After she heard him mention the word successor, Senior Gem Emperor finally realized that Sun Buping had truly left her.

The one that berated her, scolded her, and used his irresistible force to suppress her tyrannical tendencies when she was impulsive, would never come back.

The gentle lover who pampered her, doted on her, and made her wet, would not return anymore.

The man who was able to support both heaven and earth at once and didn't even collapse under the assault of the Fallen Immortal, finally...really fell down.

The emotion called sadness flashed in Senior Gem Emperor's heart. However, she quickly calmed her heart down and pressed her yearning for Sun Buping to the bottom of her heart.

"Yes, Sun Buping really regarded you as his successor. He entrusted everything to you and also saw that you have the same valuable qualities as him. You're both like to act recklessly." Senior Gem Emperor laughed coldly, but there was already no sadness within her laughter. "But, you can't just win by relying on acting recklessly. You have to strife hard a little bit more."

Wang Lu was silent for a moment and said, "You don't have to say that, I already know it."

"But I'm afraid you don't know it yet. The meaning of the sentence the giant Divine Weapon is something that he put his entire life into is not just literally. Sun Buping left everything he has in this giant Divine Weapon, including the cultivation method that he cultivated, his precious immortal tool, and even the memories he didn't want to forget. If you can't fully synchronize with the giant Divine Weapon in a short time, you might as well walk a few more steps."

After that, Senior Gem Emperor turned herself into a dense purple cloud, which then enveloped the body of the giant Divine Weapon. Wang Lu was shocked by the words but also inspired by it.

"I see... Then let's try another way to synchronize this time."


Within the Thunder Reservoir, there was a Flash of Youth magical ability released by Sun Buping before his death. It warped time such that one day outside the Thunder Reservoir was equal to a year inside.

This time, a year had passed since Wang Lu first entered the giant Divine Weapon.

In the past year, his life went on mechanically. Within the twenty hours a day, twenty hours were used to drive the giant Divine Weapon, twelve of which were used to resonate with the giant Divine Weapon, and another ten were simply used to familiarize himself with the operation. There were two hours left at the end, which he used to restore the True Yuan in his Jade Mansion.

It was true that he never slept. During this period, Wang Lu didn't get distracted by anything else except occasionally talking with Senior Gem Emperor... However, after a year, the progress was far from satisfactory.

"One point two percent... That's what you've worked for a year?"

Facing the question of Senior Gem Emperor, Wang Lu had nothing to say.

The progress was indeed too slow.

In one year, the synchronization rate was only about one percent. If one hundred percent synchronization rate were to be achieved, wouldn't it take a hundred years? What's more, the synchronization rate did not increase linearly, the greater the synchronization rate, the more difficult it was to increase it. If he couldn't make any fundamental breakthrough, it would take him at least three thousand years of hard work to fully master this giant Divine Weapon.

Unfortunately, not to mention three thousand years, even three years was too long. Sun Buping's Flash of Youth magical ability was not meant to be effective permanently. Before Sun Buping died, his oil had almost dried out, so how could he have the power to release a great immortal technique?

The effect of the time warp only lasted for up to three years, after which the Thunder Reservoir would collapse. At that time, even if Senior Gem Emperor had recovered from her injury and could use her power, she would not be able to save the time warp.

But now, in a flash, a third of the time had passed. In the remaining two years, Wang Lu needed to push the synchronization rate to at least twenty percent.

This twenty percent figure was the bottom line figure that Senior Gem Emperor calculated in which Wang Lu would be able to suppress Black after she preliminarily evaluated the power of the giant Divine Weapon. If he couldn't reach this number, then Wang Lu completely had no chance to win against Black. If something unexpected happens, it was likely that he could only play the role of cannon fodder.

Compared with the bottom line requirement of twenty percent in three years, the one point two percent progress in one year was, of course, extremely slow.

However, even the most hot-tempered Senior Gem Emperor couldn't lose her temper at this time, because she knew that Wang Lu had already done his best.

In the past year, Wang Lu had completely staked his life. Every time he drove the giant Divine Weapon, he pushed the intensity of the resonance above the limit. It could be said that he had been dancing on the tip of the needle. A little carelessness would lead to the collapse of his own primordial spirit.

On the other hand, Wang Lu was not someone who only knew how to work hard. He would constantly adjust his resonance method according to the changes in the situation. The complexity of the techniques and patterns was an eye-opener. During this period, Wang Lu had also consulted with Senior Gem Emperor on the ancient method of primordial spirit refinement in order to better adapt to the need for resonance.

Wang Lu was undoubtedly a talented cultivator. In the past, Senior Gem Emperor needed no less than half a year to refine her primordial spirit while in Peak Deity Stage. Wang Lu, however, understood the method in three days and mastered it in just half a month. The speed of his progress was unbelievable. Compared to him, Senior Gem Emperor felt ashamed.

Thus, since Wang Lu was impeccable in both the degree of effort and talent, the slow progress could only be attributed to the fact that it was too difficult to control the giant Divine Soldier.

