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 The further into the dungeon one went, the more the pathway would expand. Sometimes splitting up into several tunnels.

Three naked beasts were waiting in such a place. The hallway they stood in was wide enough to let each one move around freely. It was here they stood guard. Waiting for the human to arrive.

The most noticable detail about them would be the grey/brown skin and head full of green wolly hair. Having a textrue alike some old rug.

Followed by this was the hulking bodies and beeer gut.

A long, fat nose would then come. Occupying most of their face and overshadowing the cow tail growing from behind.

As they stood there, the middle one picking up a foreign scent with its massive nose. Signaling its brothers to ready themselves.

Unknown to them, however, the enemy had already picked them up through the stinky smell they all shared. Standing so close to each other worked as some sort of amplifyer.

Michael, who was now warily standing still in the slighlty expanded hall, gave a command to his system

"Grow me a tail. Similar to the one that leaf dragon had."

[Integration Beginning...]

[This will take 5 seconds as host's body is used to mutations]

The tailbone slowly started to grow in length. Ejecting out of his back-end. Ripping a hole through his pants. It reaching half of his height. Stopping at 90cm.

"Not as thick as the one the lizard had. But atelast it's the same size as my forearm."

After moving the rigged blue wire around for a while, he began to get used to it. Now, pointing his head towards the direction that weird stench originated from.

Positioning his body in a stance similarly used by track and field runners. Michael started to charge up the surrounding mucle tissue. Even his tail was seemingly affected. Straightening out.

Time slowed down as his armored body shook alongside the surrounding dust and air particles.

Then, in a single instance, he dug the claw shaped toenails into the smooth floor. His shoes exploded into pieces. Leaving two asymmetrical footprints behind.

Begining to exit the previous stance. His plated frame slowly rouse up into the air diagonally. Ignoring both the atmosphere and gravity as he gained speed.

His body slowly took off. The air passed itself along the flowing hair. Causing him to further ascend.

Finally, time began to flow once more. His moving body created a lout BOOM as it was launched forward.

The small explosion blew out the bright torches surrounding his original location. Acting no different than puny candles being placed in the heart of a raging tsunami.

After steading himself in the air, Michael consciously pointed the incredibly well shaped tail to his side. This action made his body, which never once stopped its surge, Spin around.

The speed at which he spun at did not slow down, and also started to accelerate. Making his figure take the form of a dark blue meteorite.

This constant turning would make any normal human throw up after mere seconds. But, as Michael had integrated with a flying type beast, it did not affect him in the slightest. The speed only further igniting his new fighting instinct.

In the other end of the hallway.

The humanoid beasts, waiting for the smelly creature to arrive were left surprised by this unkown booming noise. Followed by the faint tremor traveling beneath their heavy legs.

The middle one was the largest, and oldest out of the three. And instantly knew this was bad news. Positioning the fatty body towards the other end of the corridor, it prepared itself for the incoming danger.

Sadly, it did not expect a spinning blue gust to instantly teleport in front of it's face. Even a wink would cause you to miss it.

Michael, who refused to slow down as he neared the end of his flight, extended an undiscernable piece of himself outwards. Driving it in the direction of the monsters head.

In less than a millisecond, The dark blue line smashed itself into its skull. Shattering the enorumes nous. blood and snot exploded out alongside the top half of its mushy head. It was then seen flying down the enlarging corridor. Like soccerball darting towards an unprotected goal.

The creature shook violently as the impact travelled through it's body.

The corpse slid across the floor after the shaking stopped. Painting the gray brick with a thick red.

Michael, now descending towards the ground, was given a horrified and surprised look by the other two mounts of flesh.

[Hostile target's engaged]

[Chance of winning:12%]

[Chance of dying:28%]

[Chance of escaping:70%]

Now, looking back at the shaking meatballs, he once more flung himself away. Not giving either one of them any time to evaluate his threat level. Darting back towards the direction he came from.

The two monsters, afriad of the figure dispersing into thin air, ran away away in fear.

Altough their legs crossed an impressive distance each time, they could only accept the newly given fate as target practise for this blurry reaper. Flinging itself at them from who knows where. Riping and tearing bits of flesh of their visibly regenerating body each time. The tissue, however, was weakening for each regeneration.

After a while, the three dead behemoths laid on top of each other. Some parts less recognizable than others.

MIchael stood in front of them, Panting lightly.

"Haha, altough these monsters were definitely strong, they were sadly too dumb and inexperienced."

He relishing the fact that he got of the first suprise attack. Dispatching the largest one first, and sending the smaller ones into panic.

"Now, lets see here.."

He placed his hand on the pilled flesh. Quickly absorbing everything.

[Troll Bloodline absorbed]

[Trolls:Most often inhabiting quiet mountain caves, they sleep throughout the day, as sunlight significantly weakens them. Known to possess incredible regenerative abilites, they are also famed for kidnapping livestock, princes and princesses. An adult troll will usually be at the peak master class or (peak) RANK:2 if you may]

As the balls of meat disappeared, one brown orb remained in their steed.

[Rank 2 core:It was salvaged of a very powerful beast]

Not finding any of the other two, he depressingly slid it inside his pocket. Now resting next to the bird core and life orb.

As his scaly hands touched the orb, a familiar headache hammered the inside of his head.

Some old memories emerged. They contained the image of two farmers hugging a smiling child.

As this memory grew more defined, Michael felt his brain fall apart. He clenched it between his hands. Pained and confused.



[Host is suffering from ???? ????]

[Does host wish to ????? so that he may ?????]

Barely noticing the system as he gripped his head tighter.

Slowly, the pained died down. Some blood started flowing out of his nostrils.

"S..System...What was that?"

[Host is suffering from ???? ????]

Starring at the appearing texts with his dispersing double vision, Michael tried calming himself by looking at the other messages.

[Host has slayed Troll adult]

[Host has slayed Troll youngling]

[Host has slayed Troll youngling]

[Level up!]

[Level up!]

Level up!]


[Host has reached max level]


[Bloodline detected]

[Do you wish to Evolve?](Y/N)