"Good, the left arm is linked up, so the flow of immortal spirit is unrestrained. This part is finally completed. Next, you should be able to use the great array immortal technique engraved on the left arm of the giant Divine Weapon. There are still half a year left to master the usage of three of the five great immortal techniques. In this way, even if you have to fight a peak Earth Immortal, you still have a fifty percent chance of success."

Within the Thunder Reservoir, for the first time ever since Wang Lu entered this realm, Senior Gem Emperor made a positive evaluation of him.

This was the first time in more than two years, so Wang Lu was quite surprised.

However, just as the voice fell, the woman's body shook and fell from the air.

Halfway, as if catching a cotton wool, a three hundred meters long and wide palm gently caught her, and gently placed her on the ground.

A moment later the chest of the giant Divine Weapon opened and Wang Lu drove down toward the ground on his immortal sword, Rouge Tears. He then sighed at the Senior Gem Emperor who fainted.

"Is it worth the trouble to show off?"

Not long ago, Senior Gem Emperor proposed a real fight to test Wang Lu's synchronization progress. One of them was still injured, while the other one had a synchronization rate of only fifteen percent. On paper, the strength of the two was actually not that much different. However, there were not that many accidents in the actual fight. The two were able to get a tie in the battle. However, after a prolonged fight, Senior Gem Emperor finally got weighed down by her injury. One slow reaction by her and she was hit by the left fist of the giant Divine Weapon, which sent her flying away and knocked and broke seven to eight huge mountains.

After that, although Senior Gem Emperor quickly returned to the battlefield, she could not fight anymore. After she managed to praise Wang Lu, she immediately fainted.

After Senior Gem Emperor fell down, Wang Lu didn't have the desire to continue to drive the giant Divine Weapon to resonate with it. After he came out of the giant Divine Weapon, he walked back and forth for several steps while, from time to time, his eyes turned to Senior Gem Emperor. Several times, he wanted to step forward to approach her, but halfway through, he immediately withdrew his step.

Such indecision was rare for Wang Lu, but he also had reasons for this hesitation.

Not much time later, Senior Gem Emperor woke up and saw Wang Lu standing on the side. She frowned and asked, "Why are you just standing foolishly here?"

Wang Lu shrugged and said, "I'm thinking about life."

"... Don't waste your time doing this boring thing. Every minute here is won over by Sun Buping." Senior Gem Emperor sighed and, holding back the pain from the immortal spirit counter-flow, stood up to summon the Emperor purple cloud. "Come on."


This special training lasted for five days. During this period, Wang Lu continued to arouse resonance in the body of the giant Divine Weapon, and every trace of True Yuan was squeezed to the limit. His five-colored Yuanying flickered, which showed the sign of disintegration. His primordial spirit was even more overburdened, which caused him headache and torment all the time.

However, compared to the pressure that Senior Gem Emperor suffered, all of these were nothing. Over the past two years, she had yet to recover from the injury caused by Black's sneak attack, and still, in that state, she kept on squeezing her physical strength for Wang Lu's special training, which had long messed up her body. After the five-day special training, without any accident, Senior Gem Emperor collapsed once again.

This time, once again Wang Lu fell into the confusion of thinking about life, which took a lot of time.

In fact, since that wonderful night a year and a half ago, Wang Lu had often been in deep thought.

He was thinking about this problem:

What exactly happened that night?

Wang Lu's memory had always been good. After a few decades, he remembered every scene that occurred since he first climbed up the Spirit Sword Mountain. He also remembered how many spirit stones Wang Wu owed him over the years and how many empty cheques... His genius was overflowing and he never forgot things. An immortal array diagram that could cause the primordial spirit of a Daoist Master of Yuanying stage to collapse, was able to be remembered more than eighty percent by him at a glance.

However, Wang Lu actually couldn't remember what happened in that dark control room a year and a half ago.

He could only remember clearly until this sentence, "Remember all this, and then forget it, understand?"

What happened after that, Wang Lu really couldn't remember. He just remembered that he seemed to have an epiphany overnight and the synchronization rate with the giant Divine Weapon soared. And then, for a period of time, every day, he made great progress.

The turning point, of course, was that night. Unfortunately, Wang Lu's memory was limited. After he checked himself afterward, he found that except for the sharp rise in the synchronization rate, there was no other change. He didn't cultivate virgin boy skill, his innate Yuanying energy had long been refined into sword qi. So regardless of whether it was virginity or beheading thousands of people, there was no difference to him at all.

However, even if there was no change in his body, from the common sense point of view, what happened that night was already clear.

However, wasn't it ridiculous to use common sense to speculate about Senior Gem Emperor?

This was the cause of Wang Lu's hesitation. According to the general situation, what Senior Gem Emperor did was nothing more than doing what a husband and wife would do with Wang Lu, so as to bring him closer into the role of Sun Buping and resonate with the giant Divine Weapon.

But was the truth that simple? Was there no second possibility?

Of course, Wang Lu could readily come up with more than a dozen possibilities. For example, she just faked it so that he believed that it really happened that night, and thus he was able to acquire the power to breakthrough... Of course, for Senior Gem Emperor, to use this cheap trick was beneath her. However, wasn't this better than doing it with someone that she didn't have feelings with?

Another example was, Senior Gem Emperor might have just used her dexterous hand so she didn't cross the critical threshold... And there were other examples...

