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 Chapter 85: My Family's Fatty Couldn't Possibly Be Ridiculed

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"Wang Lu, are you heartbroken?"


The Lady Boss propped up her upper body from leaning over the counter; her face was filled with the enthusiasm of someone who was fond of juicy gossip. "After you descended the mountain, you met a beautiful mortal world's woman. You fell head over heel towards her, however, Immortal Path is from different than Mortal Path; you can't give her the happiness that she wants, so you reluctantly parted with her. However, in your heart, you still couldn't give her up... am I right?"

"Are you currently in heat? How could you come up with this outrageous story?" Wang Lu snappily scolded. "But, there's actually some truth in that. This time, after I descended the mountain, I indeed encountered a problem. Therefore, I came here looking for you, to see if I can mobilize several people that could help me."

"Problem?" Little Ling'Er was even more surprised. "You actually encountered a problem? That problem is definitely big; come on, quickly tell me about it!"

Wang Lu slapped the counter. "Bring the wine!"


Borrowing the strength from the liquor, Wang Lu, full of cursing and scolding, recounted his bitter experience in the Wang Family Village one by one.

The response to that was...

"Hahahaha! You actually let a bunch of country bumpkins abuse you!? Did I hear that right!?"

Wtf! How could this woman be so "gentle and considerate"!?

However, Wang Lu really couldn't refute her, because... rather than losing to Seven Stars Sect, that trash level sect, it could be said that he actually lost to villagers of Wang Family Village, that group of simple-minded people. If only they had used their mind a bit more, they wouldn't have dragged Wang Lu down so badly...

It was truly annoying.

With Wang Lu's temper, how could he exercise forbearance? Although he had threatened to kill whoever touched his parents before he left-which scared the crap out of those simple-minded villagers-that was actually the result of him trying very hard to suppress his urge.

It was not that he was violent and bloodthirsty, but rather he excelled at using the simplest method to solve the problem. In any other places, to deal with swindlers, he would simply raise his sword to kill them and be done with it. It was just that, in his home village, his hands and feet were tied!

This made his heart uncomfortable-extremely uncomfortable! What a pity it was his home village, so he had to endure it all!

"So yeah, now the compromise approach is to catch the sect leader of the Seven Stars Sect and bring him to the Wang Family Village to confess everything. When the culprit has pleaded his guil, those villagers will have nothing to say anymore!"

While snacking fried fava bean, Lady Boss wrinkled her brows. "I don't know much about this cult problem, but overall, I feel like your plan is somewhat unrealistic."

"Damn! You, a daily-turnover-of-over-ten-thousand third-rate boss, how could you have the qualification to evaluate my plan?"

The Lady Boss exploded with rage. "How could you look down on me like that! Fine! Don't come here and ask me to help you then! A bitter child with the face that nobody wants, comes to me to seek comfort, yet he wants to give me a long face?"

Wang Lu slapped the table. "Who wants to come here to seek comfort? Don't look at me like I have a lot of sperm... oh wrong! Don't shower affection on the uninterested party [1], okay!?

In the midst of their quarrel, a person came through the door. "Sister Ling, Sister Ling, I've already prepared the thing that you want, it's ... hey, Senior Brother Wang Lu, you're here?"

Wang Lu turned around. "Wen Bao? Why are you here?"

The one who came was Wen Bao. He was standing at the door holding a live pig; he had a slightly embarrassed expression.

"Don't block the door, come in."

After the Lady Boss had called Wen Bao inside the room to put the pig down, the reason why he was still here became clear.

It was actually because, at the beginning of the experiential learning, other disciples had selected their respective target location, yet only Wen Bao delayed his decision.

Because any place seemed too difficult for him.

Wen Bao's cultivation path was different than the ordinary Inner Court disciples. He walked on a relatively extreme path somewhat similar to Wang Lu, only the opposite; he was very adept at attacking. Before descending the mountain, Wen Bao's Black Iron Sword Art has reached its max level-a genuine Immortal Cultivation World's sword art that could destroy a mountain. At the same time, his Qi Cultivating Stage has also reached the peak eighth level. Thus, his attack output power was so terrifying that even the high-level Qi Cultivating Stage senior disciples were amazed by it.

