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 The last thing he heard was Yu and Feng agreeing to move out at that instant. "Huh, it seems the God of Death is a really sly bastard. I wished for 3 people in the family. Hahaha. So, that's the exact number of people he has given me no more no less. Very well, then. This can make do for now. Known, scan the body of my mother before we live and check the reason for her death. It is the least I can do since I wished for it."

"Ding. Command Accepted. Scan complete. Displaying Stats.

Wu Xi (deceased)

Strength: 500

Dexterity: 650

Vitality: 450

Intelligence: 835

Wisdom: 315

Luck: 45

Status: The body of the scanned host is already lifeless. No external injuries have been spotted. Signs of extreme poisoning have been spotted."

"OK, then. Identify which type of poison this could have been based on the stored database."

"Ding. Error. Poison type was not found in the database."

"Analyze the current data based on the body's condition and come up with a reasonable explanation for the poisoning."

"Ding. Command Accepted. Initializing Quantum Processing Mechanism. Processing complete.

Possible reasons for poisoning will be listed down:

A.A fluid based poison was used and it was ingested through drinking. Possibility: 15.25%

B.A air based poison was used and was inhaled by the host. Possibility: 18.45%

C.A biochemical poison was used and the host came contact with it through ingestion or breathing. Possibility: 8.55%

D.The host was poisoned using a soul type poison. Possibility: 5.75%

E.The host was poisoned from the bloodline of the child it was carrying. Possibility 47.3%

F.Other types of poison were used. Possibility: 4.7% "

"So, it was very much my misconception of the facts then. It was much possible the I am the one that caused my mother's death. Known, analyse my current blood toxicity levels."

"Ding. Blood test being initiated.

Results being listed down:

1.Concentration of Cobalt-like Substance: 100 µg/L (Note: normal concentration can be between 0.7 to 3.4 µg/L in blood.)

2.Concentration of Chromium-like Substance: 100 µg/L (Note: normal concentration can be between 0.5 to 2.5 µg/L in blood)

3.Concentration of Lead-like Substance: 100 µg/dL (Note: normal concentration can only be below 5 µg/dL in blood)"

"So, my blood is toxic enough to kill someone. Why am I not dead yet, then? Is it because of my physique or the spirit that wily old fox gave me. Although I feel pity to that Spirit Hall that would face my family's wrath, let's forget it for now. At least I, now, know my blood can be used as a biochemical weapon. Hahaha. It seems we are leaving now. I am gonna sleep for a bit then. Known, Wake me up when we stop moving. Take over my body functions for now. Awaken me, when we get to where we are supposed to go."


A couple of days later. "Ding. Ding. Ding. It seems the desired area has been reached. Waking up the host now."

"So, it is time. We are finally here. Scan the whole area and give me a map of it. Scan also the surrounding people around me and come up with the average stat they have. Come up with two types of classification. One for cultivators and other for non-cultivator. Also, separate them further into three one is for a child, next for a teen and the for an adult. Don't forget to display my current stats."

"Ding. Acknowledged. Scanning the area and people around the host. Sending the map image to the host's brain. Displaying people's average stats.

For an average child, teen and adult non-cultivator, respectively.

Strength: 20 - 40 - 80

Dexterity: 15 - 30 - 60

Vitality: 30 - 60 - 120

Intelligence: 25 - 50 - 100

Wisdom: 15 - 30 - 60

Luck: 10 - 15 - 20

For an average child, teen and adult cultivator, respectively.

Strength: 50 - 100 - 200

Dexterity: 45 - 90 - 180

Vitality: 80 - 160 - 320

Intelligence: 50 - 100 - 400

Wisdom: 25 - 50 - 100

Luck: 25 - 25 - 25

Host: Current stats

DuYao Shen

Strength: 35 (75)

Dexterity: 30 (60)

Vitality: 50 (100)

Intelligence: 50 (125)

Wisdom: 30 (70)

Luck: 50 "

"So, from what it seems to me, I am a bit better than my peers.Those in the parentheses seem to be my basic stats when I awaken my spirits. Ok, then. Known, activate auto-piloting mode. Operate my consciousness until I am about 6 years old and wake me 2 months before the spirit awakening ceremony."


Around five years later, a sound was heard. "Ding. Ding. Ding. It seems the desired time has been reached. Waking up the host now."

"Known, compile the data you have learned so far and then send them to me."

"Ding. Compiling data. Sorting data. Transferring data."

"Huh, it seems that this a bigger world than I originally than that I already thought of. So, known can now display a persons spirit power and body strength. Known, based on the current explanation give me a brief description of every stat and their equivalent in terms of combat ability. Also, display my current stats."

"Ding. Command Acknowledged. Displaying stats description.

Spirit Level: One's indication of cultivation.

