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 "The Fallen Immortal is coming soon?"

In the darkness, Black's words were like a heavy stone to Luo Xiao, which shocked his primordial spirit into tremor. He repeated that sentence, trying to make sure he didn't hear it wrong, only to get a contemptuous smile from Black.



After the shock, Luo Xiao began to think about the meaning behind that sentence, but it was inexhaustible, so he didn't know where to sort it out. After a long silence, Luo Xiao could not calm down and asked in a deep voice, "Why?"

Of course, he had a reason to ask why. He had worked hard, at the expense of everything he had, and finally able to thwart this Black the saboteur. He thought that it was a remarkable achievement, which greatly slowed down the progress of the Fallen Immortal. But who knew that it was to be exchanged with such a sentence from Black?

The Fallen Immortal is coming soon? Why?

The arrangement of the Fallen Immortal was basically broken in the early stage. The Mind Disorientation Powder was dispelled, the Vortex of the Fallen was destroyed, and Black was also trapped here. They were unable to do anything, why would they be able to come to Nine Regions soon?

"Because I have failed, of course, they would come in person."

That sentence was spoken lightly by Black, but every word was like a hammer in Luo Xiao's heart.

"... You failed, so they will come in person?"

Black sneered and said, "Or else what? What do you think will happen? Since you have defeated their strongest chess piece, the Fallen Immortal will have no choice. They can either come out in person or give up the grand plan and let the ants celebrate. Guess which one they will choose?"

Luo Xiao was tongue-tied, his body shook, and his mouth was full of bitter taste.

He wanted to point at Black's nose and scolded him for his nonsense, which was ridiculous. But, every word in Black's sentences was so logical that there was no way to refute it.

Yes, their chess pieces had been wiped out, so of course, the chess player could only go to battle in person. Why hadn't he thought of such a simple truth before?

When he thought of this, Luo Xiao's thoughts became more and more confused. He thought his work was a great achievement, enough to support him to overwhelm Wang Lu, but unexpectedly, it actually caused a gargantuan disaster to the world?

Perhaps, the reason why Wang Lu hadn't been dead set against Black was not that he had no way, but that he had seen through this part a long time ago, so he rather used a more gentle way to delay time? Just like what he did at the opening ceremony of the Grand Competition...

However, he himself, thinking that he was clever, actually dragged the entire Nine Regions into the abyss!

The deeper he thought, the colder he felt. Luo Xiao's heart was like being hit by a heavy hammer, it painfully twitched. The light of his primordial spirit flickered, which showed that his mental state was extremely unstable.

However, just before it collapsed, a fire snake swept up and burned away all of his chaotic thoughts, and then replaced them with exuberant fighting spirit.

"Damn it, so what if the Fallen Immortal is here? If they can come over without the guidance of the lower realm chess piece, then they would come sooner or later. The result will still be the same whether I did what I did or not. No, removing their chess pieces will still disrupt their rhythm... Perhaps they could come early, but it was better if they come in a hurry than to wait for them to come after they are ready. Yes, if they can come to Nine Regions at will, why do they need the support of their chess piece? Isn't it better to do it themselves? There must be great obstacles in the two worlds' channel, which will subject them to various restrictions when they come. In that case, I don't need to feel guilty at all, because I didn't do anything wrong!"

"The Fallen Immortals... So, what if they come early? I can subdue Black, so I can also subdue them! Hahaha, at that time, if I can subdue a Fallen Immortal to be my dog, let alone Wang Lu, even if it's Daoist Hetu, so what? That's right, the next target is the Fallen Immortal who is not cautious!"

Thinking of this, the flames in Luo Xiao's eyes almost gushed out.

To this, Black slightly smiled and said, "It seems that you haven't been scared to death."

When he heard those words, his heart suddenly shivered.

"By telling me this much, it seems that you have exceeded your duty, don't you think?"

Black said, "So, I want to ask, is your God of War Blood ready?"

Luo Xiao was stunned, and then he let out a burst of crazy laughter.


"Wang Lu, what are you going to do next?"

"Yeah, what should I do next?"

Wang Lu sighed and sat down at the top of the mountain inside the giant Divine Weapon, which caused a slight tremble.

A few months ago, this was still impossible. Once a giant with a height of three thousand meters sat down, no mountain could bear its weight. The mountain would've collapsed, the earth splitted and the surrounding area was destroyed.

However, a few months later, there was no longer a giant with a height of three thousand meters in Thunder Reservoir. Now sat atop the mountain was a giant puppet with a height of about sixty meters. Although it was still huge and bulky compared with the child-faced woman beside it, the puppet was no longer that towering, which was originally inconvenient for the world to accommodate its bulky appearance.

