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 *Andy's POV*

Lydia is due in three weeks. I am very excited to meet the twins. They'll grow filled with love even without a mother. I am not reconsidering my plans of sending Lydia as far as I can. I may sound heartless but that's what I believe the best thing to do. I have done the biggest mistake by loving and trusting her. It's high time to move on and start a new life with my babies without her.

I knocked at Lydia's door, she's been staying in her room most of the times. She rarely wandered inside the house. I waited for a couple of minutes but she didn't answer. I knocked once more but still no answer. I pushed it open and I was surprised it was not locked. Her room is dark even in high noon. It has an eerie feeling.. Loneliness. That is the only word I could described. I saw some glow in the darks in the ceiling. How did she manage to put it there? Stars of various sizes scattered the ceiling. There's also a half moon shining in its glory. I stared at it some more. It represents a beautiful night sky. Is she really serious not going outside the room that she brought the night sky inside her room? She can be really stubborn sometimes.

I glanced at the bed and found her sleeping. I wondered if she came down for breakfast this morning. I came closer to look at her. I haven't seen her this close for a while. Unlike other pregnant women, Lydia never gained even a pound. She became thinner and thinner that made her look very frail. But I didn't notice her being pale not until now. Or my eyes are playing tricks on me. It's dark so I really couldn't see her clearly. I decided to turn on the lights so that I could tell myself what I just suspected. I switched the lights on and was startled to see a very pale Lydia in her sleeping form. She is as white as a sheet.

Then I remembered she looked exactly like that on that fateful night we had an argument. That night where I almost lost her and the twins. My heart started to pound wildly. Is she even breathing? God, not again! I ran to her side and I started to relax when I found out she's still alive. But I am not going to take any chances though, I asked Jake to call an ambulance. She still needs to go to the hospital. I went to her side and she had awaken. She was confused when she saw me.

"You're very pale. The ambulance will be here anytime soon." I told her. She just nodded. She was very silent. I was staring at her but she avoided my gaze. I saw her right hand caressing her stomach.

"I'm going to really miss them." She just said out of nowhere. How am I supposed to answer that? When I didn't answer she started to talk again.

"When I'm gone, would you tell them who I am?" Still I didn't answer. "Maybe you'll find a suitable wife to be their mother. Someone who is way better than me of course." She smiled bitterly and continued.

"I love them more than my life you know. Just promise me you'll take good care of them and I'll be happy to go." She met my gaze and was looking very determined. "Promise me?" She is now crying. "I need you to promise me, please..." I nodded. "I promise."

She smiled at me but that was only for a few seconds. I saw the pain in her face and it made her look so much vulnerable. She managed to say that her water broke and it took me some time to digest what she had said. It's a good thing that the ambulance arrived just in time it was needed the most and we rushed her to the hospital.

On our way, Lydia's contractions are getting closer. I could not describe how hurt she was. But she never complained. She stayed quiet and never complained not even once. Her tears are nonstop. The nurse is trying to talk to her. I know it's not enough to distract her from the pain. She has become even paler. I was just sitting in the corner watching her. The nurse gave me a confused look.

"First time father?" She then asked me. I just nodded in response. She sighed, she came closer and told me. "You're wife is brave not even uttering a single word of complain but still she's in pain and could use a little support from you. Just hold her hand." She smiled and tapped my shoulder. I was about to hold her hand when the door opened and she was being carried out of the ambulance.

She was rushed to the delivery room. I just waited outside. Dr. Woods is taking care of Lydia along with her team. A few minutes later, Marcus arrived with his men, dragging Diana along. I stared at her for a while, then shifted my eyes to the delivery room. We were sitting quietly when a nurse came out. She asked me to wear the green gown and ask me to follow inside but I insisted to stay outside and wait. A few minutes after, a scowling Dr. Woods came and snapped at me.

"I don't understand why you wouldn't come inside to see her. I know you're not in good terms but at least have the decency to hold her hand and at least talk to her! She wanted to see you. She keeps calling you. Have pity on her. She has a very slim chance to live and might cannot make it. Come inside and don't tell her what I just told you." With that, she went back to the delivery and I was left stunned with what I heard.

Marcus took my hand and handed me the green gown. He gave me a reassuring smile and encouraged me to go inside. As I opened the door, I saw Lydia surrounded by the medical team. They are encouraging her that she can do it. I came to her side and she was sweating and hurting at the same time. She looked at me with tears in her eyes. Dr. Woods asked her to push hard and she did what she was told. We heard a baby's cry and it was declared that I have a son. The feeling was overwhelming. I held her hand and smiled at her. A few minutes later, my daughter was born. Some of them took care of the twins and I was left with her. She looked so exhausted and sleepy. I am still holding her hand when she suddenly whispered thanking me. I was about to say something but she stopped me.

"Thank you. At least, I spent it with you. Go now and check on them. If you go, please never look back. I'm setting you free now." She said dismissing me with tears in her eyes. I was so confused. I still want to talk to her about what Dr. Woods said to me. When I was about to open the door I heard her whispered 'I love you.' There was silence. And a sound from a machine brought me to tears. I looked at her with now eyes closed. I tried to get near her but the medical staff asked me to get out of the room. A couple more doctors rushed inside her room. I was standing staring at the door crying. I can still hear the people inside trying to save her. Is she really going to die?

I was dumbfounded. I couldn't believe that it's happening right now. Lydia had somehow gave me hints that she's going away. I never thought that she was unwell the whole time. I was busy planning as to how I am going to live a life without her. And now, she might go away. Forever. Then it dawned on me, that night when she was talking to the babies staring at the night sky crying she knew it all along that she's in great danger and might not make it. She was making the most of her time reading stories and talking to the twins. Of how she wished that someday she can show our twins how beautiful the night sky was. Especially the stars. I couldn't stop the tears in my eyes. She knew she could die but she still chose to take the risk for the twins to live. I'm so sorry Lydia. You'll always be our twins' mom. You deserve that. You gambled your life for them. I can never thank you enough. Now, I owe you so much. You gave me the most beautiful treasures that can never be compared to anything in this world. Our twins.