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 in a present...

'Do you see any sign of waking up from her?' ask the whitefox to the nurse.

The same nurse who came before and injected TianTian with some liquid.

"No, she still not wake up since that day."

"Okay, you may continue your work..."

The whitefox looks to the girl who is laying on the bed, she had been sleep like that for a long time, like a sleeping beauty... a poor sleeping beauty...

In her dream, TianTian recalled the moment she came to the king's house for the first time....

That time, when TianTian was in the king's car, she became too silent, but not with her mind.

'Are you crazy, TianTian? How can you just follow this beast?'

'But we have a deal right? he should keep his promise, not to touch me or...'

'Wouldn't he? Didn't he has force kissing you without permission? What makes you think he wouldn't attack you this night...in his own home?'

In a quick glare, she looked at the king. 'Why is he silent too? What is he thinking about? Could be..." At that moment, the king glared back to her, surprising TianTian. She turned her head immediately to the window, pretended seeing the road...

The king smiled, right now he had a victorious feeling, well...at least he already got a half of way to achieve his goal. TianTian will stay with him, she had promised to be with him anytime. Of course deep in his heart, he cursed the 'test' that TianTian wanted, but he could not swallowed his own words, he is a business man, keeping a promise is a vital to gain trust between him and all his clients. Very well, it just three months, he had been lived like a monk before he met TianTian. How hard it can be? Then the king checked on TianTian who kept her sight on the road, the king made promise to himself, 'On the first day of fourth month, I would eat this girl up, embracing her as much as I want...otherwise I am not LiWangHu, the king of Li Empire. Just wait, girl!'

The car had trespassing the outer gate, but it takes a few minutes more until the car finally stopped in front of the house. What a big garden he has....

"We arrive. Lets go..." Always commanding, TianTian took a deep breathe before she finally got out from the car, and silently amazed with the house. It's so huge and so decorative in luxury...two statues of chinese lion guards watches over the front door, and chinese ornaments on the sides of house....

The door was opened and TianTian noticed an old woman, dressed as a head of servant, followed by two young servants, welcoming the king politely, "Welcome home, Master Li".

The king just nodded as his response, and not wasting time anymore to introduce TianTian as a new member of the house.

"Aunt Ma, this is TianTian and she will stay here starting today...."

TianTian could see a surprise look ,even though just in second on the old woman who called as Aunt Ma, but when she looked her again, the look was gone.

"I will prepare the room for Ms TianTian right away..." TianTian didn't see wrongly, Aunt Ma was surprised indeed but as a professional maid, she made her face flat and keep doing her job while she was evaluating in her thought, 'It is the first time Master takes a woman to this house and more than that, he allows her to stay here...who is this girl, is she a girlfriend? a future Madam of this house? But this girl looks so...ordinary...a commoner... she is not fit for Master Li' For Aunt Ma , the king is already like a young prince she cared so much as she witnessed him grew. Even though she knew, she was not in the position to ask about the king's decision, she made her mind to evaluate the worthiness of this girl furthermore.

"Don't bother, put her things later in my room..." the king took off his cloak and gave it to Aunt Ma...

'What...i must sleep in his room? Hell No...'

" No...You had promised... 'the test!'....so you have to give me my own room..."

The king felt irritated for being reminded about 'the test'.... , he stared on her as a protest but TianTian won't gave up...

She stared back, "three months!"

"Fine!..., Aunt Ma ,go prepare a room for her..."

'Fiuuh, thanks God. At least this beast can keep his promise.

"Yes, Master Li" Aunt Ma didn't waste anytime. She right away instructed other young servants what to do and they went to other inner sides of house busily. After making sure a room was being prepared, she turned to the king, expecting another commands from the king,

"A room is being prepared, do you need anything else, Master?" and then TianTian could saw the king gave another instruction about dinner and seems this Aunt Ma also wanted to report regular daily things to her master. TianTian didn't interest to hear it, she more interested to explore the antique things around the house.