However, in anything else, he was useless, and it just so happened that this time's experiential learning would measure the disciple's comprehensive ability. Wen Bao earnestly used his brain to assess each suggested location and thought that even the simplest one possessed a considerable risk to him.

Therefore, Wen Bao simply shrank away. Because he couldn't go up the mountain, he temporarily stayed at the Spirit Creek Town under the euphemism for waiting for the call from his teammate-this experiential learning allowed the disciples to form a team, and the final report could also be co-written. However, a team cold only have a maximum of two members. Multiple teams solving the same problem were also allowed, but their point on the final report would inevitably be deducted.

Wen Bao used his time to work for the Lady Boss while waiting for someone who wanted to team up with him. In the words of the Lady Boss, he would wait until he dies, but in the end... he really had to wait!

"Senior Brother Wang Lu, when you went down the mountain, why didn't you call me?"

The fatty's face and tone of voice were filled with grievances. In the past, when they rushed together to the Azure Dragon Gorge, both of them had developed a tacit understanding toward each other. This time's experiential learning, he thought that their combined attack could continue its splendor. However, Wang Lu left on his own! Making him feel dejected.

"However, why did you come back?"

Wang Lu thought that he might as well told him the truth. Thus, he began to recount the story once again. After hearing the full story, Wen Bao's face had turned red with anger. "That Seven Stars Sect is too despicable, unexpectedly, they bullied Senior Brother's home village! This is truly bearing the unbearable!"

The Lady Boss raised her brows. "Is it? I think those villagers are the detestable bunch. How could they be so stupid? They would rather believe the outsiders than their own people, Wang Lu. In any case, he has been their folk for more than ten years, yet they rashly decided that he is the devil."

Wang Lu grunted, thinking, "You think?"

Compared to those crooks of Seven Stars Sect, it was actually those folks at the Wang Family Village that made him so irritated.

They were obviously good people, yet after just more than two years of separation, they have become so ignorant...

This time, Wen Bao calmly explained as if it was a matter of course. "They're just villagers, so being stupid is a normal thing. If they aren't common people, the Seven Stars Sect won't be able to deceive them! The more stupid they are, the better!"


Wang Lu and Lady Boss fell into silence; they were deeply shocked by Wen Bao's "understatement of the year" remark.

"That seems reasonable." The Lady Boss ambiguously evaluated while munching on the fried fava bean.

Wang Lu nodded in agreement. "These words really shouldn't come out of someone of his intellectual level; they're not rough words from a rough person, but words of wisdom."

Wen Bao was embarrassed. "Actually, those words are my dad's. Previously, I didn't understand it's meaning, so I just wrote it down."

"Oh, that's why. No matter what, you are the son of the teacher of the state, so it's natural that you know some things."

"Hey, Senior Brother, you flatter me... um, then, if you don't think too low of me, can we team up?"

"Team up?" Wang Lu was surprised for a moment and then started to look at Wen Bao carefully. "Well, we might as well, in any case, I'm still short of powerful persons, so an able body is also good. I alone won't be enough to trample the Seven Stars Sect."

"Yes, yes." Wen Bao enthusiastically responded, but then, he quickly realized an issue. "Em, what level is this Seven Stars Sect?"

Wang Lu replied, "Trash level sect. They don't even have the qualification to register as the member of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. Their Sect Leader is, at most, a Xudan Stage Cultivator."

"..." Wen Bao was terrified as his body completely petrified. "Senior Brother, what did you say? What level is their Sect Leader?"

"Xudan. Humph, he didn't even reach Jindan."

Wen Bao threw up a mouthful of blood. "Senior Brother, you're still a low-level Qi Cultivating Stage, so where exactly did you get this sense of superiority? No matter how trash his sect is, he is still a Xudan Stage cultivator, a Xudan! Their magical power circulation has been compressed to a point, and no matter what, they're still hundreds of times more powerful than us, you..."

