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 A fairly fat young man of around eighteen years old collapsed while working...


Because he would work three part-time jobs a day with little to no rest....

Suraj was from a upper-middle class family. His life was going pretty smoothly until his father, Aakash , a contractor suffered an enormous loss of 200,000 dollars in a governmental project which was caused by the backstabbing of a trusted partner...

( Author's note :- 200,000 dollars might not seem like a enormous sum but it is indeed a lot here... I guess it is about 20,000,000 Nepalese currency... #I_would_probably_kill_you(my reader)_for_that_sum... he..he )

Suraj wasn't an exceptionally bright student but with the expenditure of few thousand dollars, he could have gotten a bachelor's degree and gotten a stable job, which was the wish of his parents. But alas, fate had something else in mind for him. His father suffered such a loss that made it impossible for Suraj to get into a good college and obtain his degree.

Their family was on the verge of selling their house if they couldn't find enough money in at most half a year. Just because Suraj's father was a man with a good morals and connections was he able to hold off the debtors from making them sell his house.

Suraj had just finished high-school and was waiting for his results. He straight went into doing jobs. He got himself three part-time jobs that took up eighteen hours a day; six hours for each job whereas he would always sleep for four hours or less.

Alas, he was not used to working and living such an intense lifestyle. Within one month of such intense lifestyle, he collapsed at the cafe he was working at. The cafe owner was shrewd and of bad moral, so he just called his family and didn't even take Suraj to hospital.

Suraj's brother, Rakesh, who was barely fifteen and his mom, Gauri came to the cafe and took Suraj to the hospital while cursing the cafe owner for not even taking Suraj to the hospital.

[... Activating system...]

[...Progress : 1% ... 25% ... 83% ... 99% ...]

[... System Activated...]

Suraj who was lying on the hospital bed slowly opened his eyes after he heard this mechanical voice. He noticed that his brother was sleeping on the chair while his head laid on the bed, supported by his hands.

[... Congratulations to host for binding with the system...]

A transparent window appeared in front of Suraj which made open his eyes wide.He couldn't even make a sound as he was too shocked to do that.


It's simple. He, a otaku, who watched henta.... umm, anime, read manga and light novels was pretty familiar with systems as his dreams revolved around the system and reincarnations.

[... Host has been awarded with a novice starting pack...]

[... Would you like to open the novice starting pack ? ...]

"Yes", he answered in a low voice.

[... Opening novice starting pack...]

[...Progress : 1% ... 73% ... 99% ...]

[...Novice Starting pack opened...]

[... Immortal grade cultivation method - Three Birth Chant obtained ...]

[... Cultivation notes {Three Birth Chant} (Part 1) obtained...]

[... Bloodline card worth 2,000 points obtained...]

[... Inventory space card (20 CUBIC METERS) obtained...]

[... The inventory space card is being applied and the other gifts will be placed inside the inventory space...]

'Three Birth Chant? Wait a minute, isn't this that brother Ye Mo's cultivation method?' ,he thought.

( Author's note :- Brother Ye Mo is from the Strongest Abandoned son #In_case_you_Aholes_don't know)

Suddenly, he felt a burning sensation on his right forearm as a black band like tattoo that circumcised his forearm appeared on it magically. Suraj felt a gush of knowledge flood inside his brain as he was familiarized with the process of using the inventory space in his arm.

Unlike those space rings, this space just needed his consciousness to store and retrieve things to and from the space. Inside the space, Suraj saw a blood red card and two books; one thick while the other was of medium thickness.

He then took out the blood red card from the space and held it in his hand.....