Looking at all those antique gave TianTian more data about the beast, 'So he is...an antique collectors ... these antique are so old and original...I cannot imagine the price he has spent for them...' TianTian grew in a very traditional family; she familiar with antique things as her grandfather who be called as an antique expert by all his old friends. When she was a little, she often played in her Grandpa's house, she learn a lot of things from her beloved Grandpa... TianTian slowly moved, observing one antique vase to another.... seeing those antiques always made her thought of her Grandpa, who had passed away when she graduated school...oh how she missed him so much... TianTian stared on a small chinese vase with a fairy with long chinese ancient dress drawn on it, she didn't realise that she holding it as she was deep memorizing her Grandpa...

"Do you like it?" A whisper blew on her ear, it was so close until TianTian could felt the breathe of the king. It shocked her and accidently loose the vase.

"Prankkk!" Oh No..the vase...

The brittle noise also surprised the servants around the house. Aunt Ma was still there, witnessed what happened; this girl just broken one of master's antique collections. She knows how this Mr.Li loved his collection so much. She remembered in the past when there was a servant so clueless and accidently broke one of the vases, instead of just cut her salary and forgave her, Master Li broke her fingers and kicked that servant out from the house. She couldn't imagine what possibly happen to this girl now,...what a poor girl...'

The king didn't expect that TianTian would dropped the vase. His precious little vase,...he remembered it priced at least around 50 millions,...it might be the cheapest one in the room but the art is priceless...what a waste... a little battle occured in his mind...

'Damn Girl, you just enter my house and now you already broke my vase... if only you are someone else...i would kick you out of here...' He looked at TianTian... 'Hooh...look at this girl, look at her face....she is also in shock and scare...Hah, let me punish you hardly...'

But before the king said any words, he froze, seeing tears started come out from her eyes. '...is she so scare to be punished?'

But instantly, TianTian gave a anger look to the king,

"Look at what you've done!!!!"

'What??? How come she angry back to me?'

TianTian kneeled down and cried...

"What a poor vase....I'm so so sorry, little vase...it's all his fault...he was not supposed to surprise me like that...but i'm also wrong, i didn't hold you tightly just now, i'm sorry i could not protect you...hik hik..." She started to collect the big pieces of the broken vase...while she kept crying...

'I'm sorry Grandpa, I broke an antique vase, which looked similar like one of your favorite vase...' TianTian really felt that she had disappointing her beloved Grandpa in Heaven...

The king and Aunt Ma blinked their eyes, not believing what they saw... what a weird girl....

'She can be more sorry to that vase and then dare to blame the Master...this is the first time she watches such a thing, wonder how does the Master respond?' Aunt Ma glared to her Master.


Sudden the king could not hold his laugh, he laughed a lot....not the kind of anger laugh but enjoyable laugh. Seeing the reaction , made Aunt Ma and other servants who peeked from other rooms felt their hearts jumped out.

'The master didn't angry to the girl for has breaking his antique collection ,instead he laughed? Is it the end of the world???'

'This girl is really interesting...it makes me more and more attracted to her... So she also loves antique things like me, its good. But...somehow I don't like that she care that little vase so much...look at her. she even didn't care that his finger had cut by the broken piece...'

"Stop taking those pieces...let others clean it...come with me."

Without asking first, the king just grabbed her hand, and pulled her away from those shatters and took her.

As an understanding servant, without being asked, Aunt Ma instructed other servant to immediately collect the pieces of broken glass...

While she looked at his Master and that girl goes to dinner room direction, she took a short sigh, "This girl is really not an ordinary girl...." but she felt still need to evaluate on her furthermore.

"What...wait...i'm not finish yet..." as usual, the king didn't bother to listen to her. He took her to what looked like as a living room, its quite luxury with some high tech electronics and a large painting hanged on the wall, another priceless antique painting, unfortunately TianTian couldn't put her mind on it yet. In her mind, she busied thinking of what would happened next?