Wang Lu coldly sneered. "You think too much. Your comparison is only true for our sect's Xudan Stage disciples. For trash sects like the Seven Stars Sect, a Xudan Stage that is ten times more powerful than us is already considered great... Don't forget that theorem; when Spirit Sword Sect's disciples descend the mountain, they would undoubtedly meet a motley crew of inferior cultivators. To appraise them, the disciple must use the one stage higher rule, that is, a low-level Qi Cultivating Stage disciple is on par with their low-level Foundation Establishment cultivator..."

Wen Bao was about to go crazy. "That's just an irresponsible and sketchy rule! Moreover, that's only applicable to the cultivation level between Foundation Establishment and Jindan. We're still new recruits who haven't accumulated enough deep foundation to do an over rank challenge! Moreover, we're just low-level Qi Cultivating Stage cultivators, and there's still a huge difference between us and a Xudan Stage cultivator!"

Wang Lu argued, "But I'm a Successor Disciple, so I think adding another level to the over rank challenge is quite possible, no?"

"Have you awakened yet!? Do you think a Successor Disciple is really that great!? You want to add another level to the over rank challenge? Do you think you are Liu Li or Zhu Shiyao [1]!?"

Thinking about those two "like a devil" Senior Successor Sisters, Wang Lu had to explain again, "You see, my Non-Phase Method's defensive power is astonishing, at least, it should withstand a Xudan Stage's attack, right?"

"Two levels of over rank challenge!? How could there be such a shameless calculation!? Moreover, what's the use in having an astonishing defensive power? You want to be a sandbag!?"

"That's why I'm here to recruit people. Initially, I want to ask for a couple of Successor Disciples, but since I can only find you, then I have to manage with what I have."

"I don't want anything to do with this courting death matter. I still want to live a few more years!"

"Speaking of which, I heard that your skill has improved again?"

"That's because I was forced by you, Senior Brother! Each time we went to the Small Clear Sky Peak, it's like you always want to force me to a dead end before you're happy!"

Wang Lu and Lady Boss looked at each other; to them, it was really interesting to see this almost hysterical Wen Bao.

"Okay then, henceforth, you will be called the Awakening Type Wen Bao."

"What Awakening!?"

"In short... your concern is sound; if the Seven Stars Sect is, as expected-having a Xudan Stage cultivator as their leader-then it's not enough to deal with them if it's just the two of us."

At this time, the Lady Boss interrupted them with her commentary, "Not just you two, even a team of two Successor Disciples would still find it difficult to deal with a Xudan Stage disciple, therefore..."

Wang Lu smiled. "Therefore..."

The Lady Boss suddenly felt cold behind her back, as if something unclean has latched on her back.

"Therefore, Sister Ling, this time we'll have to trouble you to help us deal with it."


"You see, as a person outside the sect, even if you join our team, it would not exceed the limit, moreover..."

Before he could continue, Sister Ling categorically refused him. "... I don't want to join your team."

Wang Lu was surprised. "What? Why? I don't see you're busy here in your Inn."

"Not being busy? What a rude remark!"

"You obviously have the same number of customers as the Misty Peak cafeteria. That's a fact, even if you don't want to admit it."

"You, you actually compare me to that Western dog cook!? Let me tell you, even the sect can't force me to undertake a task!?"

Listening to this resolute answer, Wang Lu laughed loudly. "Wen Bao, why don't you go outside first."

"What!? Ah, okay." Without questioning him again, the fatty immediately trod out.

Thus, he was very lucky not to hear the dialogue inside the Inn.

"Oh, Master, please help your disciple!"

"F*ck! You're doing this trick again!?"

"Master, please help your disciple!"

"You... okay, okay, you got my promise! Enough, stop kowtowing!"

[1] zì zuò duō qíng : to imagine that one's love is reciprocated. Wang Lu first used /jīng (which means sperm/essence) instead of /qíng

[2] Liu Li: Fourth Elder's Successor Disciple; Zhu Shiyao: Sect Leader's Successor Disciple