"Xuan Wen, do you mind to explain the differences in Refining for the four characteristics when one is still in their Spiritual Mineral Cultivation?" a teacher appointed one of the best students inside his class to share his understanding.

The youth named Xuan Wen is a boy in his fifteenth years of age and looks like a poor student from a rural village. He stands up and stands in front of the others preparing his speech.

"To begin with the explanation, we will have to take a proper look on the types available in the Spiritual Mineral Cultivation." Xuan Wen learned to write in the air using his Spiritual Energy before printing them into the studying walls before them.

In total, there are eight studying walls that adjustable front and back to be studied.

"The first characteristic is Brilliance. To the people that possess Brilliance Characteristic, they're specialized in Quick-Forge ability. They are capable of refining Materials with speed but may require more time in stabilizing the content before their product is complete."

"The second characteristic is Transforming. A transforming Characteristic allows the Materials to stabilize quicker and better in term of quality, but they have the tendency to suffer from backlash due to the slow Forging Speed, such as failure to start the processing or wastage."

"The weakness of Brilliance and Transforming is covered by the third characteristic, Beneficial. But unfortunately, those with Beneficial Characteristic often suffer from the shortage of Spiritual Energy due to their high consumption rate when refining."

"There are many conditions applied to Beneficial Mineral Characteristic, but so far, none of them are capable of achieving a third of the results compared to the Brilliance or Transforming Characteristic." Xuan Wen stops at the third characteristic for a breather.

"Teacher does this means my Beneficial Mineral is useless?" another student felt her heart is crushed from the weakness explained by Xuan Wen.

"Li Fei, don't feel dejected. Every Spiritual Mineral Characteristic possess their own good and bad. There's impossible for one to achieve perfection unless he or she is born with the blessing from the Celestial Gods." the teacher convinced his student, but hints Xuan Wen to continue.

"The fourth characteristic is Elemental. Those with Elemental Characteristic can be said to be the catalyst in refining, and also in the cultivation. As an example, I will choose the five Major Element Table in this explanation." Xuan Wen said.

"Those with Fire Element are capable of Quick-Forge, like-wise to those in Water Element for quick stabilizing. The Metal Element user is proficient of producing unusual products, while the Earth Element User is capable of using an external source to assist himself in Refining Works. We can also call this as Outsourcing."

"But the best of them has to be the Wood Elemental User, who can be treated like the walking fertilizer. They may lack the Speed like Fire Element, stability like the Water Element, but Wood Element User is capable of adjusting the speed of growing, withering, and harvesting." Xuan Wen finished his explanation.

"Very good." the teacher returned to his spot to continue the lesson, while his student is still fresh with information that was just explained by a fellow classmate. This way, the students attending the teacher's class can get better faster.




"Damn! The Erosion Energy hid inside the cores is capable of withstanding the Spiritual Energy armed with two of my three Element Characteristic. Based on this kind of speed, I might take half a day to refine a single Erosion Bead to temper my Celestial Body." sweats flowed from the top of his head and converge on his chin before dripping to the Working Table.

Zhixuan did guess the difficulty he may stumble across when forging the Erosion Beast's Core into and Erosion Bead, but he did not imagine that it will cost him so many efforts to complete one of them.

He was going to give up in the middle of the first core, but after considering the pro and cons, Zhang Zhixuan finished them nevertheless, because the end product is something that can temper his Celestial Body.

To a person that may participate in a fight against Erosion Tribe and Putrid Tribe at any given time, having a powerful Celestial Body is a must. This is something like a must do, especially to a Pinnacle Legend of Celestial Refiner like himself.

The ability of Quick-Forge and Quick-Stability provided by both Fire and Ice Element allowed him to maintain his refining process, but to make sure he did not suffer from lack of Spiritual Energy, Zhixuan absorbs and refines the Mineral Essence hidden inside the Mineral Essence Block to replenish himself.

But, the recovered Spiritual Energy into his body is actually quite limited. As a beginner in his 1st Stage of Spiritual Mineral, the Mineral Essence Block only fill less than ten units of his one hundred units.

