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 While Jenkins was screaming into the purple orb, Michael could feel his soul slowly appear inside som weird room. Very similar to the place where he met the old head.

Feeling his body ascend for each passing second, he tried to focus, as something told him going further up was a bad idea.

Getting a better view of his surroundings. Michael then noticed a small figure at the other end of the place he found himself in. It was covered in golden chains made of light, each one of them were showing signs of tearing.

He was unconsciously pulled towards it, and as he kept coming nearer, a small whisper could be heard.

"Mom. Dad. I am sorry. Please come back."

Now, only a couple of meters in front of it, Michael got a clear look of the source.

It looked like his current body. Only, instead of any gold or blue eyes, it possessed brown color.

"Is this the soul of Marss?" Michael, who was feeling the motivation in his mind tear alongside the continuously cracking chains, tried to talked to the blurry image of boy.

"Hey, you there?"

The soul slowly lifted its head towards him. And as their eyes met, Michael felt a form of resonation.

"I want to see them again!" Marss began to struggle. Causing one of the chains around his arm to snap.

As it broke, Michael felt his existence weaken. Hastily trying to stop the boy from doing any more damage, he attempted to talk with him.

"Hey! Calm down! You want to see them again right?" Nervousness could be found deep inside each word. Hoping nothing bad would happen.

However, this proved to be a wasted effort. The image of the boy grew more radiant. Quickly shattering all the chains around him.

"I WANT TO SEE THEM!!" Marss, who uncontrollably started to scream into the void, was now becoming more real.

But, as this happened, the figure forming the soul of Michael was shattered! Only leaving some speaks of light which quickly drilled them selves into Marss's body.

As the embers of Michael were dissipating, the void room began to fall apart as the frantic scream grew in intensity.


Inside the same alloyed room, Michael's body was now hanging from what looked like a standing operation table. Several bolts and tools were floating close to him. They resembled some ancient torture devices.

In front of his body, Jenkins was seen spinning his purple orb around while looking at the boy. He began to talk to himself while waiting for something.

"*Sigh* That old man really disappointed me."

Jenkin crossed his arms while shaking his head. Slightly saddened by the current event's occuring in the real word.

"Well, mabye I overworked him with all those ghouls...I mean, im almost out those things! Ha! kid, can you belive that? Sweet buttery gods, that geezer should be at the higher end of the General level if I am not wrong. Which I never am by the way!"

He then turned his full attention to the unconscious body. The previous glowing had stopped, and he now began to mumble some inaudible words.

"This guy... Did he grind those fatty bastards into dust, or did he eat them? Has no one ever told him that trolls wash their bodies with..."

Before he could finish his scentence, a piece of the alloyed wall slammed open like some fancy swing door.

A group of villagers were beeing dragged. Steamy black chains and collars could be found on their body, all lead by some giant red horned monster.

"Oy Oy!" Jenkin showed some displeasure on his now more visible, well shaped face. Despite having the name of a male, his skin was visibly smooth and fragrant. Even more breathtaking than the one found on some princesses residing within the human kingdom.

"I told you to be careful while bringing them here! Look! That red bearded guy passed ou.. No, wait, looks like the 'Nigthmare torches' got into him." Jenkins then began to clap his covered hands. Getting the attention of the exhausted group of humans.

Some of them lacked any luster in their eyes. Believing that they would not come out here alive.

Yet, as they began to turn their heads towards the generated noise, an operation table came into view alongside the silhouette of a hooded beauty.

All turning their full attention towards the operation table, a figure was seen strapped to it.

Most of them had already lost all hope. But despite this, a purple haired woman immediately rose up from the ground togheter with a brown haired man. Both starting to shout with joy.

"Marss! my son!" They tried getting his attention, but noticing that he was dead asleep yet breathing brought some hope back.

The father, still keeping some of his rationality. stopped. However, his wife was crazily screaming louder. Trying to wake him up.

The hooded Jenkins looked at this show. Amusement was written over his glossy lips.

'So this biomancer dude is their kid? No way some child can be this powerful. Mabye he is one of those reincarnated people?' Thinking to himself, Jenkins then woke up from the running thoughts as the sleeping Marss somehow replied.

"Mom.." Marss, as if responding to his mother's call, forced out while twitching a little.

The mother, who noticed her child answer her, tried running towards him. Sadly, she was instantly flung back like a twig by the red horned giant which held her chains.

With a *TUMP* her body flew backwards. It was then quickly caught by her husband who threw himself in front of her flying figure.

The couple crashed into the alloyed wall since the chains did not restrict them moving backwards.

As they smashed into it, something similar to cracking noises could faintly be heard from each one.

The father instantly passed out as his head hit the unkown material.

The mother was slightly better off. And although she did not move from her husbands embrace, she still weakly called out to her son.

This was seen by all the other men, women and children. A small glow of hope grew inside each of their hearts as they watched the two not yield.

Jenkins emotionlessly looked at their bleeding figures. Finding this dramatic scene somewhat funny.

"I wonder how the kid will react to waking up next to the head's of his parents.." Finding himself once more revisiting the twisted thoughts which filled his mind, a dagger was then formed out the surrounding darkness. Growing in lenght until it reached the size of a machete.

He slowly walked towards them, passing by the chained villagers who shook from the pressure emanating from the black blade.

"Since I am a kind man you will only suffer for a short while. Also! when you die, tell that fat hag that I will come for her sooner or later!"

Standing in front of the couple, he could still hear some faint whispers emanate from the purple haired woman's trembling mouth.

To this, Jenkins steeled his expression.

"You know, lady. Your hair is the same color as one of my soul gems, so I am thinking that killing you right out would be a waste."

Before raising the weapon, his yellow eyes began to turn purple. A small ray of light hit the woman's body. It slowly dispersed, outlining her struggling frame with some dark light.

"Now, stand still for me."

He then stabbed the blade into her heart. The light within her eyes grew weaker and weaker. However, still aimed at her child's unconscious body.

"Still as persistent as ever huh? Well, don't blame me then."

Jenkins lifted the machete upwards. It began morphing into a longer, more defined cross shaped sword.

"Since I will be using your soul for a while, you may get a clean cut."

"Now, Farwell."

As these words escaped his mouth, Jenkins drew the black sword in an ark towards her neck.

It cut thorugh the air. Splitting space as it travelled downwards.

No one of the villagers dared look. Plastering their eyes down on the cold, hard floor.

Just as it was going to touch her pale skin, ending her life...

It suddenly stopped.