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 Chapter 87: Wang Lu Enters the Marquis County; Wen Bao's First Test on Sexual Intercourse Situation

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Early the next morning, the three people rushed to Marquis County.

Marquis County was an insignificant small county town in the Eastern Way Prefecture of the Great Ming Country, however, its population reached thousands of people. Moreover, long ago, this Marquis County was the battlefield where the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals fought against wild beasts. Thus, the surrounding spiritual energy in this place became turbid and disorderly. In such a place, finding Wei Wenqing's contact person would be like finding a needle in a haystack.

Fortunately, heaven never bars one's way; Wang Lu quickly found another way.

"Excuse me, do you know where the immortal teacher of the Seven Stars Sect is?"

At the main commercial street in Marquis County, Wang Lu stopped one of the migrants, handed over a few taels of silver, and got a satisfactory answer.

"Oh, the immortal teacher? He's staying in the County Lord's Guests Courtyard. He is the County Lord's distinguished guest."

This answer far exceeded their expectation.

After sending away the migrant, Wang Lu nodded with satisfaction. "Not bad, it seems like people in Marquis County do have some knowledge."

The Lady Boss asked, "What knowledge?"

"You guys didn't notice? For the same four stars emissary, the villagers in the Wang Family Village would call him Daoist Immortal, while here, it's just immortal teacher. Moreover, he's only a guest in the county's magistrate. So, obviously, Immortal Cultivators are not uncommon here, that's why I said people here at least have this knowledge."

The Lady Boss nodded in approval. "This place used to be an ancient battlefield, so there should be a lot of legends about Immortal Cultivators. Consequently, the people here would not find the Immortal Cultivation World strange... So, what are you going to do? Directly go to that place and use force to get his confession?"

Wang Lu was surprised. "Where did you get such a silly idea? Now we don't even know that person's name or whether that person has other partners or not. All we have is his identity as a four stars emissary. If we rashly crash their place, it would only ruin our plan! You're simply foolhardy."

"... I really don't want to be judged as foolhardy by you, this idiot."

Even though she said that, Lady Boss actually respected Wang Lu's opinion.

Because now, Wang Lu was obviously in his professional adventurer mode, with a clear vision and calm mind. Away from the Wang Family Village, where his emotional attachment to the village clouded his judgment, his mood gradually eased, and his thought and conduct had returned to when he was still in the Spirit Sword Mountain-such Wang Lu was indeed dependable.

"That is to say, we should probe it first?"

"That's right. We have the rare advantage of being in the dark, while the enemy in the light. If we don't take this opportunity to know the real situation, it would be too wasteful... Wen Bao, we need you to step up this time."

Wen Bao, who has just come from buying two steamed cakes from a roadside peddler, gawked. "Me?"

"Yes, you. I want you to go to that place, and tell them that you're a wandering loose immortal cultivator. Right now, you happen to pass by their place and are looking for a temporary residence to stay for a period of time. When they let you in, greet that Seven Stars Sect's cultivator and then take the opportunity to probe his actual situation."

Wen Bao felt the mouth-watering steamed cake in his mouth hardened, which made it difficult for him to swallow it. "Senior Brother, isn't this task a bit too hard?"

"Sh*t! No matter what, you're an inner court disciple of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortal's Five Unique; what's so hard in dealing with some trash level tramps? Right now, my identity is already exposed, and Sister Ling is not a cultivator, so she can't pose as one; except for you, who else could do this?"

Seeing that Wen Bao still looked hesitant, Wang Lu directly came up with a killer move.

"Junior Sister Yue, she..."

"Okay Senior Brother, I get it. I'll go now!"

After swallowing the two steamed cake at once, the fatty, with the spirit of "viewing death as a return home", directly left for the county magistrate's guest courtyard.


"Stop! How dare you..."

Before the two sturdy guards standing at the door finished their words, they immediately swallowed the rest of it back.

Before them stood a fat person with average height. On his fingertips appeared a wisp of flame. Its color changed from red to blue, and from blue to white... Although this was merely a simple skill, it has fully displayed his identity.

An Immortal Cultivator.

Marquis County was unlike the remote Wang Family Village that haven't seen the world. Centuries ago, this place was the battlefield where the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals fought the wild beasts. Thus, members of the Immortal Cultivation World weren't too uncommon to be seen. Occasionally, they would even encounter a passing Daoist Master, however... a cultivator was still a cultivator, so by no means these two guards could afford to offend one.

"Excuse me, may I know your purpose on looking for my Master?"

