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 Being looked down upon by this ancient beast, Jenkins didn't even notice the puddle of water forming around his groin. He was ucrrently pulling all available energy into his brain. Trying to come up with a way to escape.

'Can't just teleport him into another room? No, wait, that was only possible when I had the system. To think losing it would bite me in the a*** later on.' He grew somwhat more fearful while remembering a certan incident.

'My level is at the middle layer of the general rank. 'Ranged dark magic' while throwing the rest of my 'puppet vessels' should do the trick.' His shaking lessened slightly as the plan was simulated.

Time now slowed down.

While beeing starred down, Jenkins abruptly threw his delicate body backwards. The robe shaking in the wind alongside his shoulder lenght golden hair.

Answering this provocation, Marss hit the metal floor with one of his mutated legs. Denting it with a tire sized footprint.

As Jenkins looked at this heavy creature fly towards him, he was both astonished yet relived. Relieved because It followed the simulation he just ran. Astonished because the air around the brute seemed to propel him forward. The feather plates were sparkling with a weak blue color.

'He is much faster than I expected. However..'

He aimed the palm of his hand towards the roof. A purple orb appeared in it's center, realising some sort of steam.

"EAT THIS YOU FREAK!" With his will, the ball flashed with similar purple light.

As the glow disappeared, five creatures spawned in front of the ascending Jenkins. Blocking Marss's path.

Four of them shared the appearence of some bulky 3 meter tall mummy.

The last beast stood behind them on its four legs. Slightly looking like a pitbull, yet much larger. Similar in size to a hummer. Its jaw was big enough to fit a table. The thin fur covering its body sometimes intersected with plates of white bone protecting more vital parts.

As if reading their master's mind, they all began to intercept the humanoid bird flying in his direction.

Seeing this, Jenkins stretch the other empty hand out. Chanting a incantation in his mind.

'Dark magic: pinned void'

A dark ball of light grew inside the palm fo it. blinking and disappearing.

The flying Marss felt an unkown force slow him down. Trying to break free from the disturbance, his feathers took on a darker luster, pulling more on the air around surrounding the massive body.

Jenkings, now landing near the wall, looked towards two unmoving bodies, stretching his empty hand towards the one with purple hair.

'Dark magic: black vaccum!'

As he thought of these words, the thin body flew in his direction. Catching and placing his elbow around the individuals neck.

This action was caught by the now freed Marss, his body trembled as his mind recognized the appearance of the body.

"mOM!" Enraged by the robed females action, he violently sliced the talons through the air. The part making up his fingers shone blue as it was swung sideways. Strands of air crashed into the beast's trying to intercept him. All five easily being cut into several pieces.

Not expecting him to dispatche his strongest pets so easily, Jenkins tightened his grip around the womans neck.

Marss, who was rapidly flying towards them, broke his pursuit when noticing this. Stopping only a couple of breathes away from them. His mind regained some clarity, as he was afraid of the woman doing anything to his bleeding mother.

'Sh** that was close. Altough I tried to go for the guy, this woman somehow seems to still breath. If I could turn her into a puppet then mabye controlling this guy is possible. Sadly, such a thing requires time.' He tried to share some of his energy with her, keeping her alive a little longer.

Seemingly working, the woman coughed out a mouthful of blood. Making Marss take a step back.

Seeing his reaction, Jenkins shouted at him "Another step and she dies!" While trying to not make his mellow voice tremble.

Marss backed up further. Ending up in the middle of the room. His transformation reversed itself a little, causing the body to shrink until reaching 3 meters. The beautiful silver moon on hos back became less visible as it retracted.

They both held their own ground firmly.

While holding onto the continuously bleeding woman, Jenkins willed the alloyed metal wall behind him to open. It created a circling exit, containing a long tunnel with a warm light at the end.

The remaining villagers, who had watched this horrifying battle unravel, all darted towards it.

Jenkins and Marss did not move however, as they continued to look at each other.

As most of the villagers ran through it, the figure of an old man rose from the black floor. His white beard was messed up alongside the now ragged robe.

The elder had previously run out of energy. Making him pass out. However, as he woke up, he was greeted by the scene where Marss took the form of some type of bird. Removing the attention from them.

He looked at the now slightly smaller monster. Remembering the image of the boy which he had banished away into the wilds.

