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 Sun, oh sun why are you such a bitch?

I wanted some time more for my work, so why did you have to rise again?

"Lord Joseph, it is time to get up." a voice said from the outside as a beautiful girl with around 16 years old entered the room. She is an elegant, snow-white skinned, black-pony tailed beauty. She currently is wearing a maid uniform that has plenty of details in steel and metal, it was specially designed for the purpose of raising her defense even when she was working.

"Okay, I am going already Nabe-chan." I told her, she is Narberal Gamma, one of my mutation pawns.

"Understood. Also, you have been invited to send your new sculptures to the art exposition next week in Milan." She said.

"Okay, but what about the results of the last popularity pools from my last game?" I asked as I started changing clothes after looking myself in the mirror, and I must say that my body looks like a bodybuilder one but a bit more lean and full of energy and vitality, a body that could be seen as close to perfection. And not to forget that I think I am most certainly not shabby on the looks department (choosing this body was most definitely NOT a mistake, the original Joseph G. Newton was called the perfect human for a reason after all).

One bad habit of growing up being so close to Rias is that I don't care if others see me naked, especially some of the girls that I have a more, let's say intimate relationship.

Well, not that he was into a relationship with all girls on his peerage, mind you, it was just that I am open about my body and do not care if others are looking.

Narberal, for instance, was not in a relationship with me at all. Her lover was someone else on his peerage.

"Oh, I think my luck must be a truly wonderful thing if I can still wake up for the amazing sight of my most favorite person in the world and the number three too. How incredibly lucky." Komaeda said as he entered the room when I finished changing clothes.

Yep, Komaeda Nagito, my only bishop (and a mutation type no less).

After knowing him at that concert years ago we started talking some more, and after a while, I decided to invite him to my peerage. To say he accepted the invite instantly would be an underestimation, he practically jumped at the piece when I showed it to him.

I had explained to him about the supernatural world long ago and he was entranced by my stories. He said something about how it was a whole new world of talents waiting for him to find out.

Oh and he idolatries me, probably due to the fact that I have been quite busy these last few years.

Since that bet, I have been working hard to get to the top in all those areas, and I have been quite successful so far.

I've already managed to get a few of my sculptures and paintings on THE Louvre, have won multiple contests of playing videogame, managed to clean the house in some of the casinos in Vegas, including the underground ones where I competed multiple times with the Queen of Liars Celestia Ludemberg (I almost invited her to be part of my peerage as a pawn but she suddenly said she have been approached by someone else and I never saw her again, a same as she was one of the few persons who could challenge me on gambling), have managed to help develop some new theories about string theory that are now only waiting for actual experiments to prove or disprove but are extremely promising, and have even managed to make a line of clothes that is almost as popular as mother's.

But my most prized point would have to be in spots. I have competed and won a competition in the decathlon during the Olympics last month. It was hard but very fulfilling time as I put repressors on myself so as to not allow my devil nature interfere with the results.

From my objectives, I am only missing the book writing and the game development, and then Maria will finally accept my request to be my glorious queen!

Haaa~~, she is amazing. During this time she has also progressed amazingly, she has managed to get to become a world-renowned idol. She is considered amongst the most amazing girls in the world, and this is not just by me.

"How is your training on controlling your sacred gear coming along?" I asked Komaeda.

"Oh, it is not going too great hope-sama." Sigh, why did I let him start calling me hope again? He is just too insistent on his decisions and his focus on thinking I am the 'symbol of hope of the world' or some crap like that makes it hard for me to deny him. "I suppose it was to be expected that someone so lowly as I that only has his sacred gear with him but still managed to be on the middle of all these amazing people would be a failure at the only thing I should be good at. *SIGH* To know I am disappointing you in fully controlling Tellos Karma, I really am no good."

Yep, he has one of the Longinus, to be more specific it is Telos Karma, the Ultimate Karma. It is one of the lower class Longinus due to its low killing potential, but it doesn't mean it is useless. Quite the opposite.

It is basically the control of luck, of the chance. Teorically he could make a good so unlucky that he dies in some bizarre accident quite easily. But Komaeda is quite far from that level, he can't control his sacred gear at all. Thanks to that he suffers from bouts of extremely good luck followed by bad luck, sometimes the bad luck goes to others and sometimes for himself.