However, on the other hand, could he be sure that Senior Gem Emperor didn't do it with him? It was likely not either.

There were so many possibilities that Wang Lu really couldn't ascertain the truth of that night. He might or he might also not. The only one who could tell the truth was Senior Gem Emperor herself. As long as she didn't say anything, everything was possible.

This reminded Wang Lu of that cat that was locked in a box. The magical cat possessed both life and death attributes, which was really mysterious. Wang Lu felt like the cat. Before the box was opened, he had both virginity and non-virginity attributes at the same time. Of course, in view of the sweet fermented rice and roasted chicken event on the way back from the Western Continent expedition, calling it virginity seemed inappropriate, but it probably meant just that.

Because of Senior Gem Emperor's one night action, Wang Lu now had the most magical chastity in Nine Regions, which meant its state of existence. Headache came to people who thought about it.

"What are you thinking about again?"

After a long time, Senior Gem Emperor's voice came into his ears, and Wang Lu smiled wryly and said, "You."

"... I am right here in front of you, what could you possibly think of? Don't waste your time doing stupid things. Your progress is not fast enough to indulge in leisure time."

Looking at the serious look of Senior Gem Emperor, Wang Lu could not see the least bit of sentiment coming from her gaze. His bold exploration did not yield any results.

"Forget it, now it's really not the time to think about virginity, let's deal with the giant Divine Weapon first..."


"Wang Wu, what are you doing?"

"Thinking about life."

In the City of Immortals, two Heavenly Sword Hall Elders of Spirit Sword Sect asked the woman in white in front of them.

"Thinking about life? You have so much work on hand right now, how could you have the time to think about life?"

Wang Wu was not in a hurry and replied righteously, "How can I clean the world without sweeping my own house first? I can't even understand my life, how can I decide the lives of others? It's because I have a lot of work on hand and that they matter a lot that I have to think about my life carefully and start to work only when I understand it."

Liu Xian frowned and said, "Where did you learn this shameless script? I don't want to talk nonsense with you, there are at least two batches of poisoned people in Immortal One area, please deal with them as soon as possible."

Wang Wu wrinkled her nose and said, "Why? I have worked overtime to clear the poison from those big sects' people, yet they didn't even thank me one bit. Now in my rest time, I'm thinking about life. Those other poisoned people, whoever cares about them should be the one who cures them."

"... Could you stop telling nonsense with your eyes open? After you cleared the poison from the Lead Disciples of those sects, they were very grateful..."

"What kind of gratitude is there for an empty talk?" Wang Wu pouted in dissatisfaction, "Can't they take out their public treasury for me to look at? How many heads have knelt before me and offered me their immortal treasures?"

"Wang Lu, if you search for such things, what reputation will you get?"

"Senior Brother, think about it, if I can take this opportunity to make a fortune, how much will I get?"

"That's weird, are you really that short of money?"

"Yes." Wang Wu resolutely replied, "I'm really-really short of money... Senior Brother, you have no idea how many people I have to support."

"I've only ever seen you running around all these years alone, how could there be anyone that you support? Your only disciple is one of the most profitable cultivators in terms of wealth in the whole world... Forget it, I don't want to continue to talk nonsense with you. If you don't want to do it, I'll find other people. Where is Daoist Master Yunhe?"

Wang Wu was silent for a long time and said with a smile, "Daoist Master Yunhe has gone back."

"Gone back? At this time?" Liu Xian felt somewhat weird. In his impression, Li Yunhe was someone who more or less knew etiquette, a rare character, how could she go back at this time?

Thinking of Daoist Master Yunhe's good look and demeanor, Liu Xian was at a loss, "Alas, why did she go back?"

"In case of force majeure, of course, she has to go back... Senior Brother, don't waste time here. I will go back to work after I think about life. As for those who are poisoned, just let them wait patiently, they won't die so quickly."

When Liu Xian had no choice but to leave, Wang Wu smiled, raised her head slowly and whispered, "There's one less person to support... Hmm, I wonder how many more. After all these years, the financial burden is finally about to lighten a bit..."


"Was that the last batch?"

"Report to Elder, the sect members of Sheep Horn Mountain are the last batch. After Daoist Master Non-Phase treated their poison, there should be no new cases within the City of Immortals."

"Very well, this disaster has finally ended... This move from the Fallen Immortal is really extraordinary, it nearly made us collapse."

"Elder, there's something that I'm curious about. At first, no one was able to solve this strange poison of the Fallen Immortal. Later, a Daoist Master named Yunhe suddenly appeared and she easily solved the poison that all the other Supremes were helpless with. And then later, Daoist Master Yunhe inexplicably went on a long journey, saying that she had taught the way to clear the poison to Daoist Master Non-Phase. I feel like there's something not quite right with this..."

"What's not quite right about it? Are you going to find Daoist Non-Phase to talk about it? Without her, you would've been dead!"

"... I'm not ungrateful to the kindness of Daoist Master Non-Phase, I just feel that things are a bit strange."

"It doesn't matter if you think that things are a bit strange, now it's not the time to think about it... Do you think this is the only move by the Fallen Immortal?

"What? Elder, you mean..."

"According to the latest deduction from Supreme Tianlun, the next move of the Fallen Immortal will soon arrive."


"The Fallen Immortal will soon come."

Within the dark, an ice-cold voice slowly sounded.