"Black, you're facing a dead end now. Torturing me to death will just end up with both of us die, so why bother?"

"What? Are you afraid?"

"Of course I'm afraid. Afraid that after all the hardship, I can't actually complete the work." Luo Xiao's voice was extremely weak, but there was a hint of smile within it, "Black, I am serious about showing you a clear way out."

"Ants in imminent crisis, yet still think he is qualified to give directions?"

"Why would I need to lie? You use torture and cruel treatment to force me to tell how I managed to disobey the will of the Fallen Immortal, isn't it clear? The Vortex of the Fallen has been ruined, so in any case, you can't get away with it. You can't offset the merits and demerits in front of the Fallen Immortals. Your failure to watch over the Vortex of the Fallen led to the destruction of the treasure and the desecration of the dignity of the Fallen Immortals. Even if later on you make great contributions and receive the greatest rewards. At most, it would only be a funeral scenery to be buried with you. What you cultivate is immortal cultivation, not feelings between fellow soldiers, nor loyalty to duty. So it's obvious at a glance what you should pick."

After he said that, Luo Xiao coughed a few times, but there was a certain victory assurance in his voice, "That method is very simple, but I will not tell you plainly. I'm afraid of death, but not that afraid. At least, I'm not afraid of you."

Black sneered, "You just haven't the condition in which life is no better than death."

"If I want to die, I can die any time, you can't stop me." Luo Xiao said lightly, "You've tortured me so badly that I might as well die. In any case, we'll die together. What I regret the most is that I haven't finished learning my entire skill. But you, are you willing to die just like this?"

"..." Black said nothing, and after a long time, he finally said, "I'm not willing to die, but it's even less likely for me to bow to you."

"That's amazing." Luo Xiao said, "In my understanding, you should not have such a strength of character."

"In order to wipe out the Earth Immortals, I have been arranging it for more than ten thousand years. After many setbacks and twists and turns, I'm finally just one step away from success... Except for Sun Buping, the so-called Earth Immortals are basically just a mob. Nowadays, no one in Nine Regions could stop the coming of the upper world. However, because of you, this ant, I fell at the last hurdle, and there appear many unknown variables. If I don't tear you to pieces, it would be difficult to solve the hatred in my heart, let alone to bow down to you."

Luo Xiao was even more curious, "You have been cultivating for so many years, but you can't even let go of this little thing called face?"

"It has nothing to do with my face. I joined Master's side, not for my own sake. If you do something bad to me, it's even more impossible for me to spare your life because of my personal interest. Luo Xiao, I will ask you one last time, are you going to tell me or not?"

Luo Xiao was dying by the torture and cruel treatment, but at this time, he felt extremely cold.

Black was serious. He would rather be blamed by the Masters and fell into the abyss than to bow to him.

"If you want me to talk then fine... But, I want an exchange. Information from you in exchange for my secret."

"Death is near at hand, why the need to know so much?"

"Well, you should understand this... I just don't want to die without knowing the secrets."

Black pondered for a while and said, "At this time, do you still have a channel to transmit the information out? No matter, I agree. What do you want to know?"

Luo Xiao smiled and said, "You said that as long as Sun Buping is removed, no one in Nine Regions will be able to stop you. How could Sun Buping, one man, surpass all the heroes of Nine Regions? Let's not talk about the people here, just one Senior Gem Emperor..."

"Senior Gem Emperor is just a little girl who uses powerful connections to intimidate people. She borrows some of Sun Buping's power to awe that group of waste." When referring to Senior Gem Emperor, Black didn't take her seriously. "Her original name is just Gem, but because she came from the ruling house of an empire, she naturally has 'Emperor' as surname. But for cultivators, what's the difference between an Emperor and a beggar? We call her Gem Emperor just because we look at Sun Buping's face. Sun Buping always doted on her secretly. Perhaps those who were slow in the head can't see it, but those who were able to use their heads had known for a long time that they have a husband and wife relationship. As for the name Senior, it's because Sun Buping helped her cultivate until her magical ability reigned supreme under heaven and above the earth, making her power superior. Cultivators did not care about aristocracy, but there are seniors and juniors. Senior Gem Emperor's is indeed tyrannical, and she also likes to be high above others. So everyone look at Sun Buping's face and play-call her Senior Gem Emperor."

"It turns out to be so. Unexpectedly, behind such a simple name, there's such a story." Luo Xiao suddenly said, "Although Senior Gem Emperor is strong, the root of her strength is still Sun Buping. If Sun Buping dies, she would just be a widow with reputation but no substance?"

Black sneered, "If not so, I wouldn't have woken her up without careful consideration. She's not stupid, but she likes to think of herself as clever. Without her vigorously purging the traitors, I would still have no chance to quickly clear that group of World Dragons, nor to lure out the Ancestor Dragon, and to take advantage of the broken Ancestor Dragon illusion personally laid out by Sun Buping and then dig out Thunder Reservoir from the depths of the Tomb of Immortals. Senior Gem Emperor is confident in the power of force, but she didn't know that her huge power could actually help me."

Luo Xiao couldn't help but laugh, "No wonder you don't pay attention to such a fool. In addition to Senior Gem Emperor, there's not even the need to mention other Earth Immortals. But, Nine Regions is full of talents..."

