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 Chapter 2 - Our Healer has Changed (3)

[Sealed Roel]


Verifying Dormant Abilities effect.

Verifying Past Life's Awakening effect.

Additional Effects unknown.

"Dormant abilities? Also, Past Life's Awakening?"

Although the item's rank was lousy, it had two unusual stats: Past Life's Awakening and Dormant Abilities.

"I'll search Hunter.com when I get back," Sung Joon said. He packed the Orc Berserker's Javelin and left the dungeon. The Hunters watched the entrance closely, wondering if or when he would come out.

"Wait, he came out already?"

"I told you he would give up. He surprised us a bit yesterday but this is the Legend's limit."

"Do you think he cleared it?"

"There's no way he cleared it."

They gossiped in whispers but Sung Joon didn't concern himself with them. He found the Dungeon Bureau worker and showed him his measuring tool.

"That's impossible. No way!" The Dungeon Bureau worker paled, looking like he had just seen a monster.

'Just by looking at his reaction, I can tell that I've placed in the top ten of D-rank dungeon clear times,' he thought and held back his laughter.

"What's my time?"

"Please, please wait a moment. Please let me check one more time."

That reaction wasn't normal. The Hunters caught on and whispered to each other, paying close attention to Sung Joon. The worker checked the results again and his eyes twitched. He bore into the screen as if his eyes would pop out.

"Your time is two hours and five minutes. It's a new record for D-rank dungeons in Korea," he announced. Although he looked astonished, he had conveyed the results quite loudly so the gathered group of Hunters heard him.

"A new record in Korea? If that's true, then did a C-rank Healer really solo a D-rank dungeon?"

"The measuring tool doesn't lie."


The Hunters looked at Sung Joon differently and they wouldn't stop exclaiming.

Sung Joon barely repressed his laughter. If this spread on Hunter.com, nobody would be able take him lightly and call him the Legend.

"Did you just say a new record?" Sung Joon asked, hiding his surprise.

In the past, he hadn't had much interest in the solo run records so he didn't know them well. He had thought he might be in the top ten but he hadn't imagined that he would set a new record.

"You've really set a new record. You're the first to break the record as a Healer. Hunter, you're truly amazing," the worker complimented.

The worker hadn't trusted the results so easily, so he had checked the measuring tool a few times. However, he hadn't found anything strange.

"If you don't mind, could you please wait for a moment while I relay this to the Dungeon Bureau?" the worker asked politely. The worker's attitude had done a complete 180.

"Do you have to report it to the Dungeon Bureau?" Sung Joon asked.

"Yes. Any Hunter who breaks the record will be awarded a special privilege by the Dungeon Bureau."

"A privilege?"

"That's correct."

He remembered seeing a bulletin board message on Hunter.com saying something similar. Sung Joon calmed himself and responded.

"Please hurry," he pressed.

The worker moved a short distance away and made a call. A few moments later, he quickly ran back to Sung Joon.

"Let us go to the Dungeon Bureau. Allow me to escort you to the car."

A luxurious Sedan arrived. Sung Joon had no reason to reject their offer since he needed to visit the Dungeon Bureau anyway. He needed to sell his items and magic stones.

"Let me open the door for you."

A man looking like a worker opened the door from the passenger seat. As soon as Sung Joon entered, they closed the door and left for the Dungeon Bureau.

'Not bad,' Sung Joon thought.

In the past, Sung Joon had low income so he had saved money by using public transportation.

They arrived quickly because of the Dungeon Bureau's car.

He followed the Dungeon Bureau worker who welcomed him and met the Deputy Director, Lee Jeong Mi.

All the employees, starting from the Deputy Director position, are management executives. Sung Joon had spent two years as a Hunter, and it was a new feeling, meeting someone he hadn't had the chance to meet before.

"It's a pleasure, Hunter. I'm the Dungeon Bureau's Deputy Director, Lee Jeong Mi." Jeong Mi laughed brightly and Sung Joon greeted her.

She presented a different image from Yeon Joo, the first clerk, so he smiled too. He sat down and an employee brought him an iced coffee.

"I'll explain the privilege now," Jeong Mi said.

While the drank the coffee, Jeong Mi explained the privilege he would receive as a reward for breaking the records.

The privilege was a ticket for possessory rights priority over a newly born dungeon. It was a tactic often used by guilds to possess dungeons A-rank or greater.

Though the market value would fluctuate, it was easily worth $300,000. It could be sold, but it would be difficult to acquire another one, so Sung Joon decided to stash it.

"Is that all our business? I'll be going then," Sung Joon said.

"P-please wait a moment, Hunter."

"Do we still have some business remaining?" Sung Joon asked bluntly.

"I requested a reexamination of your rank from the Bureau." Jeong Mi's kept smiling.

"A reexamination of my rank?" Sung Joon questioned. In general, a Hunter had to request a re-evaluation of his/her rank, not the Bureau.

"It's because this has never happened before. We've called the examiner here so you won't have to the Bureau yourself. If you cooperate, we promise to support you later."

"I see. Ok, I'll do it."

It would be less of a hassle if the examiner came directly. He would also get the Bureau's support, so he didn't have a reason to refuse them. To be honest, he was curious about how much stronger he had become.

Eventually, the examiner from the Hunter Bureau arrived.

"Hello, Hunter. I'm Hunter Bureau's Examiner, Jo In Gyu! Thank you for waiting."

It seemed like he really had broken the records, since every worker he'd met today had been excessively polite.

Sung Joon smiled. Finally, everything was going right for him.

"I'll get ready immediately. Please wait a bit longer," Jo In Gyu said.

In Gyu bowed and Sung Joon consented. In Gyu took out his measuring tool from his bag. It looked a bit different from the normal Hunter's version.

"I'll check how much stronger you've become and also measure your mana."

Sung Joon nodded and In Gyu brought his measuring tool to Sung Joon'sbody.


In no time, the measuring tool responded.

"Is it done?"

"C-Could you please wait a moment?" In Gyu stammered.

In Gyu wouldn't tell him the results. Instead, he shockingly looked at Sung Joon and the measuring tool alternately.

"That's strange... that shouldn't be possible," he whispered.

He pressed a button on the measuring tool and tried to reset it.

"I'm really sorry, Hunter. Could I please measure you again?"

He just needed to stay still. Sung Joon just nodded.

"It can't be helped. Please finish quickly," Sung Joon responded.

"Thank you very much, Hunter. It'll be finished shortly."

In Gyu moved his measuring tool towards Sung Joon's body. Just like last time, the measuring tool beeped and came out with the results.

"It's finally showing up properly." In Gyu said. He put the measuring tool back into his bag and looked at Sung Joon.

"Thank you for waiting, Hunter. I just got the results."

"Please tell me the results," Sung Joon said.

"You have succeeded in ascending from the C-rank to the B-rank! Congratulations!"

'I've become a B-rank hunter?'

He had suspected it, but it was still difficult to accept.

'Now I've gotten one step closer to my goal.'

His eyes shone.

"Congratulations, Hunter!"

"Congratulations on your promotion!"

The workers in the office clapped and congratulated him with exaggerated gestures.

"You received the regular examination in January, so in about five months, you were promoted to B-rank. This kind of speed is not common! I congratulate you again!"

"If you don't have any more business with me, I'll take my leave."

Sung Joon left the office happily while In Gyu looked uneasy.

"It had to be a mistake. It's impossible."

He wanted to believe that it was an error. The first value he had seen was much too high.