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 "gET bAcK HeRe!!!"

Although the silver figure was now much larger than previously, it was by no means slower. Appearing like a wild bolt of lightning shooting through the heavens.

[Abilites Activated!]

[Sprint LvL:8]

[Berzerk LvL:4]

(physical power is quadrupled)

(Energy consumed per second is quadrupled)

[Killer instinct LvL:5]

(Erroding specified target's will to live)

(This only works on creatures weaker than the user)

[Mucle empowerment LvL:1]

(Increase's mucle efficiency by 100%)

(Will not stack with other abilities)

Marss's body began to change color. The silver feathers were now covered by a Glowing orange color. It looked like an unfinished steel blade being heated up inside the blood of a Volcano.

Feeling the sudden rise in temprature, Jenkins began to wildly spawn a combined force made up of zombie type undead and some previously seen red horned monsters. Hoping to slow down the unbreakable fortress which flew in his direction.

Not even daring to look back or try to cast some debuff magic, as he knew it would not do anything towards the vengeful beast, he kept running towards the exiting tunnel.

As he did not look back, he was unable to watch as Marss instantly turned these ants trying to stop him into a pasty mush.

Although he did not watch what was unfolding, he could somehow figure out the result, as the booming sounds generated by the crushed flesh never ceased to resonate in long sharp ears.

'How the hell did I end up here again?! Curse that damn snake. I should've know offering such a reward for some puny mortals was too good to be true! Gutting that reptile will be the first thing I do after getting out of here, Dammit!'

'Dark magic:hastened end!' Jenkings increased his speed with the use of an incantation, making his afterimage darker. The sudden increase made his golden hair sway against wind like a kite.

As he kept running, the light at the end grew more and more radiant. It almost seemed like he would make it out.

Almost, that is.

He was stopped by a burning pain emanating from the follicles on top of his head. The flowing locks were now tightly held by a mighty bird of prey which stood behind him.

As Marss tightened his grip, the bulged metal arm once more increased in size. When the mucles reached their limit, he then proceeded to fling the golden haired fool back towards the black room.

When one advances in both rank and level, the body will naturally grow stronger. However, as Jenkins mainly specialized in dark magic and puppeteering, he was left helpless while feeling the heavy air pressure pin his body in place. Nothing stopping him as he traveled back through the tunnel.

Unable to even processes the color of the passing walls, he continued on his way like a broken rag doll. The only moment his body was last seen was when it slammed itself into the opposing metal wall. The whole room shook as his figure now was engraved into the dented alloy. Originally specialized in dispersing any form of energy.

The destructive impact not only marked the specially made material, but also shattered all the bones in his elegant body. Every blood wessel and organ were evenly smeard across the surrounding area. Forming a red sun.

As he watched the woman who took his mother away be turned into liquid, a sense of satisfaction and exhaustion was washed over his mind.


[Host has depleted internal energy reserves!]

[body shutting down]

This was all that he heard as his once giant frame shrank until leaving a naked, brown haired human boy near the exit.


After an unknown amount of time, Marss woke up from his slumber.

His body was still sore as he laied naked in the ground. Only able to move his eyes properly.

As he laid there beetween the shadowy pathay and sunshined filled exit, he started to cry.

"Why...mom..I'm sorry. I'm sorry could not even make you the slightest bit proud." His exhausted facial expresion contorted itself into a despairing grimace. More tears flowing down his cheeks as the pain inside his heart strengthened.

"*sniff* This is all your fault! trying to claim my body as your own *Sniff* You even killed Fenrik. And now mom is also gone! Does human life mean nothing to you?!" Marss furthered his despair as he yelled to an imaginary existence.

"....Y..ou...Fo..ol" As he saw everything happening, he could also hear it. Michael was still there, but barely able to communicate.

Hearing the one he decided to blame insult him, Marss's depression turned itself into loath.

"Not only are you...inexperienced...you..are also an...idiot.... Unable to...solve your...own problems....efficiently.... To think...a coward...like you... survived... this long." The faint whispers of Michael resonated inside Marss's head. He could feel all the emotions realised from the kids body, as he also lived in it.

The weakening tears were replaced by some snot which flowed out of both nostrils. "You are no better than me! *sniff*. What do you know..dummy! I bet you lived a comfortable life before ending up inside my head! You will never know how I feel!" Marss began to bark the air in front of him. Directing everything towards the ghost which haunted him.

