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 Andrew carefully began to walk through the streets, while walking he was testing where his vision came, he discovered that he could cover about 2 kilometers in all directions and could see better than when he was an ordinary man, he observed with curiosity a The man who looked like the mix between a person and a goat, on the way, supposed that the number of people who transformed should be 1 in 100 or 1 in 200, since more or less measured by eye

Upon reaching the beach Andres took off his shirt and pants staying in boxer, then proceeded to hide it in a lockers that was in the spa, as it was winter there were not many people and more at night, Andres began to run to the sea and He dived, swam several meters until he could not touch the ground with his feet, put his head down the water and swim deep

He was determined to test his aquatic ability, as a newborn, he took a big breath of water with his gills, but absorbed too much and almost choked because he got water to the lungs, had to try several times until he could breathe normally , Andres remembered when he learned to ride a bike that fell many times and hurt himself

Andrés thought "what bad memories, good but I'll go step by step, now I can talk below the water?"

Andrés: gelohhh glup glup

He almost drowned

Andrés: helyoooo ugh

Andrés "that difficult"

After half an hour he dominated it and went swimming in the ocean floor, some coral was passing some fish and he saw a rusty iron bar, as it was shallow water, Andrés was not in much danger, but in case he took it, and he also decided to try if he could imbue the bar with electricity, since he could use a sonar electricity, now he wanted to test if he could make it an offensive ability

Pulling sparks of electricity through his fingers he transmitted it to the steel bar completely, calculating according to his eel instinct, he knew that using 200 or 400 volts, this could kill a normal person, but he did not know if he could kill a person-beast ( author's note: name for people transformed into half animals), but thinking that a large animal this would paralyze or numb a little, assumed that it would be similar

Andres swam out to sea to see if he found any wealth, being the sea so vast he did not find anything, but he did not give up he kept swimming, he saw something that was moving quickly towards him was about 4 or 5 meters, the complexion Andres went pale thinking that it could be a shark, when he was a few meters away from him, he discovered that it was a croaker

Andrés: h..ow ... how ... how is it so big this corvina, it is not time to paralyze me if I do not devour

Said this raised his iron bar and covered it with electricity, with a swift swim to the croaker and tried to harpoon it, before the crash the croaker reacted quickly and dodged the attack, angry, bit Andres between his waist and stomach, trying to split it in half, but he made a big mistake since he electrocuted

Although sore and bleeding Andrew clenched his teeth and nailed the iron bar at him big fish in his eye, which should have reached his brain because he killed it directly

A voice without gender rang in his head

"You have successfully killed a corvina 0.3"

Andrés went blank

Andrés shouted: "what the fuck is this shit"

He stopped while watching the croaker float, his thought was the next, since such strange things had happened on earth, because it would seem weird to all this, thinking better he got excited, but first he wanted to secure his booty, so I take it to land, fortunately nothing was found on the way, when leaving the sea, it cost him to drag the fish out of the ground because it was very heavy approximately 300 or 450 kilograms, watching his big bleeding wound decided to wash it with more seawater , he saw that his wound seemed to be closing

Andrés: thank goodness it was a croaker that had no teeth and not a shark, otherwise, even with my electricity I would have been screwed, well if that voice appeared in my head it means that I have a system ?, how do I open it ?, I will be the only one who has it?

After thinking about it for a while, he recalled that in the novels that he read, with saying that was enough

Andrés: been ... State ...... .. STATE

Andrés: because shit does not work, STATE ... SUPER STATE ...... MY DEAR STATE .... OPEN SYSTEM

After innumerable failures and screams, he hit the nail on the head

Andrés: Open state

A game-like screen appeared in his sight

[Name: Andrés

Age: 18

Race: human-beast (electric eel)

Cultivation: 0

Shelf life: 92/100 years (author's note: of its 100 years of life use 18, then 100-18 years equal to 92 years of shelf life)

Skills: state - inspect object - inventory (space of 2 square meters)]

Andrés: fucking system, only this will you show me, do not you have more information? As a crop ?, how can I be immortal? Could you please be more useful?

Although he shouted so much, his questions were not answered, so he supposed: "since there were 2 accidents of metallic balls that were years ago must be related to this, then since before the ball there was nothing out of the ordinary of the world he related it, they must be something of the space, in terms of the vos and the system would be like a chip installed by aliens or a superior being, but it does not matter, whether he wants to entertain himself watching this as a game or his tv series , it does not matter for now, since it would be useless, as I have the status could use the ability to inspect object to see the fish? "

Andrés: inspecting object

After saying that, another screen appeared that showed the following

"Object name: corvina body 0.3

Data: it is a body rich in energy, after eating it you could gain culture (if you eat cooked you will lose energy, the efficient way to eat it would be raw) "

Andrés was left blank with this, ... Simply speechless

Andrés: It would be better if I take it home, thinking about the name of the croaker I suppose that the 0.3 is the crop, so it would be 0 - 0.1 - 0.2 and so?

He started his way home