Strangely enough, the target of bad luck is usually Caesar. I lost count of the number of times a bird pooped on him or he was hit by a truck.

Anyway, at least he now can control the bad luck enough to put preferences on who to inflict the bad luck, which usually is the perverted trio in the school.

To say that Nagito loathes and despises the three is like calling the sun center's warm. He despises the three since those three started spreading rumors about me and started talking shit about me and the others behind my back, and the situation got worst when he heard they commenting about Maria and a few other girls and how they thought of them while they were 'playing with themselves'.

He knows how I feel about some of those girls and amongst those he talked about there was Narberal too.

They were lucky that the bus that nearly ran them over missed them by a few centimeters. Or the fact that the computer containing all their pornography exploded when they were not there.

They suffered quite a bit with that last one.

At least this experience helped him in controlling his gear more, now all he needs is a little more for him to have his balance breaker and fully controlling his gear.

And one good thing is that thanks to adding him to the peerage I received a new prize, a new soul-connected weapon, a ring on my finger. It isn't as strong as my sword and connecting with it is much harder and I can only use it in full body release, but it is a whole new weapon that I keep hidden from others. Another bad side of this new soul weapon is that it is impossible for me to reach the second release with it as the fragent of my soul inside is not big enough and I don't think it is even possible to make it any greatter, but the facts remain that this will work as a secret weapon if I ever need it.

"My lord, it is time for breakfast." Narberal said and then she started leaving the room, but before she left the premises she put her hand forward and caught the back of Komaeda's hoodie and dragged him outside. He smiled the whole time as he was treated roughly, he is quite a bit of a masochist after all and being treated like that by his lover is just about what he would like.

Seeing them act like this put a smile on my face, these two get along in a strange but beautiful way.

Now, time for breakfast. Today it was supposed to be Haineko-chan's turn, right?

Entering the dining hall I could see my peerage already sitting down. Some of them were uncomfortable with sitting to eat with me, but I put a stop to this nonsense and said that they should eat with me at least when there were no guests.

As I sat down I said my hellos for everyone and then started looking at them.

Mukuro looks very nice now compared to when we first met. She now has 1,7 meters of height and well-trained muscle, but the type that makes her fit instead of masculine in any way. She has short black hair, freckles on her face that give her a more young appearance, light purple eyes, and a model figure. Sometimes I ask her to work for me as a model and she makes an excellent one, but she generally puts contacts and a blond wig when she does that as she thinks this makes her more beautiful. I disagree as I prefer her for who she is, but she was adamant about it so I just let it be.

She ended up requesting to be part of my peerage last month, it was right after her sixteenth birthday, the date that would be the end of our contract and that she could leave my house. She ended up really liking here and said she did not want to leave, so she ended up as one of my pawns AND one of the girls on my harem (even if she sometimes likes to do some S&M stuff that leaves me a bit uncomfortable, I am not a fan of humiliation play that she seems to enjoy receiving). She is my only 'normal' pawn, but honestly, she could probably kill most queens without a single problem or scratch in her body.

Besides her is Pekoyama Peko. She is a tall, young woman, who wears a black/dark turquoise schoolgirl uniform with a red tie or ascot. Her skirt is somewhat short and she wears dark tights underneath it with white loafers. She has long, silver hair that she ties up into two braids on either side of her head with white ribbons securing each braid at the top, and two red ties to hold each braid together at the bottom. Her eyes are also bright red. Peko also wears thin framed rectangular glasses.

She is constantly seen carrying her shinai (bamboo sword) around with her in a dark turquoise sheath/wrap with a silver/white design on the back. The shinai has a metal katana blade hidden at the center of its bamboo wrappings, which Peko likely uses when protecting and hunting people on my orders.

Currently, she has won every single sword contest she ever entered, she is the idol of the kendo club, heck she is the idol of ALL female kendo clubs in Japan. Also, she is one of the members of my harem.

On the other side of Mukuro is Chris. She is one of the rooks that I have, she has been since she is ten, the same age that I left grandma's house.