Michael began to feel his consciousness slowly fade. Not bothering to argue with the spoiled brat any longer, he just played of the life he had from earth.

As Marss kept crying, a sudden jolt traveled throughout his brain. A bunch of unkown memories played themselves off.

As he was forced to watch, Marss didn't bother to resist, as the crying and choking had drained most of the recovered energy.

The memory started with a small male child. the boy was no different than any other of his age, but was always treated as less because of his looks.

As time slowly passed and he grew up, sequences played itself. Light bullying turned into brutal beatings. Harassment turning into numerous assults. The growing boy slowly fell behind in everything he did, never once able to catch up. Never listening to his parents as they tried to help and encourage him. Wasting all the given resources.

Marss was shocked by this scene. His tears stopped in place as he fully focused on the memories.

Time continued to pass, and the older the boy god, the more longer he fell behind.


As he one day came home with multiple bruises, he found his mother holding two blurry images. It felt like they were always there, but he only just noticed them. Mabye because they were the first people other than his parents who sincerely smiled at him. Not carring if he was any different or weaker than others. They loved him because it was what they choose to do!

Although these two smiles could not be considered much for a normal person...it ignited a long extinguish fire inside his body. It allowed him to belive in himself once more. Giving himself a reason to grow!

As the boy continued to age, he slowly started to surpass those who once spat at his existence. Noticing the boy they trampled on as young grow so much, they hoped to hold him in their grasp. Using him as a tool. However, he did not allow such a thing to happen. Always remembering the smiling faces of those two.

Time continued to move, and the boy began to grow more successful each day. Forgiving the scum who looked down on him, but never forgetting what they had done. Using the disgrace and hatred as a iron hammer which eternaly forged his body.

He kept moving alongside the two smiling blurres, loving them both equally. Wishing to be able to one day grant them the same kind of jou he now felt.

However, his life was cut short, as he was betrayed by the only companion he chose to keep.

Marss engraved all of this inside his heart. Now mocking his previously spoiled attitude.

Pulling himself togheter, he tried to call out to the voice once more.

"W..Who are you?"

Waiting patiently, he finally got a reply.

"Just...a..guy with.....un...finished...business..."

"Please!" Marss's determination began to ignite. Remembering how the boy in his memories climbed up from a deep ravine using only his bare hands.

"Please help me become strong!" He now wished to gain power. Enough make his parents grow proud.

But despite his calling, the voice did not respond to him, no matter how long he waited.

"No, please!! Please come back!!" Pleading towards the brick roof he starred into, the system activated itself


[Host is suffering from conflicting souls]

[Do you wish to merge them together?]

Seeing this as a chance, Marss hurriedly willed it to begin. Hoping to be able to hear the dissipated voice again.


[Proceeding with fusion...]

[Process will take 120 Seconds]

[Host will be severely weakened while unconscious]

[Please wait]


Back inside the bloody black room filled with minced monster corpses, a plump body was rising up from one of the corners.

"wh..what? what happened? I only closed my eyes for a second... Hey, are you still there, elde...r? HAAA!!! HAAAAA!! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED IN HERE?!"

The rising body did not belong to anyone else other than the sturdy, red bearded villager named gen. Father of the previously murdered Fenrik.

He was unable to understand what was going on in this place. Only remembering a sweet voice sending him to sleep while he and the others traversed those dusty brick hall's.

As he regained more clarity, he remember a order he gave himself before passing out.

"Yes! I need to strangle that damn Marss in front of his parents! Either that, or hack them all togheter! I swear to do it! Now, where is that damn Johnson?"

As he looked around the smelly room, he could not find anything other than those remains. Also, that red circle covering the one wall threw him a little off. Beginning to wander towards the light emitting tunnel. Looking like the path out of here.

"Whatever! I will get those filthy rats before asking about what happened in here. If I don't kill at least one, I will never be able to sleep again."

Dragging his big body whil wearing the blood soaked leather clothes, Gen continued to head towards the end of the long tunnel.

"Mabye a bath will take my mind of things..."

As he neared the end of the light, he suddenly stopped. Catching a glimpse of the familiar body which laid next to the exit.

"I...Is this...." Gen started to slowly smile as he recognized the naked boy. His expression turning more crazed each time a new facial mucle moved.

"Are the godesses of luck smiling at me...?"