"Wang Lu is indeed very difficult to deal with. If you give him another twenty years, I'm afraid he would become another Sun Buping. A pity that he followed the path to his own doom by opening the Tomb of Immortals in advance... Well, that's enough nonsense." Black lightly said, "Now it's your turn to answer the question."

"There's indeed a lot of nonsense, but you haven't directly answered my question. What is so unique about Sun Buping that can make you so afraid of him? Because he has a high cultivation base? No matter how high he is, he couldn't be higher than those Fallen Immortals that have ascended to immortality, right? Or is it because of his charisma and personality? But, if he is really that outstanding, how could you be a traitor? Black, as long as you answer this question, I will immediately tell you all of my secrets."

"..." This time, Black was silent for a long time as he weighed the gains and losses in his heart.

Luo Xiao's secret was very important to him, so it was worthed to exchange it with information. But then again, with Luo Xiao's confident attitude, it seemed that obviously there was a way to pass the information that he heard to others... That was why the previous story about Senior Gem Emperor seemed to divulge a lot, but the key information was actually well hidden.

Unfortunately, this bald head was not easy to fool... To kill him was easy, but that meant the secret would be lost forever.

After he weighed the pros and cons, Black decided to reveal the information. Even if that secret was then leaked.

"Sun Buping is actually one of you're so called Fallen Immortals."

"... What did you say?" Luo Xiao was surprised, "You're joking, right?"

"If not for the status as immortal from the upper world, how could he stand out among the Earth Immortals? The Earth Immortals that he picked as companions were all the world's best, and their strength, for the most part, are almost on par with each other. This is because before ascending to immortality, the immortal path could hold that much limit. If they want to move forward a step, they could only do that by ascending to the upper realm. Sun Buping's strength is superior to them because he is actually a cultivator from the upper realm. Although he didn't realize it, his limits are different from the others, whether in cultivation or in combat."

"... That's strange. Since he is a Fallen Immortal, why would he organize people to resist the other Fallen Immortals?

"Because his brain is broken." Black sarcastically said, "He was originally sent by Masters to this world as a pioneer in the form of primordial spirit. However, there was an accident at the descend-ceremony, which seemed to have damaged his brain, causing him to completely forget his own identity and mission. And thus he willingly became the son of a mortal fisherman."

"... This is indeed an unheard of marvel. Then what happened, did he never realize his identity?"

"Sun Buping is not a fool. Not to mention that, even if he is really stupid, when his cultivation base reached Unity Stage, he would've surely recognized his origin and able to trace back his previous life. He just chose to stand on your side. He would rather give up his former fellow daoists than to cast away the group of ants that he was with..."

"... It seems that our, this group of ants', charm is not small. However, Black, you should've concealed something, right? Even if Sun Buping was really one of the Earth immortals, he was just one person. The Earth Immortals have an absolute advantage in number. And moreover, you guys have once defeated him, so why are you afraid of him now?" Luo Xiao asked.

"When Sun Buping's primordial spirit came here, he brought along a source of fire... Which is an object of profound mystery in the immortal world. Originally, it was hoped that he would rapidly expand his power and create opportunities for his other comrades. But now, I'm afraid it would lead to a disaster... Alright, that's everything you want to know. Now it's your turn."

When the two made the agreement, they bound themselves with the demon oath, so Luo Xiao had no intention to renege on his promise. Instead, he calmly said, "The secret of why I can resist the effect of Mind Disorientation Powder and rebel against the will of the Fallen Immortals is very simple: I have the God of War Blood. Before I defeat Wang Lu, no one and nothing could stop me. For this reason, I can abandon my conscience and betray the Nine Regions. Similarly, in order to defeat Wang Lu, I can also withstand the pressure of Mind Disorientation Powder and do the things that I should do."

"God of War Blood? That makes sense..." Black murmured for a moment, then asked, "In that case, why did you betray Masters? On the platform of Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, you are destined not to be Wang Lu's opponent. Only by changing sides and using the Masters' power could you win over him."

"Beat him with the help of the power from the Fallen Immortals? Hahaha, for ordinary people, finding a backer, as in the fox exploits the tiger's might, could probably be called victory, but for me, this kind of victory is not rare. Because I don't need any help from anyone at all. One person alone is enough to surpass Wang Lu's exploit. For example, now that I've managed to make you ruin the enterprise for the sake of one basketful, I've got crucial intelligence. And Wang Lu could only stare at such an achievement. Speaking of which, I really want to thank you. If you didn't mistakenly believe me and accepted me as a dog, where could I have the chance to do such a big thing? Hahaha, in fact, even if you don't tell me Sun Buping's secret, I will eventually tell you the answer because I recognized that you are my patron."

As he said that, Luo Xiao continued to laugh wildly.

"Black, it's still that sentence. I can show you a clear way. There's a way to inherit the God of War Blood, as long as I share a bit of it, you can also get rid of the control of the Fallen Immortals for a while. But of course, you have to accept my control. But I feel that this business has been done in the past. At least I am a bald headed zen cultivator, I am compassionate by heart, hahaha!"