The First War of the Apocalypse made both of the universal quadrants of that galaxy tremble, causing many planets and species to be destroyed!

However, this War also brought several heroes to the stage and they became pillars of the human race, creating several heavenly Daos (1) to strengthen mankind, which was spread across many worlds and even out of the galaxy.

This wasn't just generosity, but a way to help the human race of many worlds fight the race of true demons!

After the First War of the Apocalypse, there was still two more destructive warfare of heaven and earth, which reduced the strength of the celestial universe and the infernal universe, thus causing both worlds to cease fire for not to cause their own extinction.

During the First and Second War of the Apocalypse Master Yan and his disciples were acclaimed as the strongest heroes of the celestial universe, reaching fame that went beyond the galaxy and reached many other worlds.

Of course, the most famous battle was the battle of Master Yan's disciples against the Seven Lords Demons!

However, this is another long story! That the author will return later in another volume.

There is something that must be emphasized here the reason the devils of the infernal quadrant are so powerful and yet so detested by the other races is the fact that the demons of this quadrant could corrupt the lineages, thus assimilating the lineages or subjugating the lineage. (2)

This is a very scary power! (3)

The motive is very simple for something like this to be scary and to become hateful to the other races if a cultivator who possesses a lineage is corrupted by the power of the true demons, not only will the cultivator be corrupted, but all who are bound by this lineage will also be corrupted!

There are some restrictions, such as the lineage level and the levels of development of the martial cultivator, which in this case will be the victim, for example, there is a difference between a child with a pure line and a child with the same lineage, but full of impurities. In the same way, there is a difference between a child who has only entered the Kingdom of the Foundation and a teenager who is in the Rising Soul, even if both are of the same purity of lineage.

If a true demon corrupts a child who is in the Kingdom of the Foundation, then the maximum that will affect the lineage as a whole will be the martial cultivators up to a certain level of the Aurore Core Kingdom.

This corruption occurs through inbreeding and the invasion of the dark energy of a true demon.

Of course, it isn't all species that can be subdued by lineage corruption, but the human race, unfortunately, is one of the species that are most susceptible to the powers of lineage corruption!

This has led the human race from diverse worlds and universes to interact and breed with other species to strengthen their own lineage.

Of course, there were other methods as well, such as having a sacred beast as their guardian beast and bloodline blood provider, usually, these beasts cause growers to pass beautiful celestial baptism, which allows this martial cultivator to absorb the lineage of that sacred beast.

However, it isn't only the Sacred Beasts that have the power to combat lineage corruption, there are some species that in addition to fighting the power of lineage corruption, they can also use this lineage corruption to boost their cultivation and even move forward kingdoms of cultivation!

These species are the greatest natural enemies of the True Demons, which led to many of these species being hunted not only by True Demons but also by the human race, who wanted to study and even steal the secret of these bloodlines!

(Author - As in every Xianxian novel, Xian Huang, that human cultivators are a basically selfish species, especially those who are in power!)

Of course, there are lineages that were so powerful that humans could only look with a pitiful look and could not even think of studying these powerful lineages.

It was also at this time that several legendary support items and divine weapons were created that could suppress lineage corruption, even items of brackets that were so miraculous that it could turn lineage corruption into tonic to enhance its own lineage, similar to a baptism of a Holy Source! (4)

Of course, these items of divine supports and weapons were in the hands of the greatest powers of mankind and were as rare as a scale of a Leviathan! (5)

Now, we're going back to the central narrative!

While Master Yan and Demon Lord Zhael are having a typical hero-righteous argument against a big boss, inside the palace there in Prince Chang's Imperial Garden, Sheng Qian's decapitated body lay on green lawn, surrounded by flowering trees and the corner of the passages, which made the scene of a decapitated body in such a beautiful place even more terrifying!

In the delicate, soft hands, but now stiff with the rigor mortis, Sheng Qian held firmly that pendant Elder Mo had given her, which she didn't even have a chance to use.

Clearly, Cang Wen and Senior Jian hadn't interest in Sheng Qian's possessions, Chang Wen didn't want to spend another second looking at the body of that woman, who was his treacherous younger half-sister in another life, much less wanted to touch something that was with her. Already Senior Jian disdained all the items that were in the body of Sheng Qian, not to mention that his Master left a very clear order, that besides Prince Chang, he couldn't take any more of the imperial palace.

Already Zhuang Zhihao, he didn't even have time to think about scouring things for Sheng Qian, because soon Cang Wen will grab him and give him a rather cold look.

"Dare to approach that scum girl and I promise you'll get a beating!" Was that kind of look that Cang Wen had when meeting the stunned and embarrassed eyes of Zhuang Zhihao.

Then none of them stirred Sheng Qian's body and left the pendant there untouchable, along with Sheng Qian's discarded body.

This pendant apparently looks like a simple, faint Illusion item (6), at this moment it is shining brightly, red light as blood gleams from that pendant, then a black goo has begun to come out of the pendant!

This black ooze vibrated in the air for a few seconds, but then it moved as fast as the speed of light and penetrated into Sheng Qian's beheaded neck!

(Author - In the end, Sheng Qian will be an immortal cockroach!)


(1) Dao and Tao are different. The Celestial Dao refers to knowledge about martial cultivation and the laws of the world, but the Celestial Tao refers to the action of the Celestial Dao. The celestial Tao is the force that executes the laws of the Celestial Dao.

(2) Demons and True Demons: There are Demons in all universes, just as there are human beings or species similar to humans in all universes, then to differentiate the demons from the Hua Continent, those powerful Demons that can destroy planets with a snap of fingers, I am using the term Demon for those who inhabit the universe where the Hua Continent is located and True Demon for the demons who are the hegemons of all demons.

(3) That is, the demons of the Hua Continent don't have this power of lineage corruption.

(4) Sacred Sources: These are natural pools containing elements of heaven and earth, which concentrate a lot of Qi energy and the laws of the world, such as the laws of order and light. They are very rare. They are able to purify the lineage and cause the evolution of the lineage, independent of the species.

(5) Leviathan: It is a transcendental beast, that is, there is only one of it in every galaxy. However, there may be others in other galaxies. Just to remember the galaxies are a set of several universes. Read chapter 22 for more information.

(6) See Chapter 42, which talks about the level and power of the world's supporting items.