The fatty closed his hands and retracted his magical power. In his heart, he could not help but feel smug. Even if the other Spirit Sword Sect disciples thought that this skill was useless, and even if he took the way of the sword, specializing in one sword break all the spells, this skill, which could easily be learned by almost any cultivator who specialized in spell casting, could actually still be used to bluff his way in the mortal world.

More importantly, he knew that this skill absolutely could not be used by Senior Brother Wang Lu; Wang Lu's path was even more extreme than him; even after reaching level seventh Qi Cultivating Stage, Wang Lu could not even cast even a single Immortal Cultivation spell...

"I'm not looking for your Master, but for the Immortal Teacher from the Seven Stars Sect."

The fatty tried his best to make his voice sound low and deep, in order to pose as a person with high skill. According to his Senior Disciple, this Seven Stars Sect emissary's cultivation was, at most, high-level Qi Cultivating Stage; even though it was several times higher than himself, if they fought a close range fight, his Black Iron Sword could still cleave that emissary in two.

There was nothing to be afraid of.

The two guards looked at each other, and then the person on the right nodded. "Please come with me."

Currently, in the magistrate's guest house, there was only one cultivator, which was the Seven Stars Sect's cultivator, and the rest were several servants and guards. That guard led Wen Bao all the way to the main room, however, before they even reached the door, they heard a voice from the inside.

"Yuan San, didn't I tell you not to bother me if there's nothing important?"

Cold sweat immediately poured out of the forehead of that guard named Yuan San; he immediately kneeled. "Re-report Immortal Teacher, there's a passing Immortal Teacher looking for you, so..."

"Oh? A passing Immortal Teacher? Bring him in."

Yuan San immediately stood up and, without daring to look at Wen Bao behind him, tremblingly walked forward, and then lowered his head in front of the door, not moving even an inch.

Wen Bao's face sank as he became slightly uneasy. Just now, the man's voice seemed to have a special power that could shake people's mind... this was strange because as far as he knew, no high-level Qi Cultivating Stage cultivator that could have this kind of skill.

However, even though he was already in front of the door, the opposite party was still not clear about his existence. Therefore, it seemed like that person was far from being an expert.

With a little bit of nervousness, Wen Bao entered the main building.

And then his eyes went blind.

Inside the room, there was indeed a Seven Stars Sect cultivator. His graying hair and beard were unlike what Wen Bao had in mind. At the same time, there were three to five scantily clad young women-some of them were even completely naked-crowding around that cultivator, moaning and groaning, with eyes full of lust. That cultivator's pair of palms constantly wandered, randomly groping and touching their silky smooth skin and private parts. What was even more surprising was that, a charming female with an enchanting look was sitting on top of that cultivator's lap; their lower parts were close together, and she was moving her hips up and down, which created the sound that could make anyone excited... Unexpectedly, she wasn't afraid to be seen by other people in the slightest!

Seeing this sex scene, Wen Bao's face immediately flushed, and finally, even the several points of imposing manner that he had gathered with great difficulty melted like the snow in the desert.

Wen Bao believed that even if Senior Brother Wang Lu were here, his eyes would also be blinded by this! What the hell was wrong with this Seven Stars Sect's cultivator-how could he openly do this obscene thing in the daytime in front of others!

"Oh, sorry, I forgot we have a guest."

That cultivator laughed, pushed away that enchanting woman from his lap, waved her and the others to draw back, slowly dressed up and then curiously asked, "Friend, what can I do for you?"

Wen Bao reorganized his thoughts, cleared his throat and was about to open his mouth when he was suddenly shocked. Because he clearly saw the robe of that Seven Stars Sect's cultivator was neatly embroidered with six stars!

... Six stars elder? Where was the four stars emissary!? He was only a low-level Qi Cultivating Stage, could he still cleave the opponent in two!?

Wasn't six stars member an expert of Foundation Establishment Stage? Moreover, it was highly likely that the person was a middle-level Foundation Establishment Stage. Let alone him, even if Senior Brother Wang Lu came, he was afraid that the odds was still not in their favor! What-what should he do then!?

Cold sweat began to pour out of him, but Wen Bao, after all, has received more than two years of formal education at the Spirit Sword Sect; he strongly suppressed his quickened pulse and said the greeting ritual that he was supposed to say, "I am Wen Bao, a loose cultivator, who happens to pass by. Because of the need to practice, I intend to live in this place for a period of time. When I heard a Seven Stars Sect's Immortal Teacher also reside here, I especially visited here in order to avoid misunderstanding."


