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 Right now I decided do make a plan for the few upcoming years. I would need to check out the shop and plan which items I'm gonna buy and how much points are needed for them.

So I started browsing through the shop. There were all sorts of items here. From sex toys and sexy clothes to skills to be used to arouse women. Some skills didn't even have anything to do with sex, this was a bit weird as I still had to buy them with sexual points, but I didn't really care about such small things.

Examples of these skills were abilities to reinforce my body or fighting techniques. If I bought these my physical body would become stronger and I would learn certain skills. This would come in handy when I needed to battle some opponents to protect or attack.

There were a few things that got my attention.

[Sexual pheromone aura lvl 1 - passive skill - cost: 250 SP - This skill will release sexual pheromones in a 2 meter radius which will arouse women. When you have skin to skin contact the effect will become stronger. This is the first level of the skill. Upgrading it will increase the range and effectiveness. Women with a strong willpower will be less susceptible to this skill. Upgrading the skill will increase effectiveness.]

[Basic dick enlargement - passive skill - cost 50 SP - Will only become active when host is over 4 years of age - When activated your dick will increase to a length of 14 centimeters when erect.]

[Impotence potion - active skill - cost 100 SP - Giving this to a male will make said male impotent. This effect can be reversed by giving the male the Impotence potion antidote.]

[Basic body strengthening - passive skill - cost 50 SP - This skill will make your become become stronger, faster when you train.]

Right now these were the four that I was interested in. The pheromone aura will always come in handy, especially when it would become a higher level. The dick enlargement potion would enable me to have sex even though I am still a child, even though I would have to wait until I'm 4 years of age.

I would give the impotence potion to Dave when he comes home. Like that he wouldn't be able to have sex with Marie anymore. With the body strengthening my body would become stronger than a regular kid, which will help me lots.

Right now there wasn't a lot I could do to obtain SP, but when I will become able to move by myself it will become easier. The only thing I needed do then was have fun with Marie's body when she was masturbating to me before sleep.

Because she wouldn't remember any of it she would not now anything I would do to her in this time frame. But I wouldn't have sex with her, I wanted to wait for until I could make her fall without using hypnosis or the sort.

The sexual pheromone aura would become really important for this. The only thing I needed to do was make her get turned on so hard that she would even get off on her son. But this was all in the future for now I would focus on obtaining points.

-And so 4 years passed-

A few things happened in these years. Dave came back from the army a few times. Unfortunately he became impotent soon after the first time he came home. He couldn't figure out why and the doctors he went to also didn't have a clue. Of course this was all my doing, I bought the impotence potion and put it in his drink.

I also obtained all the items I wished for. It was quite easy obtaining points at first as Marie was not in the state of mind when she was masturbating in the evening. But as my actions became repetitive the points obtained became less and less. I still obtained just enough to buy everything I wanted.

So soon I would put a plan in motion to have Marie become mine. She hasn't had sex in a years so she should be yearning for it quite a bit by now.

I also learned a few things about this world. It was really like a fantasy world where humans wasn't the only race. There were races like elves, dwarves and the beastkind. All these races were constantly at war with the demon. Every five of them had their own territory and hierarchy.

We were living in a small city in the human empire. The village wasn't even worth mentioning. Other than Marie there also weren't any hot women living in the village which was a bit disappointing. But a well, I would only have to move when I wanted.

The weird thing was that the system didn't give me any sort of mission these 4 years, but this was probably because I was still too young so I could only wait for that.

As I became 4 years old the effects of the basic dick enlargement would also activate. When I first tested it out when Marie was masturbating right in front of my I was amazed. Even though I was physically a 4 year old kid I could finally get a nice erection and orgasm.

My 2 older sisters were also starting to grow up, the older was 12 en the younger was 10. Even though I still wouldn't touch them for some years I could see they would both become beautiful women as they take after their mother.

It was now time for me to make Marie mine. The last few weeks I have been releasing my pheromones when she is close. Sometimes I would touch her hands, Marie would then immediately tense up. I also noticed that her face got a bit flushed red sometimes.

Usually she would make up a quick excuse and leave. After which she would go to her bedroom. I followed her sometimes and it wouldn't take her long to put her hands between her legs.

Seeing that the pheromones where working so good I felt good. The fact that she hasn't had sex in a long time would probably also factor in that it was working so good. But al of this was only working in my favor.

The only thing I would need to do right was to make sure that when I enter her room and start touching her, she wouldn't push me away. I needed to make her so horny that she wouldn't resist my advances.

I was feeling a bit nervous as the time I would make my move is becoming closer and closer. If everything works Marie will become my woman and I could have my fun with her for the rest of the time. But I wouldn't even have any idea what would happen if it didn't work.

It would probably becoming really awkward, so I needed to make sure that this didn't happen. No I had to make her mine and I had to do that in one swoop.