She is a short girl with purple eyes and long lavender hair that falls to her knees, separated into twin-tails that further split into three curly strands each, and an ahoge. She has a not so athletic build but she is well endowed enough, she also is a great singer and while she isn't a professional it is mostly because she did not want to follow Maria's footsteps.

On the other side of the table was Solution, and she was gorgeous. She is a tall, buxom young woman with blonde hair styled into drills at the ends of her bangs, and deep blue eyes. She wears a very skimpy maid outfit (black headpiece included) that clings to her form, enhancing her curves in all the right places with the skirt barely reaching below her thighs. The skirt also has a slit on the right side, showing what was otherwise uncovered, while the shoulders were puffed up and her arms were covered with black bicep-length gloves with silver cuffs. Her legs were covered by black nylon stockings, with silver thigh-high armored high heeled boots.

Besides her was Caesar, my pawn. He has very long, spiky, black hair, brown eyes, and two curly horns growing from the back of his head. He is rather tall, wears purple lipstick and dark makeup on his eyes. He has a small flat nose and long thin eyebrows. His arms are very thin in comparison with to rest of his body.

Caesar wears a big light blue colored coat with "GAS" printed in pink on each side. Under his coat, he wears a pair of diagonally striped yellow overalls which are striped cross with orange lines.

He has grown to be feared on the underworld due to his inventions and chemical weapons of mass destruction that he loves to create, but even without them he still is a force to be reckoned with as he is one of the strongest members of my peerage and an especially deadly one.

I still remember the last invasion from demons, it wasn't that many who came that time as it was just the typical raid on my family's territory for food and slaves. I and my peerage went there and while I, Lo'lo and Peko managed to fight a lot of strong opponents the others couldn't since Caesar alone killed over 200 of them using his poisonous gas. It is true that the ones killed were the weaklings, but it still was plenty impressive.

"Shuololololo, Joseph-sama you are just the man I wanted to talk with. I have been working tirelessly on a new project but the funds ran dry, would it be possible for you to send me more money? It is all for science." He said.

I turned to Solution and asked.

"Do you know what he spent the money on?"

"Yes my Lord, I've checked the registry and around half of it was spent on illegal booze and contracting many succubi for him to enjoy." She said trying to hold her laughter when she looked at Caesar's face as he yelled.

"How did you know?!"

"Because Joseph-sama asked me to check up on you to make sure of what you spend your funds on." she said.

I ended up laughing and waving this off. I didn't care if he did that once in a while, but I told him that he would have to work with a tighter amount of funds at least until the experiment showed results.

On the other side of Solution is Haineko, she became a curvaceous woman with turquoise eyes, olive-colored skin, and chin-length maroon hair, which is styled into two cat-like ears at the top and frames Haineko's face with several long bangs. She has pink fur covering her forearms, her pelvis, her feet, her left leg, and most of her upper torso. She has a tuft of white fur covering her neck and extending down to the middle of her chest, and there is a ring of white fur around her right thigh. She has a long, pink tail and claw-like nails.

She is the most well-endowed woman in my peerage, beating Solution by a difference of less than3 centimeters but she still likes to show off the fact she is bigger. And it just so happens that she is my pawn and the one who took away my first time, no regrets there I assure you. It was her first true mating period and she could not hold herself, I honestly was fine with that as afterward I accepted being in a more serious relationship with her.

By my side is Entoma, my sweet and cute little sister. She is a petite young girl with purple hair styled like spider legs, red eyes, wore a kimono that seemed several sizes too large for her, red tights and black shoes. Its uniform looks similar to the ones used by the typical Japanese maids, just a bit darker overall. But for me, she still looks freaking cute.

"Lil sis, what you are eating there?" I asked her.

"Meat. Stray's." She says as she finished eating, she even released a small blurt afterward. It may seem strange, but it was simply part of her physiology that she has a diet that is composed mostly of meat. I allowed her to eat the stray devils and demons we kill as they would at least serve a purpose this way besides helping us train our skills on their bodies.

I guess the fact that my peerage is known as the one that you should NEVER mess around with amongst the young devils makes sense.