This was, of course, thanks to the increased synchronization rate. When the synchronization rate reached twenty percent, Wang Lu could finally fully control this powerful puppet and freely invoked most of its functions and magical ability, including the enlargement and reduction of the puppet's size.

The three thousand meters tall giant shape was just its original structure. With the adjustment of the internal structure and the activation of the array, the giant Divine Weapon could be enlarged a hundredfold and became a terrifying war machine comparable to the World Dragon. It could also shrink a hundredfold and become the size of a normal person. Of course, Wang Lu couldn't do this step yet.

Sun Buping spent ten thousand years to build this giant Divine Weapon, which contained trillions of small metal blocks, each of which was carved with tens of thousands of glyphs. How easy was it to compress such a huge basic structure as a whole? On the other hand, if it could be done, it meant that Wang Lu had an incredibly powerful war machine. The combination of nimbleness, quickness, and explosiveness was enough to surpass any cultivator in Nine Regions.

However, to achieve that, at least the synchronization rate should be more than forty percent. Judging from the current progress, although it was not far off, there was still a long way to go.

As he thought about the path in the future, Wang Lu remained silent on the top of the mountain inside the giant Divine Weapon.

Then Senior Gem Emperor asked, "In three days, Thunder Reservoir will fall apart. It is very likely that once we go out, we will be intercepted by Black. Are you ready for the battle?"

"I am ready to fight... But, I don't think he will come. That guy has been lurking around you and Sun Buping for so long like that, which was clever of him. He couldn't stop Sun Buping from picking his successor, so he should be able to guess what kind of opponent he will face when meeting again.

Somewhat regretfully, Senior Gem Emperor said, "Yes, if I was not injured, I wouldn't have lost to him alone."

Previously, she was seriously injured by Black's sneak attack in Thunder Reservoir, which left a stain in Senior Gem Emperor's mind that she always remembered. The opponent was obviously inferior to her in strength, but he took advantage of her confusion and carelessness, which caused her serious injury that could not be healed for several years.

"Since he can't come here, will there be any problems in the City of Immortals?"

"Don't worry, since Wang Wu went there, there won't be any problem."

"You do actually trust her."

"In her opinion, at least half of the property in the entire City of Immortals should belong to her. How could she allow a stray dog of the Fallen Immortal to destroy all of that? Believe me, when it comes to protecting her money, she's basically invincible."


However, I do have a hunch." Wang Lu said and drove the giant Divine Weapon to stand up. Billions of its building blocks were activated at the same time, and began to breathe in the surrounding spiritual energy and released the immortal spirit.

"What hunch?"

This time, when we go out, I'm afraid that we'll meet a stronger opponent than Black. Like you said, the most important task of Black as a chess piece in the hands of Fallen Immortals should be to prevent Sun Buping from waking up. But now that he has failed, as a chess piece, he is worthless."

Senior Gem Emperor somewhat didn't react and said, "So what?"

That means, either the Fallen Immortal put forward a stronger chess piece, or... It's time for those players to play in person."

"That's impossible!" Senior Gem Emperor was resolute and decisive in her reply, "We've already closed the two worlds' channel, and it's not easy for it to be opened!"

"But actually, that channel has already been open for a long time." Wang Lu was a bit surprised and said,"Did I not tell you the story of the golden generation of the Spirit Sword Sect?"

"You did, but..." Senior Gem Emperor shook her head and said, "I don't think it's the real Fallen Immortal. You haven't seen the real Fallen Immortal, so you don't understand how powerful they are. If it was really the Fallen Immortal, your golden generation wouldn't have been able to survive. With the current strength of the Nine Regions, any Fallen Immortal could sweep the Nine Regions with impunity."

Wang Lu was too lazy to explain to her the many things that happened that year and just said, "Feel free to think so."

"But, even if it's not the real Fallen Immortal, it's at least an extremely powerful chess piece. Since they can lay such a piece in Nine Regions, then it seems that the channel is indeed in danger." Senior Gem Emperor said and then also stood up. She then continued, "After we go out, I will find time to patrol for nine times to reinforce the seal."

"... Very well, after we go out, if you have the opportunity, try to strengthen the seal first. Although I doubt whether there is any of use."


Three days later, the Instant Youth magical ability disappeared instantly, and the twisted time and space were reversed, which crushed the entire Thunder Reservoir in an instant. Wang Lu and Senior Gem Emperor left the Thunder Reservoir smoothly through the gap in time and space and came to the vast whirlpool of stars.

The starlights remained the same as they did three years ago-Although it was actually not. They had been in Thunder Reservoir for three years, but only three days had passed on the outside world.

Three days was not enough to change too many things, but it was enough to welcome an unexpected visitor on Nine Regions.

In the bitter cold land in the far north, a shadow quietly arrived.

"The useless trash actually wants me to do it myself."