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 Today Angie having a very bad day. before today, things were normal and it was pretty good actually.

Before apocalypse began, Angie was a school teacher. she lived happily with her parent's house while doing the job nearby school.

When the first outbreak happened Angie's father who was always paranoid about Zombie apocalypse took quick actions. he forbid her or her mother from going out, to their surprise he also had a huge underground basement full of foods and everything they needed to daily life.

Angie and her mother always laughed at him for doing this kinda useless thing wasting money. but after a judgement day, mother and daughter were speechless. they couldn't even look straight at their husband/father.

The reason she having a bad day had something to do with her new powers.

It appeared a few months ago. although they did not go out from their house, her father had modified radio that could listen to other radio waves. so naturally they knew little about the outside situation.

While her mother received the power of healing she received the power of fire. poor father who had great expectation for something really flashy received useless one which could enhance eyesight.

Since she cooped up in the house, it gave no way for her to experience new powers. unlike the old couple. Angie had to sneak out. although she was 23 years old teacher she still liked mysteries.

But when she came out of her house, the town which was not even 0.5km away, because of her carelessness Zombies surrounded her. with her flaming ability, Angie didn't back down, but Zombies too much to handle. she was eventually outnumbered.


When Alex reach the source of scream he saw, A young mature woman leaning on a corner of the building wall. she was surrounded by least 10 to 15 Zombies.

Of course, Alex did not hesitate to help.

Seeing girl's face devoided any colour, because of fright, and she also vague of crying. of course, this was what he imaging, since he couldn't see her clearly because of low light. Alex quickly made a sound taking the attention of Zombies.

"Big Sister, don't worry I will save you" he yelled loudly even though they were pretty close.


Zombies made muffed sound turning back. Alex successfully gained the attention of Zombies.

Of Course Angie too.

"That's right come at me" provoked Alex took step back. suddenly he felt something on his back. as he looked back, he paled. another group of more than 20 Zombies lifelessly marching his direction.

"Look out!"

While Alex cursing to his bad luck, Angie screamed awakening him.

A female Zombie, a single breath away from his neck.

Alex quickly held its forehead not giving any chance to bite him. then brought his knee toward female Zombies ribcage pushing it back with knee shot. since Zombie force itself on Alex, the kick was easy to connect.


Alex also took step back and sent hard punch toward Zombie's head severing it.

[You Have Killed A Level 8 Humanoid Zombie]

[You Have Level Up]

[You Current Level Is Level 10]

[For Achieving Level 10 Reward Was Givin]

[New Skill Gained]

[Mana Blast: Skill Use With Both Hands or Weapon As Medium Sending Repulsive Force Created By Power Of Mana.

Can Be Use To Defend Or Attack.

Distant Of Attack Or Defence Power Calculated By Mana Usage.

1 Mana Point 10 Attack And Defence (To Attacks Physical Attack Power Will Also Be Added) ]

Without thinking twice Alex stretch both of hands, palm facing towards two groups of Zombies. left and right. now Alex as centre Zombies closing in on him. his pose was cool.

"Mana Blast!"

Alex gave a low shout focusing on new skill. he had started to feel mana reserve. it was situated just below his navel. it's not that Alex read many cultivations novels before, nor he was so knowledgeable, on the contrary, he never even heard of cultivation, it's just that since the day he first levelled up Alex had a feeling sometimes a cooling sensation travel through his body before returning back this location. so he figured it was mana and this is where it stored.

The same cooling sensation ran through Alex's hand before it gathered into a single point. he clearly felt it. although it was just 1 or 2 seconds, it did not go unnoticed by Alex.

There was a sudden pause.


Two waves of purple brillance discharged from Alex's left and right hands simultaneously. it was a beautiful yet somewhat deadly sight. howling mana blast made surrounding atmosphere trembled, along with the path, blast travelled earth cracked. even Angie who was at very back had hard time breathing. energy waves did not have any form per se. if were to describe it with exact details, you could say purple energy waves are constantly changing its form. it's edges.

Purple energy blast which was Alex's Skill Mana Blast made the Impact with both of Zombie groups, and things went haywire.

First row Zombies of both sides blown to bits, next few Zombies lost their heads, limbs and died. of course, there were lucky ones as well, survived only losing a hand or flesh. but wasn't capable of standing anymore.

Angie's mouth left ajar. the beautiful sight of purple Mana Blast made her eye widen since it was something new. be that as it may, the damage caused by the brilliant purple wave wasn't also something Angie see every day.

It wasn't just Angie, Alex who cause all this astounded as well.

'Wow! this skill is Freaking awesome' He thought silently glance back and forth at gory sight. a smile crept on his face 'despite making me a bit weak, the result is pretty good'

Since he imagined using Mana equally into both hands It made him a bit weaker. just wobbly feeling though.

[Total Numbers Of Killed Humanoid Zombies Calculated Along With Experience Points]

While Alex and Angie still dazed. The system wasn't being ideal. without even letting 5s pass by it brought notification for Alex.

[You Have Levelled Up]

[Currently At Level 13]

Alex smirked witnessing the pleasant and profound words displayed before his eyes. however, it didn't last long, he saw another wave of Zombies approaching at...fast rate?.

Frowning he hastily checked stats window.

[Name: Alex

Level: 13

Age: 16

Tittle: Survivor

Next Level: 3%









Skill(s): Muffled Kick, Mana Blast ]

'Since I levelled up my mana is refilled' Alex sigh a relief 'But it won't end, after this wave another wave might just come hearing Mana Blast sound, I should Run for it'

"Big Sister are you alright? did they bit you?" he inquired Angie. at the first place, Alex came to save her. so naturally, he ought to check on her.

"Ah!" hearing Alex's voice Angie broke her daze "I-I'm fine, they didn't bit me" she came forward from the dark corner she was hiding. since there was no danger no point hiding anymore.

When Alex saw how beautiful Angie was he couldn't help but gulp down saliva. she had a nice and perfect hourglass figure, making a man go wild with fantasies, her face was angelic with a bit of mature vibe mixed with immaturity.

A true masterpiece.

"I-l think we should go" Angie still traumatized by the gory sight. now what she wanted most was to get out here, go to her parents."My house isn't far away, little brother are you coming?"

Alex, however, doesn't hear any of her words. he was lost in an unknown land. right now he is having his first love.

Love at First Sight.

However, Angie couldn't understand the reason for Alex's silence. thinking he might not want to come with her she said: "We should really go, if not that Zombie wave might be able to catch us' looking at Alex she persuade I'mm inviting you to have a meal, we have a bit food enough for few days, so if......."

"Sister, did you say food?" suddenly Alex screamed.

Although Angie surprised she still answered truthfully. as a teacher, she had the ability to judge people, especially kids. and Alex did not have any malice. taking him to her home won't be much of trouble.

"Yes, we d....."

"Let's go" without letting her finish Alex took the lead.

"Eh?! Wait"

"What?" Alex stiffened. 'is she going to stop me seeing I'm hungry as a dog?' he thought glancing back.

"That's the wrong way. my house is this way" Angie stopped Alex before leading the way toward her house.

"Haha!" Alex laughs awkwardly. since he hadn't eaten in days when even he heard the word food, hunger takes him over. he couldn't help it.

Angie giggled looking at Alex's awkward yet cute expressions. but didn't say anything she continued to lead the way.