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 As much as Jade did not want to get meet him, speaking to Mike had the highest percentage of success. The guy practically lives in a bar, (cause he owns it) so he was easy to find. And it seems he and Vance were very unusually close. He still owed her an introduction during the May Party and if he refused she had ways to make Mike oblige.

Feeling satisfied with herself and having found a solution, Jade smiled and picked herself up to go back inside to get changed. King lift up her head for a moment to watch her leave than returned to doing her own thing, basking in the sun.


In an effort to redeem herself, Anna Lein begged Klaus to not send her back. There were still several days until the contract was finalized and she could not take the humiliation if she returned early. Klaus initial against it, decided to ultimately allow her to stay. After all, she was the best translator they had. It would only cause trouble if they could not find a suitable replacement. However, the final decision was not his to make, it was President Long that was unhappy with her.

"I'll give you a chance,if you can improve and impress CEO Long then we will be willing to allow you to stay" Klaus spoke then looking to Hans who replied with a nod.

"I'll give a call to President Long and ask if he'll like to discuss some more over drinks" Hans added

"Danke dir onkel" Anna cheered happily


Eclipse Night Bar at Night

Syn City

Eclipse Night Bar is one of the most popular hot spots of Syn City. Its owner Mike Zhao was handsome, wealthy and owned several chain restaurants across Country C. Yet he spends most of days managing the bar. The bar itself is like a nightclub, expertly decorated and had three floor. The first floor was the main club, where the entertainments,games, drinks and Dj's were held, its walls were covered with small LED lamps that sometimes choreographed shapes and images like a visual light show according to the music. The second were private rooms with soundproofing walls with bulletproof glass windows overlooking the first. In the basement were the boss's private rooms that were only available to the Mike's personal guest and stored the most valuable alcohol.

When Jade stepped in, she wore a light blue blouse,dark jeans, ankle boots, a silver cuff bracelet, and the gold necklace with the small blue gem she received from Cherry. The first time she came to Eclipse was the fourth day of her arrival from abroad and that night she attracted too much attention as she was dressed in an off-shoulder beige dress that hugged her waistline and an assortment of jewlery and makeup. Many guys approached her offering to buy her a drink, show her their car, ride her around. While she enjoyed conversed with some of them for a while, she did not like strangers touching her, but it was enough to caused the spark of rumors about her being loose. At the time, she did not have any connections in the city as a recent returnee. She was only aware that Brad had an acquaintance who owned a bar and it was as good a place to start as any.

Now, she came with the sole purpose of finding Mike, luckily, she did not have to search far.

"I'll have a club soda" Jade told the bartender the moment she sat down.

"Hey beautiful, you alone?" just the voice she wanted to hear.

"Mr. Zhao" Jade smiled looking at the man in the grey sweater,black cropped hair and young boyish facial features.

"Oh, Miss Leu what are you doing here?"

"Jade is fine" Jade said trying to be polite, the best behavior when asking for a request.

"I'm actually here for you" Jade added after a quick pause.

Mike looked at her with surprise

"Have my charms finally worked?" He whispered to himself out loud, not quite meaning to.

However, Jade decided to ignore that comment. Thinking about how to approach the subject, she decided it was best to come straight out"

"I'm here to ask you for a favor" Jade said cutting to the chase. "I need you to introduce me to Vance Long"

Mike stared at her surprised and a hint of amusement. A smile sneaked on his face that would have sent a dozen females dazed at the sight. A lot of women want to meet Vance, however, not many get the chance. If it were any other women, Mike would have immediately dismissed and discourage her. However, if he remembered his friend well, Vance has asked several times about her as well. Mike debated whether or not to tell.

"Oh? Why would I do that?" Mike said in a teasing tone and a devious smile.

"Did you forget, during the May Party, you said you'd introduce me to him" She replied matter of factually

Jade was prepared to fight the extra mile in order to get an audience the great boss, after all, no one meets the emperor without some struggles through his army of subjects. However, she was surprised that it didn't take Mike any further persuasion as he just laughed as though he was having an inside joke and said


Then pointed at one of the windows on the second floor.


Our connection was

a cord woven over many lifetimes

one we didn't begin

and could never unravel,

no matter how hard we tried.

I am truly envious

of our next fateful crossing,

in whatever lifetime that may be,

and so hopeful

we won't waste it again.

- Leo Christopher