"Although the Mineral Essence Block is essential to a Celestial Refiner when cultivates, their quality is too low compared to what I had in the past. I wonder can I get any higher quality Mineral Blocks to improve my cultivation..." Zhixuan complained.

As a Pinnacle Legend of Celestial Refiner, Zhixuan hopes that the lack of development did not ruin their understanding in discerning the quality of the refined products.

Although the Mineral Essence Block may cost 10 Mineral Coins to purchase, they're actually the lowest-quality Products to a Spiritual Mineral Tier cultivator. This product can be easily refined from any Mineral Tier Raw Materials, and obtainable from Celestial Beast or Celestial Plants grew all of the places.

Their grading starts from Essence, the base of the Block, to Condensed, which is 2.5 times better than the Essence-Grade. After that is the Pure-Grade, 5 times better than their Base counterpart, and the Celestial-Grade, the top quality with 10 times potency compared to the base version.

But to obtain the Condensed-Grade Material, Zhixuan must hunt for the Celestial Beast of 5th Stage Spiritual Mineral strength and must be living for more than one year. This requirement is also the same to plants.

Unless one year old and above, the Tian Lai Grass, known as the most common Raw Material Plants to the public, can only produce Mineral Essence Block at their best. And if the plant exceeds 3 Years maturity, their quality once again went better, qualified to be refined into Mineral Pure Blocks.

Unfortunately, only those plants or Celestial Beast of 5 years old and above are capable of producing Mineral Celestial Block. And the possibility to refine such a top-quality block will vanish if the target advanced into the Spiritual Ore Tier.

"Aargh!!!" Zhixuan struggled to complete his Erosion Pill forging. Five hours later, a piece of pitch black pill sits on top of the table, waiting for the creator's decision.

From the gap of his window, a hint of dish fragrant flavor flow inside his room like telling him that the Lunch Time is here. Zhixuan placed the Erosion Bead into his pocket and left it on top of his bed while he went to refresh himself with a quick shower.

He left straight to the Living Hall for his lunch before coming back to his room, but when he comes inside, he was received by an uninvited guest.

"Teacher!" the appearance of Headmaster Baiyun surprised him.

"Did she sneak into my room during Lunch Time? Where did she come in from?" Zhixuan checked the floor where he left a hint of powder on top but noticed that no footprints on it.

"Did she comes inside my room from the window? Why did she come into my room secretly?" Zhixuan tried to control his curiosity, but soon, his mind turned into somewhat dirty and perverted.

Headmaster Baiyun still dressed in the same clothing as before, with a part of her shoulder exposed until her sideboobs. If it's not because her rack on the top is big enough, perhaps the clothing may drop further.

"My nose is going to bleed soon. This body of mine is still a virgin..." Zhang Zhixuan controlled himself from misbehaving, but his attention soon shifted into the pouch with the Erosion Bead inside.

"Master, that pouch..." Zhixuan dares himself to ask, but Headmaster Baiyun opened her palm facing him to stops him from continuing. From her gesture, it looks like she wanted to speak first.

"Did you refine this Erosion Bead yourself? It should be impossible for a newbie to forge this Erosion Bead, not even if that newbie is blessed with three element characteristic." Headmaster Baiyun opens the pouch and reaches for the Erosion Bead.

"The Erosion Bead is indeed forged by Zhixuan," he admits the fact. As the person that refine the core into Erosion Bead, the remnants of his Spiritual Energy is all over the entire room and covering the Erosion Bead.

"Oh? Mind explaining to your teacher about how you forge this Erosion Bead?" Headmaster Baiyun becomes more interested in this new student.

"Teacher... Are you sure you want to know about the useless fire and ice element process?" Zhang Zhixuan finally caught the chances to reply to her words, and that caught Headmaster Baiyun by surprise!

"Not good, I used the wrong word got caught into his words!" Headmaster Baiyun is shocked by his sudden question.