The last one in the table was Phillufy. She has grown a LOT, she has a childish face that makes an extreme contrast to her body that is just as well endowed as Solution or Haineko, but her looks even bigger due to the fact that she has a small frame, also they do feel pretty good to fondle, quite good indeed, probably the softest of my peerage (not that I have touched some of them of course, I only touch those who I am in a relationship with). Her hair is still on the same way as before but now she hides all traces of her dragon heritage so as to mix better with the other humans. Currently, she is one of the three mascots in the school, just beside Entoma and Koneko (Shirone's new name, chosen to mark how she no longer was the same as before).

"Hey, where is Lo'lo?" I asked as I started to eat.

"Like you don't know it already, idiot." Chris said while eating. If it was someone else calling me an idiot I know some of the people here would have reacted badly, especially Komaeda as he is someone with a few loose screws on the head, but everyone here knows that calling others idiot and being offensive in general is just how Chris is.

And we also know that she is a huge softy on the inside anyway.

"*Sigh* So he went out on a long date again? If he takes too long and makes Sakura be late Sona will want to strangle me." I said.

Lo'lo too has found himself a girlfriend, one of Sona's rooks, Sakura Ogami. She is quite the good girl, and while she is undoubtedly a good person she also is someone that most would not be able to date at all.

She is, after all, a world-renowned fighter that is known as the ultimate martial artist. And that was BEFORE she turned into a devil. I remember that during a competition of martial arts we two fought and I can safely say that if I wasn't a devil she would have defeated me 6 seconds tops.

She is basically made of so many muscles that she earned the nickname The Ogree, and Lo'lo loves it. His race likes to seek strong partners and she fit in that category no doubt.

Speaking of Sona, her peerage on this world is quite different and honestly much scarier. On CANON, excluding Saji and Tsubaki the others looked like cannon fodder at best and forgettable at worse, but on this world, the members are quite different and they are much more interesting and strong, to say the least. Especially her mutation pawns and rooks, they are true and utter monsters when it comes down to fighting and they do equal my own peerage members when it comes down to power.

Rias too has a peerage that already is different from her CANON counterpart as she now had two mutation pawns and her mutation bishop, she already has one different individual in her peerage. Her second rook, Gonta Gokuhara, a nice man that likes to help others as much as possible, he also is dating Entoma with my seal of approval.

And for me to give my seal of approval for ANYONE to date this little sister of mine means that he TRULY is a good guy, a gentleman so to say, but I did warn him that if he dared to make my lil sis sad in any way whatsoever I WILL remove his spine, shove it up his ass, and use him as a cub to smack an entire mountain to small pieces before burning whatever was left of him.

You know, brother stuff.

He only smiled and said 'Okay, if Gonta no gentleman Gonta deserves it'.

Like I said, a gentleman to the core. Besides, no one can dislike the guy, it is like disliking a teddy bear made out of cotton candy and that can heal AIDs and all other diseases in the world just by existing. No one can hate that unless ou are a total ass.

"Anyway, us there any other news?" I asked no one in specific.

"There was a new challenge from Vali, it is the third time this month." Solution said.

Vali has continued his battle junkie tendencies, but now he has a whole peerage full of battle junkies with him.

It is mostly the same as his original team in CANON, which means it is more than strong enough.

And as he grew up close to me he now sees me as a rival, which means that he challenges me every chance he got. He said that the only shame is that I am not the sekyriutei otherwise it would truly be perfect.

Hopefully, Issei manages to grow strong enough fast enough or Vali might actually try to involve Issei's family, he is just that impulsive after all and for him all that matters is a good fight and perhaps Kuroka and his Queen as he is dating both as far as I know.

"Fine, who want to come this time around?" I asked as I finished my meal.

"I would like to go, it has been a while since I last fought that intolerable pussycat." Haineko said.

Her relationship with Kuroka is still awful.

"I would like to go too, but I have practice for the kendo national finals tonight. I am immensely sorry young lord!" Peko said bowing her head with a very sad expression, she does considers me her first priority but I also ordered her to try and live a bit outside of just serving me so she probably is torn between what to do. She does tend to overcomplicate the obvious.

"I guess I could go, not that I think a worthless existence that the only talent is being lucky has any place in such an amazing fight, but if my presence can help I would gladly be your stepping stone any time." Komaeda said.

"Tch, if we weren't here in the human world I would go." Chris said with an irritated snarl.