'Sit...' TianTian couldn't disobeyed it as the king pushed down her shoulders to make sure her laying on the sofa, and she was also could not move as his body was covering her way, so closely.

"What ...you...!" she protested, trying to push out his body to stay away.

"Silent!" a short yell yet efficient, caused it made TianTian stopped, but she kept thinking in her mind...

'This beast is really odd, he laughed so loud just now....but now ,he's angry? what would he do next? What should I do now? Well, I should accepted the punishment for breaking the vase, maybe i can tried to fix the vase later or paid for it...I need to talk to him, i will not run from what i did wrong...'

"Mr Li... I..." But the king silent her with the glare then he sit closely to her, he turned his eyes at TianTian's hands. He held the wounded finger and then slowly he licked the small cut part. TianTian once again didn't expecting what was going on; She tried to pull her hand back, but he didn't let it go. He grabbed her wrist... Furthermore , he started licked the hand in sensual way.

"Stop...stop it, you...you are violating the promise.. " As a virgin, TianTian's face easily turned red for getting such a treat.

"I am not violating the promise coz this is a punishment...."

"What...what punishment? STOP" but he didn't stop, he continue kissing her right palm, then slowly smooch her right arm, its getting up and up to her right shoulder...and then he whispered to her right ear,

"Your hand has breaking my precious little vase,...so I am giving your hand here a small punishment, girl..."

'What kind of punishment is it? He is so pervert...he just can't wait to get any chance to do pervert things!! I should never agree to come here in the first place...'

"Alright I get it...I did wrong, i'm sorry...I will pay for the vase... now get away from me...." TianTian stared back in anger to him...

"I bought that little vase for 50 millions, and it was really hard to find the same vase...do you want to pay in cash?"

TianTian' eyes got widened, what a high price for a small vase... with her salary as a teacher ,it would taken tenth years to pay him back...

"Well ,if you couldn't afford it, then you should be a good girl, take the punishment nicely." As her response, the king noticed her ears turned so red.

'Could it be..? I wonder...' and then he licked the ear,

"Aahh...No..." At once, a strange desire came up from all her body. It seemed her ears are the sensitive parts as he guessed and it made the king getting more exciting to know about it...he softly bit the ear to hear her cute moan just now... '

"Aaah, No...stop...I can't..." TianTian felt weird and so scared... her body was becoming weird right now...'What's wrong with my body?...why I become so weak to resist his actions. This is danger...if it continues...' She couldn't help herself except started to cry...

"Please...let me go..." she begged...

In the same time, Aunt Ma appeared and became her savior. Ignoring what was going on, she gave a light cough to tell her presence,

"Ehm.... dinner is ready, Master Li."

The king stopped. He took a deep sighed, and then kissed her right cheek lightly.

" Its about time Aunt Ma...coz I'm so hungry,....so hungry till i am willing to eaten up a person in front of me... Let's eat..." the king smiled teasing TianTian, he raised from the sofa and also raised up TianTian. Then he walked to the dinner room, expecting TianTian to follow him but no, she didn't. She just stood silently, considering should she go out from here right now...her heart was shouting a warning, before its too late, she should run away...from him...

Like reading her thought, he warned her also,

" I'll keep our deal for this three months, but if you try to run away from me. I will use my power to bring you back here and do whatever I like !" There is no way he would let go this girl...

"Besides, don't you need to eat first before you can fight me back?"

Like responding to the king's words, TianTian's belly gave a loud hunger sound...


TianTian felt so embarrassed, 'Damn belly, why should be noisy right now...' but TianTian knew why...it is, the time she suppose already have her supper.

Then she decided to agree for what the king's said; no matter what, she need to eat first. She walked steadily to the direction which has shown by Aunt Ma ,while the king laughed again, following her into the dinner room.