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 The black sword abruptly stopped. Resting next the bleeding woman's neck.

Jenkins, who froze up, felt cold sweat run down his back.

A very weird feeling was covering the robe he donned.

Altough he was familiar with the resentment. The difference beetween this and the usual ones was the horrifying amount of pressure excluded. It made him feel genuine fear.

Looking down at his sword, he watched as it began to shake. The vibrations originating from his trembling body.

Slowly, he spun around. Planning to face this weird feeling head on!

As the body began to turn, his eyes instantly glued themselves towards the operation table where the strapped boy laid.

But as he fully gained the table within his view, his body stopped shaking. Not because of the lessened pressure, but because he did not dare move a muscle.

The unconscious kid had woken up. Yet, as he clearly woke up a second ago, no sound was made. No begging. Nothing.

As he made eye contact with the boy, he suddenly found himself slightly confused.

'What the hell are those eyes?!' Jenkins screamed in his mind while starring into the two black whirlpools of death. Aiming themselves in his direction.

He tried calming himself down. However, just as he blinked, the boy disappeard from the strapped table. The metal which enforced the shackles were almost unbreakable for those under the level of king. And indeed they were, as no scratch was made on them.

'How did he free himself? Does this kid know space magic? No, wait..did he phase through them?!'

New questions continued to fill his head. But as he ran through the hundreds of possible ways Marss could have freed himself with, he did not dare break the eye contact this time. Refusing to let his drying eyes be moisturized.

After this starring contest continued for a while, Marss finally opened his mouth.

"mom..?" his voice was still the same as always.

This calmed jenkins down as he regained some confidence. 'So this guy only got an eye change? Sure, if that's all there is to worry about this will continue to go smoothly'

Jenkins aimed his sword at Marss, planning to execute some kind of ranged attack.

"Any last words, kid?" Jenkins was now smiling once more. Certain that he would not even need to lift another finger.

However, as he was preparing for Marss to answer him, the sensation of death once more covered his heart.


The previously thin voice was replaced by a sound similar to that of a broken trumpet.

Marss's body began to violently shake. Rattling like the tail belonging to some sort of snake.

The now panicking Jenkins could only feel his frozen body quietly watch as the boy began to grow and deform.


Inside Marss's head..

[Congratulations! Host has successfully evolved!]

[Host has begun to form a 'Nuclei']

[Nuclei:Some beasts will form a specific type of core when maturing. Those influenced by magic will have a chance of developing a magic core which strenghtens their essence mainpulation. Those who lean more towards brute strength will form a nuclei. It will largely empower ones physical capabilities.

[Some skills have ranked up!]

[Some skills have evolved!]

[New Title earned!]

[New variant bloodline has been created!]

[Teratorn Peacock as been ingegrated with!]

[Teratorn Peacock: Legend has it that this bird once really existed. Its large muscular body is covered by scale-like feathers, able to manipulate the surrounding air. Each feather can absorb an enourmes amount of physical punishment. Combined with its incredible regenerative powers, it holds the title as one of the most robust creatures. Even when fighting opponents of a slightly higher rank. Only beeing vulnerable against elemental magic. It loves to eat raw meat and can grow to the same size as a small house]

[Updating information..]

[Display engaged]

Layer:General (middle)


Name:Marss Zell Johnson

Race:Variant human(new) Age:15

Mental status:Normal

Body status:Normal

Energy:10 400/14 00

Bloodline(Integrated):Teratorn Peacock.

Bloodline storage:Night Dove, Leaf Dragon, Ghoul, Troll, Teratorn Peacock.


[ABILITIES] (active) (-)

(Sprint LvL 8(+5) (Punch LvL 9(+3) (Trick LvL3) (Mucle empowerment LvL1(new) (Bone shatterer LvL1(new) (perceptionLvL8(+3) (Berserk LvL 4(new) (revenge LvL6(+1) (killer instinct LvL5(new)

(Deconstruction) (Storage)(Integration) (Assimilation)

[ABILITIES] (passive) (-)

(Super regeneration LvL7(new) (fatigue immunity LvL4) (Pain immunity LvL 9(+2) (quick learner LvL4) (Primal instinct LvL1(new) (Charisma LvL1) (Beast aura LvL:1(new) (Mindful LvL1) (Precise striker LvL7) (Engraved path) (Thermal vision LvL1(new) (air manipulation LvL4(new) (Kinetic dispersion LvL8(new) (damage convertion LvL4(new)

(Filter) (Convertion) (Assort) (Hybrid)



[HYBRID:A title given to those who are born with multiple bloodlines]

Not even glancing at the screen, nor listening to the genderless voice in his head. Marss began to stare at the robed individual standing in front of his bleeding parents.

His vision was sometimes showing him red human shaped figures, while other times Switching to black and white film.

For only but a moment, he was able to see behind the sword wielding woman. The image of his glowing, bleeding mother was absorbed into the broken mind.

"wHaT DiD yOu Do tO mOM?!" His voice made a sound akin to multiple people talking at once. Each one darker and more deformed than the last.

Every cell in his body began to rapidly multiply. The system which usually hindered any large mutation did not work its course this time.

His body temprature began flaring. Causing the last remaining clothes he wore to explode inside a growing fire.

As his body began to reden, Small feather shaped scales covered his skin. Expanding alongside his mucles.

His brown hair spiked backwards. Turning into small hornes which aimed their tip towards the growing tailbone.

His now armoured tail split up into many smaller wires. Each growing some sort of metal texure like feathers. They kept enlarging until finally ending up with a a silver feathered moon that covered his back.

The arms grew in lenght and thickness. His elbows both shot one sharp piece of feathered bone out. Trying to imitate a deformed wing. Following along the lengthened forearms, his hands and fingers were molded into talons.

His knee joints cracked themselves. Twisting towards the growing feather circle on his back.

After being properly positioned, they hardened. Not growing any feathers, but leaving all flesh bellow his thighs as red plates.

beneath this metal plating were his transforming feet. They now resembled somthing originally found on a raptor.

After his entire body was done morphing into a silver colored terror bird, his face was pulled and expanded. The lips plating themselves in some sort of flat beak while the facial structure was now more similar towards a voodoo mask. Weakly reflecting a human appearance.

As his transformation finished, leaving the villagers and the large red horned beasted horrified, Jenkins was gasping for more air as he starred at the dinosaurs like harpy.

Not even taking another minute to think, he ordered the red brute to attack the once small and fragile Marss.

With no choice, it just charged at him. As it was at the low level general realm, the monster swung its meaty arm at the similarly sized abomination. Expecting to at least deal some damage.

As the fist neared the mask shaped face, it was then caught by the talon-hand which was connected to the long and scaly arm.

The beast that was once Marss then casualy flung the other claw at it.

Connecting to the red mass of flesh and bone, the silver scaled talon punched a boulder sized hole through its chest. Instantly killing it.

Jenkins's hood was blown of thanks to the air current generated by the punch. Showing his beautiful feminin traits. No different than a top class beauty from a noble family.

But no one cared about this now. The alloyed room was silenced as the villagers freed themselves from the disappearing chains. crawling further away from the battle.

Jenkings only stood there. Seeing both the red corpse laying beneath the feathered titan and the thick beak lips forming into a maniacal smile, he looked at the two orange eyes once more pointed in his direction.

He did not tremble as they looked at each other. Because he had already lost all the feelings in his body. The black sword in his small hand dissipated along side the previously held confidence.

Hearing the quacking breathing generated by this THING. Jenkins felt a warm feeling of running water fill the pants beneath the robe he wore.