'Did he receive the blessing of a god as he traversed the 'hellgreen woods'? If so, it must be by one of the beast diety's. If not them, mabye one of the blood lords?'

Although he was curious, he had not grown senile yet. Dragging his exhaust and aged body towards the light.

As he continued forward, however, he noticed the unconscious body of the boy's father.

Glancing at the Towering bird humanoid once more, he then picked the man up.

As he was at the general level, his body would not be slowed down by carrying some malnourished farmer along with it.

This was all caught by Marss. Some tears appeared in the corner of his large eyes. Two blach pupiles were taking form inside the orange sockets.

The elder only gave a nod followed by a quick sentence before dragging both himself and the father through the tunnel.

"If fate allows it, then let us meet once more, Marss."

He then disappeared into the end.


Jenkins and Marss were silently looking at each other.

After all the people dissapeard, only they and some monster corpses were left behind.

Breaking the silence, Jenkins began to speak. His deep feminin voice showing some tiredness while echoing through the tunnel behind him.

"Kid, how about this. I will leave her body here as I exit the tunnel. Pretty fair, right?"

This suggestion was made out of pure desperation. He could not hold this dying peasent alive with only some energy. After all, a punctured heart was never an easy thing to fix, even with several healing mages and pills.

Marss shook slightly. How could he refuse? After beeing locked inside that cursed void for what felt like an eternity, he began to miss his parents more and more. They were the only thing in this world which he truly valued. He had no companion, no friends. Only them.

Another step was taken backwards. Symbolizing that his willingness.

Jenkings smiled to this, preparing to throw the woman at him while dashing away. He had already made plans for the core to self- destruct. Removing this stain from ever being seen again. Feeling a little regret as this was thought through did not change his mind. Building a dungeon was child's play for an expert like himself, but he could not leave this horrid trash alive. Fearing it would come for his life sooner or later.

Marss's mother was almost gone. But with the shared energy she regain some temporary clarity.

As her vision cleared a little, some kind of bird came into her view. Looking at this monster, she felt somewhat weird. Almost as if she knew it.

A faint memory emerged within her consciousness. It was from the spoiled days she spent as a noble woman. Second daughter of the man controlling the fourth most powerful clan in the human capital. the Zell family.

Her life continued to flowe like a river through the dialating pupils. Slowing down as she once more saw the day where she escaped from her arranged marriage. Running alongside a familiar brown haired man. The one she had grown up with.

Moving on, another sequence played. The day where her first and only child came into this world.

As Jenkins began to crouch down, preparing to lay down the dying woman. Planning to kick her across the room for the mindless animal to chase, something unexpected happened.

This woman, who was now pale like snow, barely holding onto life, moved her mouth.

"Marss...My darling Marss..."

This was the last thing Lena muttered. As her body ceased to work.

Marss begun to grow impatient. Waiting for that bastard to let go of his mother.

Jenkings did not react, afraid he would alert the waiting predator.

'So she finally died, huh? Luckily that guy reversed his transformation. Making him unable notice when her heart stopped'

Inside his mind he was grinning like a drunk madman. Looking once more through the flawless plan set up.

'AHAHAH! This was my win from the start!!! You can only blame your own foolishness for not accepting a quick death!! Recjecting a offered made by this great and merciful lord was your downfall!'

However, as he placed the body of the dead woman down, she unexpectedly began to emit a purple glow.

Both shockingly starred at this sight. Marss was unable to figure out what it was that happened to his mother. However, not sharing this oblivious state of mind, Jenkins began to feel his foolproof plan crumble before his eyes, as he knew what this represented.


Sweat poured down from his stunning forehead as he tried to think of what to do.

'I need to bring out a soul gem before her spirit get claimed!'

Sadly for the miserable Jenkings, he was given no such chance. Lena's body crystallized and shattered. Turning into dust.

'How could I forget such an important detail?! It's all that giant chicken's fault dammit! I would never make such a mistake if only I...'

As he took his eyes off the dispersing shards, he found that Marss looked in his direction. The armoured body violently began to expand as he let out a loud a mighty roar.

The dungeon began to quake as the enraged being launched himself forward. Instantly smashing through the sound barrier.

Travelling in a straight line, the silver asteroid aimed itself at person who had wronged it.

The unfortunate fool named Jenkins.