The others were not interested in even saying anything, so it was decided that I, Komaeda, and Haineko were the ones that would go.

I wonder how it will go down.

Anyway, it is time for school, so we all changed clothes and left from the house. Haineko turned herself into a cat to rest upon my shoulders so as to not draw attention, she would walk around during class as she did not like to even be near the school during class time.

Approaching school I started hearing some of the fangirls screaming the name of me and Peko while looking with disgust to Caesar and Komaeda. Caesar because he was caught trying to spy on the girls changing clothes almost as many times as the perverted trio and Komaeda because, well he is Komaeda. The whole aura around him makes others afraid of being anywhere close to him and his self-depreciation added to the fact he is together with Narberal who is considered one of the prettiest girls in the entire school REALLY isn't helping his case. There are even some who say he is blackmailing her, not that it is true but it still is a rumor on the school.

Anyway, as soon not long after we entered the school a hulking man approached.

He is a very tall and muscular teenager with tanned skin. He has a noticeably angular face and very long, messy brown hair, with noticeable prominent curls at the top of his head that resemble ahoges. He has red eyes and wears round glasses.

"Gonta happy is to see you all." He says when he gets close to us, and while his appearance suggests otherwise he is probably one of the nicest persons here. "Gonta wanted to meet you Ento-chan." He says to Entoma before giving her a hug.

It was quite a weird scene for most, like watching the incredible hulk hugging a normal person due to the difference in size. But I do know that he is someone that truly likes her and, despite how weird it may seem, I was happy when I saw the two together, but I did tell him to NOT kiss her in front of me.

No brother likes seeing his younger sister getting kissed, at the very least I hate it very much so.

After the hug, he kept holding her hand when he turned to me and said.

"Gonta sorry for outburst just now. Gonta just too happy for seeing Ento-chan so Gonta lost focus, but Gonta gentleman so Gonta will tell you why came here. The Buchou asked me to tell you to go see her." He said.

I nodded to him and gave my goodbyes to the others that would go to other rooms, it was close to the time for class so they all headed to their own classrooms.

Caesar, Solution, Narberal, Komaeda, Lo'lo, and I study in the same class so I asked them to go first and note down anything they think important.

And so I started walking to the occult research room in the old school building.

In the way, I noticed that the gym was opened and decided to take a look. Inside were Lo'lo and Sakura fighting it out, these two idea of a romantic date.

Both looked like bodybuilders with how much muscles they had, but Sakura looked to have even more than him especially with that large scar cutting across her face. These two put an illusion around the gym to make the normal students now notice what is happening, a normal trick that Sakura learned long ago from Sona.

Just looking at them and how there are blasts of wind and tremors on the earth as they exchange punches and kicks makes me realize that I am not equal to them in physical strength at all, probably the only ones amongst the younger devils that can match them are Nidai (Sona's peerage another rook), Gonta, me, and Sairaorg. We just have way too much physical strength (well, I need to release the full body version of the first level of my sword to get to that level, or using the full capacity of the Black Heaven and Earth techniques but that is something I avoid as much as possible).

Anyway, I left the two there to their fight and walked to the Old School Building.

This place gives me the creeps, not because of it being terrifying or scarry, but because it looks awful.

Since I started working with so many art related things my sense of aesthetics got really high so looking at somewhere like this makes me want to demolish the whole thing and build it again from the ground up. Maybe a few paintings and sculptures to give a better vibe to it all, but Sona was adamantly against my wonderful idea.


Anyway, I entered the place and went straight to the room of the club.

Entering there I see Rias sitting down in all her glory. Don't get me wrong, I know I already am with plenty of gorgeous women but I still see her as being just too beautiful to ignore.

After exchanging glances for a while she stood up and walked to me.

"The time is coming," she said. "Riser is pressuring for the marriage to happen faster, will you really help me?" She asked looking at me straight in the eyes.

"Yes, of course, I will." I told her instantly, making her release a small breath that she was holding. "I told you right, that I would not let this farce proceed. After all," I pulled her into an embrace. "how could I let someone else take away one of my women." I then took her cherry lips in mine.

She did not struggle in any way, she just kissed back as we stayed like that.

She was Rias Gremory, a girl I know since young and a woman that one day I shall take as my wife!