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 Chapter 460: Immortal Stones

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When Zhang Tie wiped the dust off a counter and caught sight of the items beneath it, Gerri and Sam also cleaned up the dust off a counter on Zhang Tie's side out of curiosity and revealed the items inside.

Even after 1000 years, the items inside the counters were still as clean as before in the well-sealed counters.

Under the green light of their fluorite lamps, those items inside the counters became more shiny. They looked like a profound dreamland which had been buried for one millennium.

"These...these items are..." even Gerri and Sam became perplexed at once. Facing so many items in the counters, Gerri and Sam didn't even believe that they were in the real world as they were really shocked.

Like Sam and Gerri, Zhang Tie didn't believe that he could be that lucky either. Even in this age, there were still many liars such as in the flea market nearby the Blackhot city railway station. They usually counterfeited this special Eastern jewelries by green or deep-color glassworks so as to lure some idiots.

Such precious jewelries were the symbol of noble status among Chinese in the Eastern Continent before the Catastrophe. After the Catastrophe, such jewelries had more shocking meaning.

Such jewelries were called emeralds!

Unique emeralds!

In this age, such jewelries had another special name in the Eastern Continent--Immortal Stones.

Before the Catastrophe, such jewelries were very precious. However, emeralds were dwarfed by diamonds in that age.

"Who would sell counterfeit commodities here 900 years ago?" a whim flashed across Zhang Tie's mind as he glanced at those green jewelries and pendants in the counters.


Hearing Gerri's voice, Zhang Tie turned around and found they were looking at Zhang Tie with nervous looks. Remarkably, they had already guessed something.

"Let's take a look..." Zhang Tie smiled. Even though he didn't lack money at the present, he still felt his throat dry when he posed this suggestion.

The moment Zhang Tie wanted to open the counter in front of him, he saw Sam running upstairs, "You...stay downstairs, I will take a look upstairs!"

Zhang Tie knew that Sam was standing sentry upstairs for them. Although Zhang Tie didn't believe that someone would dare to rush in at the risk of their lives but he knew that it was necessary to be careful.

When Sam went upstairs, Gerri just stared at Zhang Tie.

After taking a deep breath, Zhang Tie directly punched onto a counter in front of him.

After causing a loud sound and shaking off some dust, he still could not break the counter. Therefore, Zhang Tie became stunned. Although he only used 30% of his full strength, it was already very shocking. Even if it was a steel plate in front of him, it would have been left with a fist mark. However, the counter remained unchanged.

"Before the Catastrophe, such counters for selling jewelries and valuables were not formed by average glasses, but a special glass like alloy. It was used to protect the items inside from being robbed away. Although it looked like glass, it was even harder than steel and iron!" Gerri explained.

Zhang Tie revealed a slightly embarrassed smile as he moved behind the counter. He saw a movable drawer over there. After touching it for a short while, Zhang Tie forcefully tore away the lock on the drawer. After that, he casually took out an item from the counter.

That was a dark green bracelet. Based on Zhang Tie's experience in the grocery, he could identify that this bracelet was not a glasswork for sure. It was completely different than any other jewelries or stones that he had seen before.

The bracelet was clean and especially beautiful. Donder once told him how to simply identify emeralds. However, Donder added with a smile that Zhang Tie might barely have a chance to see a real immortal stone in his life. He told Zhang Tie that most of the immortal stones were monopolized by Chinese powers in the Eastern Continent. Few alchemists could have them. Those who could get immortal stones were not commoners for sure. At that time, Zhang Tie only had a few copper coins a day. He even had no surplus money to enjoy a bowl of rice brew which was worth a couple of copper coins. Of course, Donder didn't believe that Zhang Tie could have a chance to touch such jewelries in the future.

Zhang Tie put the bracelet onto his face slightly.

In a split second, he felt cool.

Taking out a lighter, Zhang Tie instantly burned that bracelet.

After over 10 seconds, Zhang Tie moved away the lighter. He then tried to wipe the place being burned with his sleeve. He found that the place was as new as before. No color changes at all.

As a pioneer, of course Gerri knew that it was the simplest way to identify whether this jewelry was real or not. Not to mention those low-grade green glasses in this age, even before the Catastrophe, there were still many counterfeited emeralds.

When Zhang Tie wiped the bracelet clean, he saw Gerri drawing close to him. Gerri even lifted his fluorite lamp to check it. Seeing no color changes at all, Gerri held his breath. After looking around so many counters being covered with dust on the 1st floor, Gerri instantly felt bewildered as he shook his body.

The priority was to carry these items away without arousing the others' attention.