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[Host has reached max level]


[Bloodline detected]

[Do you wish to Evolve?](Y/N)

"What happens if I press yes?"

[Host will evolve current bloodline. Advancing into the first stage of the Master layer/RANK:2(low)]

Michael read that message a few times. After feeling satisifed, he asked another question.

"Can you integrate the other bloodline first?"


[Integration proceeded..]


[Noticable mutation detected!]

[Does host wish to enlargen bodysize? This will increase physical strength, but slow down both attack and movement speed]

"No, just don't destroy my appearance completely."

[Integration beginning..]

[This will only take 8 seconds. please wait]

As the familiar feeling baptized his body, it did not take long for it to leave. The pain did not bother him this time.

Finishing the processes, he found the body armour much denser and darker. Alongside some strands of green hair on his head.

These were the only visible changes. Now, focusing onto the screen once more, he looked at the (Y) button.

"Just get this over with.. my head is killing me."

Throwing himself on the smooth floor, he waited for the system to begin.


Irritated by this never ending talking, Michael was going to scream at the box, but stopped as he opened his mouth.

He tiredly locked both eyes onto it. Strength was beginning to leave his body.

"What's wrong?" His eyes were slowly closing.

[Evolution process will cause small irreversible mutations, and level will start back at [1]. Host will be weakened while transforming]

Fully closing his eyes, he just ignored it. Losing all care for this world.


[Process will take 10 minutes. please wait...]


[incompatible bloodlines detected in host's system]

[Passive ability activated]

[??? has been revealed as 'Hybrid']

(This uniqe ability can forcefully merge opposing bloodlines togheter. Developing a brand new one which is much stronger than the original ones. It always succeeds)

As his mind was forced asleep, the body began to glow. A prominent red, green and blue color could be found on different parts of his plated mucles. Some patches of black barely visible amongst the growing radiance.

Michael's once incredible body armour retracted itself. Turning into regular human flesh and skin. Leaving behind a frail glowing body on the floor. Only accompanied by some dried troll blood which covered the more elegant brick walls.


Back in the alloyed room, Jenkins was seen slowly tapping on his purple glass ball. A small laugh escaped his mouth each time he pressed it. The deep feminine voice continuously dancing and dispersing.

"Haha, I never grow tired of randomly spawning ghouls. Expecially with that geezer madly throwing those fireballs! Mabye he also has a thing for spamming?"

As he was standing there, savoring each tap, a question interrupted his ecstatic train of thought.

"Ah! I wonder if my trolls dealt with that weird biomancer yet. He seemed like a tanky guy... their constant regeneration should be a pain to deal with."

Elegantly waving his gloved hand, the image began to shift from one containing a small surviving group of humans surrounded by ghouls, to a blurry video.

"Hmpf, getting those fatty fighters were really hard work! Considering two of them had not yet formed a specified core...Anyways, lets continue."

The unfocused screen slowly showed the now bloody hallway once more. The body of a glowing human boy layed in the midst of it. Unconscious.

"Yup, as expected. He exhausted his energy by constantly hitting those sacks of meat. But what is this weird glowing? Is he recharing? No, seems more like some sort of temporary hibernation."

Jenkins, seemingly satisfied with the expected course of actions, stroke his gloved hand undernath the shadowy hood. Showing the sight of a small pair of golden locks.

"Now, lets get this bastard in here. Those villager are also nearing this place, I should be able to introduce them to each other. Mabye dissecting the kid will make that old man throw some more balls!"

However, although his attitude expressed pure satisfaction. His eyes did not move from the screen showing the resting body.

"Eh?" His eyes began to widen. Revealing two yellow dots.