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 When Varen woke up he saw that his room was in a mess and Peter was gone. (I guess Peter found out that something is up since he broke the bathroom sink and there is tooth paste all over the mirror.)

Varen got up from his bed and stretched up his arms towards the sky feeling his joints crack. The power must have finished processing when I was asleep, I feel great.

Since it was Saturday, Varen assumed that Peter has gone out to play with his powers. Well I'll just leave him for now so that he can find out about the things that he can do.

"Morgana, can you start gathering the materials needed to make Peter's suit please. I'll come up with the design later, just use the same materials used for my suit. No nanos tho, I dont want to make things to easy for him haha."

{Yeah sure, Varen are we finally going out tonight for our first patrol?!}

"Yeah we are, but first I need to go to the lab and learn how to control my strength. I dont want to go and accidently killing people now do I?"

{Ok! Im prepping the training station}

As I arrived at Orion, I texted Mom and Dad to tell them that I was here.

I quickly made my way up to the floor where their office was at.

"Mom, Dad im here!"

Hearing my call, May quickly looked up from her paper work and ran towards me.

May: "Ren! I missed you so much, did you miss mommy too?"

Varen: "I litterally saw you just yesterday mom!" I say this as I avoide her hug.

May: "I know! Its been so looooong!"

Varen: "Hey Dad, how are things here?"

Ben: "Well you know, being one of the biggest companies in the world is not exactly easy. Brat when are you going to take over as the head of the company huh!?"

Varen: "Sorry Dad for all the trouble, but it is still to early for me to take over. Especially now that I am going to be out on patrol tonight."

Ben: "You are doing it tonight? Are you ready?"

Varen: "I will be by tonight."

May: "You better not do anything too crazy Varen!"

Varen: "I knooow Mom. c'mom, dont you trust me?"

May: "Ok, but when you come out on Tv you better look super cool!"

Varen: "Haha I will I promise, also their is something you should know."

Both May and Ben gave their attention to Varen.

Varen: "Peter has powers."

Ben/May: "WHAT?!!"

Varen: "He got bit by a radioactive spider that mutated his genes, he does not know that we know so dont tell him anything. Im only telling you so that you guys will know what he will be doing later when he is running late for things."

Ben: "What do you mean"

Varen: "He is going to be a super hero."

May: "How do you know this?"

(Shit! How do I explain this?)

Varen: "Because I know Peter, this is something he would do."

May: "Yeah your right, that is something he would do." May said sighing.

(Phew, almost messed up there, I should be careful in the future.I dont want to give away that I know about the future.)

Ben: "If he is going to be doing this, I need you to protect him Varen."

Varen: "I know, that is what I was planning on doing. Im actually in the prosis of making him a suit."

May: "Good, I dont want him getting hurt."

Varen: "Anyway, that was everything I had to tell you. Im going to to train now."

Ben: "Ok, Good luck son."

May: "Bye Baby!!!"

As I made it to my training room, I saw a bunch of things to test my strength. There were cars, concret blocks, a punching machine etc.

I spent all day figuring out what the right amount of force should be used to fight normal people with. When I was done I saw that it was already 9pm. Seeing the time, I left towards my base to get ready.

When I got to the base, I made my way to the manikin wearing my suit. I take it off the manikin making the suit shrink into a ring. I grab the ring and put it on my right ring finger, and as I did the suit went up my right arm and wraped around my body like the scene with Iron man in infinity war. I put on the eye mask and make the suit form the hood.

"Are you ready Morgana?"

{Yes I am so ready! Lets go kick some ass!}

"Haha you are to cute"

Ignoring morgana's embarassed squealing, I made my way to the NightCycle and Vroom it to life. I then speed out through another secret exit designed for my land vehicals located in a deserted allyway. I speed through the city enjoying the wind hitting my face. I constantly tuned in to the police coms and listened in to potential crimes. Although it did not take long for me to find something, as I could see a lot of smoke in the distance and loud sirens wailing.

I saw that it was an apartment building set ablaze.The firefighters were trying to find a way through but the fire was to intense sending them back.

Stranger: "Please somone! My little girl is still in there!"

A woman could be seen begging the fire fighters to go in and search for her daughter. Although the firefighters were trying the best they could to put the fire out, you can see the helplessness in their faces when it came to going into the building. The fire was way to hot for anyone to come close to it and it has already covered all of the entrances.

I quickly get off my bike and put on a Air mask in order to breath.

{Varen, I have Identified the best possible entrance points. You will have to dive through the fire in order to make it in.}

Varen saw the highlited window and started to run straight towards it. When the firefighters saw him running towards the fire they quckly tried to him.

Firefighter: "Hey stop! Its dangerous!!"

Ignoring them Varen dived through the window. Since his suit was fire resistant, he did not feel that much heat, just a little warm. Once he was in he heard the faint crying of a little girl through the roaring flames.

He tracked the faint voice and found the little girl hiding in a closet covered in black soot. She was crying and coughing due to the smoke being in her eyes and penetrating into her lungs. Varen quickly put an air mask on her and carried her in his arms. He looked at her and said "Im going to get you out of here, im going to need you to be a brave girl and hold onto me as tight as you can ok?" She quickly nodded as I started to look around.

"Morgana what is the safest root out of here!?"

{Through this window,  but you will have to hurry. The roof above it is unstable and will collapse any minuet!}

I quickly sprint towards the window and jump out protecting the little girl from the fire. We free fall as we were on the 4th story but I land on my feet gracefully, and as I landed I heard the 4th story crumble. (Phew, made it just in time)

I then bring the little girl to her mother taking back the air mask.

Stranger: "My baby!" She shouts while crying relieved tears and hugging the little girl. "Thank you so much!"

Varen: "You are very welcome, she was very brave!" I said smiling while patting her head.

The surrounding people started to clap and cheer for the safety of the little girl.

Little girl: "Whats your name mister?"

As the little girl asked this I was already on my bike. I looked towards her and smiled saying "You can call me Nightwing."

I then vroomed the bike to life speeding out of the area looking for more people in need.