That Seven Stars Sect's Elder languidly grunted, and then he focused his gaze on the fatty. Before long, he waved his hand. "I understand. Your name is Wen Bao, right? At such a young age, you've reached the low-level Qi Cultivating Stage, it's really not that easy. As such, you shouldn't be an ordinary loose Immortal, right? But no matter what, we, Seven Stars Sect, like to make friends. So, as long as you don't cause trouble, you can stay here as long as you want... Of course, there are some rules that must be obliged, so that we can get along fine."

With that, he waved his hand. Wen Bao just saw a blur before him, and a piece of paper appeared in his hand, which was listed with a simple list of some rules.

The first part was some general guidelines. For example, the host and visitor, or the two parties, must respect each other. If there were some contradictions and disputes, they must be solved by mediation; avoid confrontation as much as possible.

Then it was the customary practice to deal with hard cases. For example, if the visitor found a treasure at the local area, the visitor must not hide it and instead should inform the host as soon as possible. At the same time, the host has the right of first to purchase of that treasure. If the visitor needed that treasure badly, the visitor must pay a certain price first, and then the visitor may compete with the host to bid that treasure...

These were all rules established by the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals when the union was first formed to mediate disputes between sects, and now has been further developed into a set of complex rules and regulations. However, in the actual application of it, the rules were often overthrown by the fists. No one knew where this Seven Stars Sect got this copy of the rules, but it was actually quite decent.

Wen Bao roughly glanced at it again and promised to seriously abide by it. When he observed the opposite party's reaction, he found out that the cultivator seemed impatient, obviously, the opposite party didn't doubt his identity... It seemed like he was just overly suspicious; a trash level sect could not possibly have an expert that could see through his ins and outs. If the opposite party was a Foundation Establishment cultivator from the Shengjing Sect, it was highly likely that with a single glance, he could see that Wen Bao came from the Spirit Sword Sect.

Having come to this conclusion, Wen Bao began to relax and then cautiously withdraw from the room. However, before he even went out of the door, that Seven Stars Sect Elder had lewdly smiled toward those scantily clad and naked women.


Before long, the fatty trot back to their previously agreed rendezvous.

Then, before Wang Lu and little Ling'Er could comment anything, Wen Bao immediately complained.

"Senior Brother, you're wrong-there is more than one member of Seven Stars Sect in this county. Moreover, that one is not a four stars emissary, but rather a six stars elder!"

"What the! How could this happen!? Tell me about it!?"

After fatty drank the cold water and ate some food, he finally calmed down enough to be able to recount in details what he just experienced. In the end, Wang Lu and little Ling'Er looked at each other; both felt that this matter was really f*cked.

"Four stars becoming six stars, isn't this too much?"

For a time, even Lady Boss, this cultivator's black star, felt that the matter was really thorny. Because once a cultivator reached the Foundation Establishment Stage, his magical power could run through inside and outside, his physique would be greatly improved, and his survival ability skyrocketed. It would be extremely difficult to score a victory relying on martial arts of the mortal world alone even though her survival was assured.

Wang Lu blew a raspberry. "It's only a few days, yet his star rating has already skyrocketed... could it be this guy came from the rebel faction?"


"It's nothing... In short, this is an important intelligence. Thanks to my foresight to let Wen Bao probe the actual situation first, otherwise, if we rushed forward rashly, the consequence would be difficult to predict."

The Lady Boss helplessly sighed. "At this time, you still can't forget your narcissism?"

"Wen Bao, narrate to me the detail of your encounter again, don't let go any details."

Wang Lu certainly has the qualification to be narcissistic, because both of his eyes had shone, a sign that his professional adventure mode was fully on.

Seeing this, the Lady Boss knew that it would not be good to disturb him, so she quietly waited on the side.

After his emotion had calmed down, Wen Bao's second narration on his encounter was a lot more organized. He even carefully described the scenery along the way from the entrance to the main building.

Although the fatty was quite dull, after cultivating for more than two years, his body was already able to breathe in the surrounding spiritual energy, and he has learned the basics of mind cultivation. Therefore, although his IQ might not have improved much, his senses, keen ears, and sharp eyes have already been improved by leaps and bounds.

Aware that the matter was critical, Wen Bao didn't dare to conceal even the slightest details. He even narrated that Elder's public sex scene, forcing the Lady Boss to quietly retreat a few steps.

This time, his narration took a bit longer. All along, Wang Lu never interrupted him. When Wen Bao finally finished recounting the event, he softly said, "Describe to me the details of that sex scene again."

Wen Bao could not help but dumbfoundedly stare at him, while the Lady Boss could not hold back her scolding, "Are you in heat? Why do you want to hear this disgusting thing again!?"

Wang Lu frowned. "Your mind is really dirty. No wonder you're a thirty years old..."

Before he finished, a friendly fist had knocked him away.