towards the edges of hell, he could do nothing but wait until his body regained it's ability to move.

Sometimes looking away, sometimes looking back out of curiosity. He got impatient and afraid as the waiting continued. Not taking notice of his now dark golden hair. The cold brick floor, combined with the nearby sunshine from the exit seemed to speed up the recovery.

The signals from his brain started to successfully travel down the spine, allowing him to rise up, preparing to jump away from the shrinking, fleshy figure behind him.

Beginning to struggle towards the wall made of light, he suddenly felt all hell break lose inside his head as the contorted screaming stopped togheter with the loud cracking.

Just as he was about to touch the yellow/white surface, he felt something grip tighlty onto one of his elbow.

Being suddenly grabbed like this just fueled the ringing danger senses.

As the grip around his elbow tighten, he was then flung back. No different than a leaf being dragged away by a tornado. His body rolled through the air, crashing and sliding on the brick floor below.

The impact ripped some of the skin on his back as his level was reset to 1 and he had no mutations.

If he remembered correctly, the level of a human would never reset. After all, they lacked the ability to evolve. But, being granted the abilites he had, the power to fuse and empower the thickness and genetic code of all beasts absorbed, made him a exception to this iron rule.

The itching pain disappeared as his body pumped itself full of adrenaline. Heightening the exhausted senses. Aiming his tired light brown eyes towards the approaching enemy.

Expecting to see the bald red beard man from before, or atleast something similar, he steeled his heart, but could not be more shocked as he turned towards it.

It was...very familiar infact. Too familiar. Almost identical to the blond haired elf he just squashed. The slim and well shaped body still resembled that of a woman's. Even the ears had even grown to similarly seen before length. Sticking out like sharp white thorns.

The only difference between this guy and the now melted red sun starring back at him from the alloyed room, was the long red locks and the blue pricks inside his well rounded eyes.

Of course, there was also the bloodied leather clothes, but they were not worth looking at, as the enimety filled gaze was unbreakable.

As the alluring figure came closer, its sweet mellow voice echoed throughout the barely lit tunnel.

"Never have I seen such a strong biomantic- fusion. Its too powerful in fact. Could you be a beastmaster? No... you still retained a normal human form, so mabye a living secret skill?"

Marss took in what he said, but barely process it as the system ran while the man spoke.

[Hostile target detected]

[Chances of winning:???]

[Chances of dying:???]

[Chances of fleeing:???]

'Really? At this time?'

'open display!'

[Display engaged]

Layer:General (middle)


Name:Ma???l ???? ????

Race:Variant human Age:15

Mental status:Exhausted (Damaged)

Body status:Normal (Tired)

Energy:1 000/14 000

Bloodline(Integrated):Teratorn Peacock.

Bloodline storage:Night Dove, Leaf Dragon, Ghoul, Troll, Teratorn Peacock.


[ABILITIES] (active) (-)

(Sprint LvL 8) (Punch LvL 9) (Trick LvL3) (Mucle empowerment LvL 2(+1) (Bone shatterer LvL1) (perceptionLvL8) (Berserk LvL 5(+1) (revenge LvL6) (killer instinct LvL5(new)

(Deconstruction) (Storage)(Integration) (Assimilation)

[ABILITIES] (passive) (-)

(Super regeneration LvL7) (fatigue immunity LvL4) (Pain immunity LvL 9) (quick learner LvL4) (Primal instinct LvL1) (Charisma LvL1) (Beast aura LvL:1) (Mindful LvL1) (Precise striker LvL7) (Engraved path) (Thermal vision LvL1) (air manipulation LvL5(+1) (Kinetic dispersion LvL8(new) (damage convertion LvL4)

(Filter) (Convertion) (Assort) (Hybrid)




[GEMINI:A Title granted to those who have fused two compatible souls togheter]

(Decreases energy needed to cast magic and use abilities)

[KINDLED: A Title granted to those who refuse to accept a failed fate]

(Mind control immunity)

'Can I take him on with only 1000 energy available?'

Marss didn't look at any of the other notifications exept the energy value. For he could not gauge out how much his evolved skills would use.

Then suddenly, he question.

'Can I mutate my body?'


[Specify mutation?]

His light brown eyes lit up as he screamed outloude.


[This procces will take 9 seconds as host's body is used to mutation]


Looking at fear hopping inside that deflated chicken's eyes, Jenkins was able to gain some closure. But still this dissatisfied.

'Forcing me to take over this smelly, bald human was already where thr limit went. BUT CRUSHING MY BODY?? AND THINKING YOU COULD LEAVE??'

The hate brewing inside his heart was flaring up. He began to imagine how he would cut open this bird in human skin. Slowly figuring out what type of path it walked to gain this never before seen power.

'Could be a blessing... But cutting him would ease my anger, so lets go with that.'

He was slowly getting closer. Watching every movement the boy made while preparing his dark magic.

'This body is not compatible with my soul. Not only that, my casting speed is much slower.'

His desire to torture this wretched child grew more as he looked into its eyes.

However, he suddenly stopped as the boy began to unexpectedly scream.


Looking at the panicking child, Jenkins smirked a little while he kept thinking of why it would suddenly cause so much noise.

'Did he go mad? Well, there are other things I can break. So I will forgive you.'

But this thought disappeared as the boy's body began to expand once more.