Strength: Every 50 points of strength is equivalent to 1 metric ton of force that can be exerted. However, for every 100 points of strength, an additional 250-500 kilogram of force will be added depending on a person's capacity.

Dexterity: Every 10 points of dexterity is equivalent to 1 meter per second speed. However, for every 100 points of dexterity, an additional 25-50 meter per second speed will be added depending on a person's capacity.

Vitality: Every 10 points of vitality is equivalent to 1 hour of running without even getting tired. However, for every 100 points of vitality, an additional 10-30 minutes will be added depending on a person's capacity. It also indicates one stamina.

Intelligence: Every 10 points of intelligence is equivalent to 5 levels of spirit cultivation. However, for every 100 points of intelligence, there is a chance that an additional 1 level will be added on a person's cultivation.

Wisdom: Every 10 points of wisdom is equivalent to 2.5% of spirit power recovery per hour of meditation. However, for every 100 points of wisdom, an additional 2.5%-5% will be added depending on a person capacity. It can also be an indication of how well one can make an action or decision in applying ones' experience, knowledge, and judgment on the matter.

Luck: Every 5 points of luck is equivalent to 1 chance of fortuitous encounter or a chance for enlightenment. This also be an indication of one's karma in life. Additionally, for every 10 points of luck, there is a 5% chance of landing a decisive blow or a fatal one.

Host: Current stats

DuYao Shen

Spirit Level: XX

Strength: 75

Dexterity: 60

Vitality: 100

Intelligence: 125

Wisdom: 70

Luck: 55


"My body is finally on its optimal condition. I guess it is now time for me start cultivating soon" said Shen confidently.

Suddenly, a knock was heard and a voice then called unto him. It was his great-grandma Feng or Lady Feng. "Xiao Shen, it is time now for your spirit awakening. Let us now proceed to the hall for you to undergo it there. Come on, hurry. Today will mark the start of your cultivation."

They now leaving on a mountain on the edge of the doulou continent. Having secluded themselves from other people, they started to build a house which seem to blend with the environment there. It was a two story house built out of wood and stone. The second floor was meant for private and cultivating rooms for them. While the first was divided into three parts, first, the ancestral hall, which was riddled with statues of spirits and the member of the clan the have died; second, the mess hall, which had a table for four people and a small kitchen to cook and store the food; and lastly, the living room, which was big enough to fit 3 cars. This is also the location where most of the planning and talking are happening about the planned revenge his family had to the wrongfully accused Spirit Hall.

While walking to towards the ancestral hall, he suddenly recalled something, "Based on the information, I have collected. I am a member of DuYao Clan, a clan prosecuted by the Spirit Hall because of their ability to manipulate poison branding them as evil cultivators or poison masters. But, of course the world as we know it is filled with a lot of mystery. Based on my analysis and what known has deduced, the reason why they were prosecuted is because of the potential the family had to produce great spirit masters. As on the the average, most of its members have reach the Spirit Sage Stage before the prosecution began. Unlike the Du Clan, the poison this clan wield did not threaten their life but strengthened them which led to their prosecution. I am also a member of the Wu Clan, a ancient clan known for its support capability. However, if it were not for the fact, the only one child can be borne by a member of this clan or be conceived by the wife of a member of this clan. They would have taken the top spot amongst the clans present in the continent. I guess it will be reasonable for me then to be a person capable of breaking the limit set by this world. Hahaha. Today is the start of my cultivation towards the peak of the world."

A man's voice suddenly beckoned for him: "Come in now, Xiao Shen. Your father will now awaken your spirit."

He then proceeded to the center of the hall to accept the ceremony.

His father then said, "I will now be releasing my spirit power. Now, concentrate and call onto your martial spirit."

"Ok, father." The green light then enveloped the him and suddenly a golden light was released from his body. Now, he was covered with light but all he felt was warmth, this was his first sensation, it was as if his body was wrapped up inside a very warm world, very comforting. This sensation ran through his left hand. Things change when he suddenly felt a tremendous force run through his right hand to the point blood oozed out from his pores. He suddenly cursed, "Shit, I forgot I had other spirits."

His body started shaking as a silhouette of himself was released. Suddenly, a grey aura permeated the room. An eerie aura filled with death and despair which started to swallow the energy being supplied in a very fast way. It seemed like an endless void opened up and hungrily consumed the surrounding energy.

His father was shocked by the phenomenon but composed himself and asked for help, "Grandpa, Grandma, Help me supply him with energy. Let us see until when will he get his fill." An hour later, "It seems things have started to get down. Thanks for the help. It would exhausted all my spirit power had you not helped me."

After thing settled down, his father asked him to hold a crystal ball. They were shocked. They said in almost the same time, "Spirit Level of 12. Hahaha. It seems he really is a monster. An anomaly would better describe him. Hahaha."

Lady Feng asked, "Xiao Shen, can you tell me what your spirit is?"