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 Meanwhile at the Platinium Avenue , Lu Family Villa ..

'Haaa .. haaaacuhhhh!'

This is his second time sneezing but this Young Master still does n't have any attention-getting up from his bed.

Under the warm sunlight ray, that going through the open window, his white and flawless skin glowing, his face looked childish due to his messy hair from twisting and turn at the bed. His nice and thick lashes fluttering because the sunlight ray dazzled him. His white and black strip pajamas contrasting his masculine look especially since he unbuttons two off the button, exposing his sexy collarbone section. He just too perfect for a human being.🔥

Lu Ji Shuang already having a hard time early in the morning. He can't sleep anymore, but at the same it's just 8 a.m, it just too early for him to get his lazy bum up.

''Urrgh I don't want to get up ..'' He sluggishly stretching his body.

''Where's my pillow?'' then he looked down at the floor. Most off his pillow turn out falling from his bed.

''Wuoh. It seems like I should buy a new pillow. You guys are so naughty! Heh. Every time I awake you guys always hanging out down there. Gossiping about me.''he murmured. He tries his best to reach his pillow from his bed.

(Stupp!) ''Arrghhh! It's hurt! Wth? You also team up with that Pillow Gang?'' he bangs his head at the bedside table without he knowing it.

He throws his fist to it.

One of his precious picture which turn out on the top of the bedside tables almost falling.

''No !'' thank God, he had enough time to safe it from falling.

He put the picture on his chest. Then, he looked at it without blinking. His face blooming with a satisfied smile. But, deep inside his heart, no one knows the bitterness that he needs to feel and face every day.

''Hye, Yu Yan..'' he kisses the picture with the gentle manner. ''Morning .. how are ..'' before he could finish his word he ends up ..

''Haaaa .. cuhhhh!'' sneeze again. ( I'm sorry Ji Shuang❤️️)

''Who on earth talking behind my back at this hour?! Its three time already! You guys should know .. I'm too handsome for you!''

Then he gets up and put the picture on the bedside table. He changed his pajamas to the sportswear.

''It seems like I need to buy a super king size bed. If I got married .. ''


When he reaches downstairs, he sneaking to the kitchen.

His thin lips curve into a cheeky smiled after he sees his prey too busy to realize him at her back, who ready to attack her any moment.

Before his hand land at her wrinkled cheek, suddenly the maid turns around.

''Morning Young Master Lu! I can see you just now.'' she smiled.

''Dang it! How?'' he puffing his mouth and showed his disappointed look.

''Ahaha Young Master. I can see your reflection from the front window'' she said it while patting his shoulder gently. This kid. He too adorable to be called 26 years old.

''That's mean we need to renovate this kitchen! Pull out all the window. How about that?'' he smiled.

'' It's up to you Young Master'' she replied.

''Heh. I'm joking. By the way, what you cook at this hour? Is it for breakfast?'' he asked.

''I'm sorry Young Master. I never prepared breakfast before, because you always get up when it almost evening at weekend. Why you get up this early?''

''Oh ya. I sneezing around 3 times just now. Then, I decide to get up ..'' he sounds like a kid complaining to his parents.

The maid shocked.''Really? Young Master, are you sick? I'll make a bowl of soup for you. Maybe you got flu. It's better we prevent it first before it getting late.'' She turns around and goes to the refrigerator.

''Aww. You so sweet my honey. It just sneezes not flu. Don't worry'' he hugs her from the back and kissed her wrinkle cheek. ''Morning!''

''Hahaha, I still make it for you later on. Ok?'' she replied.

He smiled while squitting his eyes cutely. ''Wokey, if you insist. I'll take a walk first. My belly getting big lately, cause off the delicious food that you cook'' he poked her cheek.

''Hahaha, its okay, you still looked handsome Young Master. Many girls out there still have interest in you even though you getting fatter.''

He smiled meaningly. ''Heh. I'll go take a walk first''

He slowly walks to the entrance and jogged slowly to the garden.

There a sweet and bitter memory that he still can recall at this place. Which he can't erase from his memory.


''Will you take Yu Yan as yo...''

''I DO !'' Ji Shuang replied with a confident manner as if they really got married. He feels like he wants to protect this girl even though they just 4 years old.

The little girl in front of him puffing her mouth as a protesting action ''Shuang-Shuang! You should wait for Brother Qiang finish his words first!''


''Heh. Yu Yue. Where are you? I really miss you ...''