Once, Senior Gem Emperor took advantage of her temporary suppression of the injury to obtain resonance with the giant Divine Soldier. She thought that if Wang Lu couldn't do it, she would just do it herself.

However, Senior Gem Emperor only resonated with the giant Divine Weapon for less than a cup of tea time before her immortal spirit counter-flowed, and her injury relapsed, which made her almost collapse on the spot.

She had the strength of the peak stage of Earth Immortal, and moreover, she had Sun Buping as her Daoist Companion. They had been in love with each other for many years, but the efficiency was not as good as Wang Lu... Thus she really couldn't blame Wang Lu for anything.

"It doesn't matter, there are still two years. Miracles are bound to happen."

Wang Lu's voice comforted Senior Gem Emperor, but it made the latter feel even more ridiculous. Since when the Emperor of the Earth Immortal needed to be comforted by a mere Yuanying Stage cultivator?

Nevertheless, when she heard this sentence, she actually calmed down.

When she then looked up at the towering giant Divine Weapon, Senior Gem Emperor suddenly thought of a problem.

It was so difficult to control the giant Divine Weapon. It was natural that other people wouldn't know about it at first, but Sun Buping himself should know it. After all, this big guy was made by him, and every detail was printed in his mind.

Thus, he ought to also know that it was impossible to achieve a synchronization rate of twenty percent in three years.

Since he knew that it was impossible, then what was his intention then in leaving all this to her and Wang Lu?

If there was any special trick to synchronize with the giant Divine Weapon, which could greatly increase Wang Lu's efficiency, why didn't he say it before he died?

This problem soon attracted the attention of Senior Gem Emperor and soon, unconsciously, time passed quietly.

After a long time, Senior Gem Emperor suddenly heard Wang Lu's complaining sound, "This synchronization is getting more and more difficult. Although I have something in common with old Sun's character, the key to synchronization is that the two of us must have the same experience and memories. But, the living environment and growth experience of us two are very different. This path of resonance is full of thorns and brambles. Tsk, I need to find a way to personally experience the experience of old Sun..."

When Senior Gem Emperor heard this, suddenly there was a flash of light in her mind. But unfortunately, the light flashed away, and when Senior Gem Emperor reached out her hand, it was dark again.

"Gem, the way I see it, I'm afraid I need a scenario simulation... Hey, Gem, are you listening?"

Senior Gem Emperor was stunned for a moment but did not react.

Wang Lu waved his hand in front of her eyes and said, "Gem, Gem? Don't fall asleep, I'm talking proper business here!"

"Yeah, I'm listening." Senior Gem Emperor nodded as if her absent-mindedness just now was just Wang Lu's illusion.

Wang Lu smiled and asked, "Is there any way you can simulate a scenario?"

"Scenario simulation?"

"Well, it's better to simulate the important events in old Sun's life as much as possible. I will try to substitute it to obtain resonance."

Important live events? When Senior Gem Emperor heard these words, the flash of light finally came back.

'.. There is indeed a trick to quickly improve the synchronization rate, but no wonder you will not say it until you die.'

'Buping, you really gave me a big problem.'

"Forget it, there are still two years left, there's no need to rush. I've had enough rest, so I'll go practice with Gundam. You've been injured repeatedly recently, so don't force yourself to escort me with the purple cloud. Although the synchronization rate is only one percent, at least walking daily will not be a problem. You can just do whatever you like."

With that, Wang Lu turned into a stream of light and entered the giant Divine Weapon.

Just as he sat on the throne, all of a sudden, everywhere around him went completely dark. The lights in the central control room were suppressed by an unknown power and all of them went out.

"Huh?" Wang Lu was taken aback. He wondered whether his one year of non-stop high-intensity operation had caused this big guy to malfunction?

This was very troublesome. The synchronization rate of one point two percent amounted to the daily walking ability of the giant Divine Weapon, but it was far from the point where he could deeply analyze the internal operation mechanism and repair the fault. Once the big guy had a problem, he didn't have a way to fix it.

The next moment, a familiar voice rang in his ears.

"It's me."

"Gem? How did you get in?"

When synchronizing with the giant Divine Weapon, the control room could hold at most one person. If there was more than one person, the extra primordial spirit would cause strong interference.

"Don't ask, don't look... Just leave it to me."

"... What?"

However, before Wang Lu could react, the sound caused by the clothes rubbing each other startled him.

Wang Lu was, after all, Wang Lu. His quick thinking made him instantly able to guess the intention of Senior Gem Emperor.

"You're crazy..." Before his voice fell, Wang Lu felt numb, unable to speak a word.

"Don't talk."

A warm, slippery, slightly trembling petite hand touched Wang Lu's face, then traced his cheek, neck, and penetrated deeply into his clothes, until it reached his broad chest, and then all the way down...

"Just let me take care of everything."

A soft and warm fragrance lightly fell into Wang Lu's arms.

"Remember all this, and then forget it, understand?"

Wang Lu was silent for a long time and nodded gently.