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 Name: Naruto Uzumaki

Age: 12

Bloodlines: Uzumaki, Namikaze, Saiyan bloodline

Cha-Ki: 100,000


STR: 27-->67

AGI: 34-->74

VIT: 43-->83


Unused Points:15


Ki-to-Chi (Rank SS) [MAX LEVEL]

Throwing Mastery (Rank S) [MAX LEVEL]


10x speed (Rank S)- Give user 10 time the speed in gaining attributes and other stuff.

Fast regen (Rank S)- Gives user 5x faster healing


Wind(Rank S)

Fire(Rank SSS)

Lightning(Rank SSS)

Time and Space(Rank Demi-God)

I quickly scanned my status page. I will add 5 points to strength, vitality, and Agility. After that training with everyone, we all went to the classroom. It was still quiet but people were whispering behind my back. We reached the classroom and packed up to go to the next class but Iruka called me over.

Iruka- Time to go to the Hokage.

When we were walking through the streets. I could feel the hatred emitting from the people around me. I could hear them whispering about me being a demon. This is what the Naruto before goes through every day. I stare back at them with determination and I could feel this is what they never get from the old Naruto. Well, I am not the old Naruto. I will show them that the new Naruto is not a pushover. By the time I am done with them, I will see gratefulness in their eyes. I have to show them my power first and get them to see it in action like the time with pain. We got done with the walking because Iruka could feel the eyes staring with hatred. We went to the roofs and traveled at a faster pace. After five minutes of this, we made it. Iruka went to the receptionist.

Iruka- I would like an audience with the Hokage.

Rep- What? Did Naruto do something again?

Iruka could practically feel the hatred from those words and got an angry look on his face.

Iruka- Actually no, he did something good and why do you sound like he is something evil?

The reseptionist had a shocked look on her face and quickly said she will go to the Hokage now.

After 10 mins she came back she said the Hokage will like to see you now. When we were walking up the stairs I could feel hatred from behind. Iruka could feel it too. He quickly released some killing intent and stared back at the receptionist. She pretty much peed her pant and went unconscious.

I felt it too and I could not breathe and could not move. He stops and I could move again. We reached Hokage's door and when we were about to open it the only other person who had power over the council walked through the door. Donzo. I hate him. I will try to get rid of him when I have a chance. Just got to play it right. We bowed and he nodded. Fwooh... That guy can put off a seriously bad vibe. We walked in and I could sense people in the room too. three of them and I did not like the aura from the third.

Iruka- I would like to tell you something highly confidential.

The Hokage waved his hand and put up a seal and said speak.

Naruto- There is still one more person in the corner.

The Hokage and Iruka were surprised for a second and quickly threw shurikens and kunai towards the corner. The person tried to escape but the Hokage and Iruka's shuriken and kunai were faster them him. Well more the Hokages. He quickly died. When he fell we saw what the person was wearing and the Hokage muttered ROOT. I knew what it was and who was the leader of it. So did the Hokage.

Hokage got some of his Anbu guards and they took away the body.

Hokage- do you sense anymore?

Naruto- no

Ability Gained

-detect (Rank B) [Level 1]

Hokage- Naruto can you sense people around you?

Naruto- Yes. I can sense you and Iruka.

Hokage- So you are a sensor. I assume there is more than just that.

Iruka- Yes

Iruka then went on to explain the events of the day on how I defeated Sasuke and used a stance that he did not about and the throwing skill was perfect. When the Hokage listen to this he became bewildered.

Hokage- Show me the stance.

I showed him the stance. He became surprised and looked closely at my stance and could find no flaws. I could tell by the look in his eyes.

Hokage- Naruto how did you come by this stance.

Naruto- I did not come by it. I made it.

The looked at me as if they were seeing two Naruto and asked me a bunch of questions about the stance. Then he asked me to spar with him to test it out. I first asked him something first.

Naruto- I cannot do the clone jutsu.

They look at me as if I was dumb or something. I told them because I had too much chakra and could not control it. I told them this jutsu used a high amount of control. I could not achieve that and needed something new. I told them how I spied on other ninja and learned the tree walking and water walking exercises and I tried it and it still did not work. They look surprised and the Hokage had an idea. He pulled out a scroll from a hidden apartment. It probably contains the forbidden jutsu I was looking for.

Time to train.


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